2010 S.S. Tipton Fantasy Football Playoffs Chapter 1: Name the Teams

Summary: The title says it all; ten teams' battle to determine the best fantasy football team on deck (inspired by the episode "Any Given Fantasy")

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING

Hey everyone, this is my new story idea, based on the fantasy football fun that took place in the episode "Any Given Fantasy." When I first saw the episode this summer I knew I had to write something like this about it, but decided to wait until now to get started with it, since it's almost time for the playoffs in fantasy football leagues around the nation.

The summary and title say it all, as ten fantasy football teams lead by eleven of our favorite Suite Life characters do battle to see which team is the best on deck.

Now I'm not the most creative person in the world, so I'm going to let you guys have a part in this, as I'm going to let you guys name everyone's teams my sending name suggestions to me either via review of this chapter or message on the website. Here are the ten teams:

Team Cody

Team Bailey

Team Zack

Team Maya

Team Marcus

Team London

Team Woody

Team Addison

Team Kirby

Team Moseby/Tutweiller

I wanted to have twelve teams, but couldn't think of another good character for the part, and I wanted all the kids to have their own teams, so that's why I paired Moseby and Tut together as one team.

So there are all your choices, send me suggestions for as many of the team's as you want. Names can be based on any criteria you want, where they are from, their personalities, something from an episode, you name it, the funnier the better. My one thing is no repeat names from the episodes, so no Woodpeckers, Retainer Babies, Sea Anemones, or Sparklies.

Alright guys there you go, so have at it. I'll be posting chapter two with the names that win, along with the results of the first round matches towards the end of the month when we are closer to playoffs beginning in fantasy football. I will give credit to you for names you send me that I pick in the chapter, and I'll let you know beforehand that I have chosen your name in a message to you here on the site. So everyone have fun, and I can't wait to see what suggestions you guys have.