2010 S.S. Tipton Fantasy Football Playoffs Chapter 6: Championship Week

A/N: Alright everyone its championship week, sorry for the delay, last Sunday night's game being moved, being home for the holiday, and work got in the way but now it's time to see how everyone finished, including who walks away with the giant trophy, will it be Bailey or Addison. I hope everyone enjoys the final chapter.

A/N 2: Any writing that appears in italics (that isn't dates or team matchups) is the game commentators calling the action

Summary: The title says it all; ten teams' battle to determine the best fantasy football team on deck (inspired by the episode "Any Given Fantasy")

Sunday December 26, 2010

Ninth Place Game – (9) Hanky Cats vs. (10) Rat Man's Rat Pack

"Look we have to prove to those kids that they aren't better than us," Emma Tutweiller said as she and Marion Moseby made their way to the sports lounge on this day after Christmas. Usually they weren't able to watch with the kids, but it being the day after Christmas made it possible this time.

"But its Woody, he only won once the whole year, and it was against us," Moseby said as they entered the lounge as the rest of the kids were already there.

"This sucks guys, I don't want my only wins of the year to be against Moseby and Tut," the two heard Woody complain as they entered the lounge, as the other kids gave Woody that shut your mouth look as he slowly turned around. Woody could only smile as he saw the two disapproving looks.

"Shutting up now," Woody said as he quickly went to sit next to Addison.

Moseby and Tut entered the day with a slim one point lead thanks to Rashard Mendenhall having a few more yards Thursday night then Marion Barber had had the night before. While Matt Schaub ended up passing for 310 yards, he only had one touchdown, to go along with an interception a fumble. Michael Crabtree, who they started for an injured Steve Breaston, was the lone bright spot of the day, catching six balls for 122 yards and a score, while Santana Moss caught five for 85 yards, Aquan Boldin had just three catches for 15 yards, and Chris Cooley hauled in five passes for 54 yards. Running and defense/special teams killed the duo though, as Ahmad Bradshaw brought in zero points as he only rushed for 31 yards, and Moseby and Tut lost his three points because he also had a lost fumble. Meanwhile Jose Scobee missed one of his two field goal attempts, and the Miami defense allowed 34 points and only added two sacks.

While Jay Cutler only passed for 215 yards for Woody, his three touchdowns were huge, while all three of his wide receivers had big days. Pierre Garcon caught three for 35 and a TD, Mario Manningham brought in four for 132 years and a score, and while Brandon Marshall didn't score he did bring in ten catches for 102 years, and even his tight end Fred Davis got in the scoring, adding a touchdown along with his two grabs for ten yards. Rushing was the lone down spot for Woody as Peyton Hillis and Michael Bush combined for just 54 rushing yards and just four points. Unlike his opponents though the kicking and defense came through for Woody, as Nick Folk made all of his field goals, and while the San Francisco defense gave up 25 points and only one sack, they added a huge fumble recovery and kick return for a touchdown.

"How bad is the damage," Emma asked Moseby as they left the lounge after the days games.

"We need 38 points from Pierre Thomas tomorrow, just to tie Woody," Moseby said with distain.

"Well Christmas was yesterday, maybe we can get a late Christmas miracle," Emma said confidently.

"Not likely we are off to the basement," Moseby said as he walked away, and Emma started to cry.

"Well I might only be able to beat those two, but at least I won't be in the basement," Woody said happily.

"And after Vick does his thing Tuesday, you'll be dating the champion," Addison said as she kissed her boyfriend.

"We'll just see about that," Bailey said as everyone left the lounge for the night

Seventh Place Game – (6) ATL Dirty Birds vs. (7) Positive Protons

"It's good to see everyone in one sitting, instead of being stuck in just Addison and Maya's room," Marcus said when Cody turned on his web chat.

"With Bailey in the championship I wanted to be here to support her, but also didn't want to leave you out," Cody explained.

"Thanks man that was real nice of you, too bad I'll have to ruin it by beating you this week," Marcus responded.

"That won't be known until tomorrow when our quarterbacks go," Cody pointed out, a fact that Marcus knew was true.

Marcus entered Sunday with a 38-15 lead on Cody, thanks to Cody just have the Pittsburgh defense from Thursday, while he had four players go in the Arizona/Dallas Christmas night game. Marcus knew though Cody could catch up rather quickly since he had more players going today. Marcus' lone wide receiver left Dwayne Bowe had a huge day as he caught 6 catches for 153 yards and a TD, but his Chiefs teammate Thomas Jones had just 51 yards rushing, a lost a good deal of his points thanks to two fumbles, one of which he lost. Chris Johnson added 58 rushing yards, and tight end Jermaine Gresham finally had a big game for Marcus getting 56 yards on four catches and a touchdown. The Green Bay defense also had a huge day with allowing just 17 points and having a sack, two fumble recoveries, and four pick interceptions.

Cody had a huge day from his running backs, each scoring a touchdown. Unsung Patriot Danny Woodhead led the way with 93 yards, he also added three catches for 32 yards, while Ryan Torian rushed for 65 yards and Ronnie Brown added 37. Mike Williams caught just three passes for 44 yards, but two of the catches were touchdowns, while Calvin Johnson caught four for 52 yards and Wes Welker had three catches for 19 yards. Meanwhile Cody's kicker Dan Carpenter redeemed himself from last week, making three extra points and two field goals.

At the end of the day Marcus led Cody by a slim 104-98 margin.

"You were right Cody, our QB's will decide this," Marcus said.

"Don't forget my tight end Marcus, you know him quite well," Cody added with a smile.

"I don't know what I'll do if my own Falcon costs me the game," Marcus responded.

"Well I sure hope to find out," Cody said before he and Marcus said their goodbyes.

Fifth Place Game (1) Tyree Helmet Catch vs. (4) Team Yay Me!

"You are positive London doesn't hate me," Maya asked as she and Zack entered the lounge.

"Yes I am I just made that up during the whole Sean Kingston party fiasco. Just remember whatever she says today doesn't mean anything, I mean she does it to Bailey all the time and Bailey is London's best friend on the ship," Zack said reassuring his girlfriend.

"Brain boy went down last week, and this week it's your turn girlfriend of boy who looks just like Cody but just isn't as smart," London said happily as she and her cheerleaders entered the lounge.

"This is going to be interesting," Maya said as she and Zack took a seat.

Interesting would be the correct term, as both teams struggled mightily. Maya's Giants had another clunker as Eli Manning passed for 301 yards and two touchdowns, but also threw four interceptions. Hakeem Nicks and Kenny Britt were the bright spots for Maya as they each caught a touchdown on four catches, Nicks with 93 receiving yards and Britt with 89. As for her running backs the Jacksons, Fred rushed for 89 and Brandon for 31. Tight end, kicking and defense were a major clunker though, as Ron Bironas, Greg Olsen, and the Giant defense combined for just three points.

Things weren't much better for London, as Philip Rivers tossed for 256 yards, a touchdown, and an interception. None of her skill players scored a touchdown, as on the running side Jamaal Charles had 77 yards while Knowshon Moreno added just a mere 17 yards. Braylon Edwards caught six balls for 78 yards, Danny Amendola had eight catches for 53 yards, and Mercedes Lewis caught three for 37. Just like the Giants defense the Jets defense also had a bad day, the lone difference being the Jets were able to get a defensive touchdown.

"Well that was ugly for sure," Maya said to Zack after the games ended. Maya was winning, but the score was just 77-62.

"What are you talking about, I was a part of this, so no way was it ugly," London said as she and her cheerleaders left.

"Oh that girl," is all Maya could say.

"Well at least your team is winning after having an awful day," Zack complained as Maya could only hug her boyfriend.

Third Place Game – (2) 42 was a Fluke vs. (5) The Boat Cops

Just like his girlfriend Zack's team had an awful day, unfortunately for him his opponent Kirby didn't have an awful day like London did, as the players for The Boat Cops all had huge days.

Kirby already had a 20-0 lead thanks to Mike Wallace's big game Thursday night, and that momentum just continued as Aaron Rodgers passed for 404 yards and four touchdowns, a lone fumble doing nothing to ruin his points for the day, as his top receivers Greg Jennings caught seven passes for 142 yards. All of Kirby's running backs rushed for a touchdown, Arian Foster rushed for 91 yards, while adding 4 catches for 44 yards, while Steven Jackson add 48 yards, and LT, Kirby's only skill player not to score double digit points this week, rushed for 28 yards. Dustin Keller added seven catches for 79 yards, while Adam Vinatieri added three extra points and a field goal, and the Baltimore defense gave up just ten points, recovered a fumble, and had three interceptions.

Zack's bad day started with his leader, sure Tom Brady passed for three touchdowns, but the fact that he only had 140 passing yards was a killer. Andre Johnson was out due to injury, as was Chad OchoCinco, so Zack had to start Louis Murphy, who caught just two balls for 36 yards. Cedric Benson rushed for 52 yards, but Zack lost someone of those points thanks to a lost fumble Benson had, while the San Diego defense was shredded for 34 points, only picking up that Benson lost fumble. Zack did have a few bright spots, Vernon Davis caught three passes for 70 yards, LaGarette Blount rushed for 164 years, and Sebastian Janikowski added four field goals, but all of that wasn't enough to make up for the huge lead Kirby had. Zack still had Roddy White, Michael Turner, and Sidney Rice to go, but all would need out of their world games for Zack to cut into Kirby's lead.

"I need to find Moseby and Tut, I'm going to need a late Christmas miracle like them," Zack said running off as Maya could only laugh at her boyfriend.

Championship Game – (8) Porker's Posse vs. (3) Sugar Rushers

"Bailey," Addison said.

"Addison," Bailey said.

"Good luck today," Addison said happily.

"You too Addie," Bailey said as the two friends hugged.

"What was that," Cody asked his girlfriend after her exchange with Addison.

"Sorry us girls are actually friendly about this stuff unlike you guys and your cutthroat tactics and smack talking twenty four seven," Bailey responded as she and Cody went to sit down.

The Sunday night to Tuesday night game change for the Vikings/Eagles game effected the championship match the most as Addison still had Michael Vick, while Bailey would have David Akers, Percy Harvin, and the Philly defense for the first NFL Tuesday night game in sixty years.

Bailey entered Sunday with an 18-0 lead thanks to Jason Witten, but Addison was able to quickly cut into that, starting with tight end Rob Gronkowski who hauled in two touchdown passes on four catches for 54 years. Steve Johnson and Brandon Lloyd each added five catches, Johnson for 58 yards and Lloyd for 111. Matt Forte also added a rushing touchdown to go with his 113 yards, while BenJarvus Green-Ellis added 104 yards and Darren McFadden added 45 yards, along with four catches for an additional 31 yards. The Bears defense did however give up 34 points, but an interception and fumble recovery helped their cause.

As for Bailey things didn't start off too well. Peyton Manning did have three touchdown passes, but those were hurt by just 179 passing years and two interceptions. Bailey had decided to go with just two running backs this week and four wide receivers, and while Ray Rice rushed for 92 he had no touchdowns, while Joseph Addai did add a touchdown, he only added 45 yards. She had two receivers going Sunday, and Deion Branch had just two catches for 25 yards while Vincent Jackson added four catches for 54 yards.

Addison ended the day with an 88-73 lead.

"Well that wasn't good, and Addison still has Lance Moore and her kicker to go before Vick even touches the field," Bailey said, upset her players couldn't take advantage of things the way she needed.

"Don't worry Bails, you still have three players in the Tuesday game, and tomorrow you got Colston, who happens to be my quarterback's favorite target," Cody said to reassure his girlfriend.

"Well they better be BFF's tomorrow, I need Brees passing to him all day," Bailey said as the two left the lounge for the night.

Monday December 27, 2010

"Welcome to the Georgia Dome here in Atlanta for Monday Night Football, it's a huge NFC South showdown as the New Orleans Saints take on the Atlanta Falcons."

Everyone but London was in the lounge on this night for Monday Night Football, since neither she nor Maya had anyone going tonight. Everyone else did, as two matches would be decided this night, a third being possible, while more twists would be added to the championship game.

Both the Hanky Cats and 42 was a Fluke needed a miracle on this night, and neither would get said miracles. Pierre Thomas' 63 yards and touchdown were nice, but nearly not enough for Moseby and Tut to escape the basement, while three catches for 43 yards and a touchdown and 48 rushing yards from Roddy White and Michael Turner barely dented Kirby's lead on Zack, and Kirby still had Jeremy Maclin while Zack had Sidney Rice left. Even with one left for each it was nearly impossible for Zack to comeback.

"Wow now I know what the Pats pre-Billicheck and Brady felt like," Zack said sadly as Maya consoled him. In the span of two weeks Zack went from top of the world to two bitter defeats to end the year.

"Sorry about that Zack, I only wish my players would have saved that for a couple weeks ago, maybe then I could have been in the title game," Kirby said to his friend.

"It's ok Kirby, it's not like my players helped me much," Zack responded.

Meanwhile the intense battle between Marcus and Cody had come to an end, as Matt Ryan threw for 148 yards and a touchdown, while Drew Brees brought Cody 302 yards and a touchdown, but also what could be two costly interceptions. Tony Gonzalez ended up being a non-factor with just two catches for 12 yards.

"Alright then after all of that I finished with 118 points, and Cody you finished with….," Marcus started to say.

"Finished with what," Cody asked.

"120 points," Marcus said dejectfully as Cody celebrated his come from behind win.

"It's good to be on this side of a comeback," Cody said happily.

"Congrats man, I'll talk to you all later," Marcus said as he signed off his computer.

"Congrats Cody, now I just need some of your magic to rub off on me, Addison is now up 98-77, Colston only got me four points, while Addison got ten from Moore and her kicker," Bailey said.

"Then let's just hope Mike Vick has his worst game of the season," Cody responded.

"And that I have better luck then Zack, Moseby, and Tut," Bailey added as the couple looked at those three.

Tuesday December 28, 2010

"Its Sunday Night Football on Tuesday here in the city of Brotherly Love, as the Eagles are set to host the Minnesota Vikings."

"Well it all comes down to this," Addison said confidently to Bailey. Addison knew Bailey had two more players going against her, but she had the most electrifying player in the league.

"Here's to Mike Vick's worse game of the year," Bailey said with a smile, holding up the drink she was drinking, Addison give her an evil glare as Bailey just smiled and kissed Cody.

Before the championship could be decided fifth place had to be, as Maya held off London's charges. Maya got 118 yards and a touchdown from Adrian Peterson, holding off LeSean McCoy's 44 rushing yards along with four catches for 41 yards, DeSean Jackson's two catches for 32 yards, and Ryan Longwell's one field goal and three extra points.

"Well at least one of us finished on a high note," Zack said to Maya as they celebrated her win with a kiss.

"And I still beat you in the regular season standings," Maya added with a smile, which got her a glare from Zack.

"Congrats Maya," London said as she came up to her and gave Maya a hug. "Like Bailey you are a true friend, and have been a great influence on Zack, even if he said I hated you," London added before slapping Zack on the arm.

"Yeah I deserved that," Zack said with a laugh before Maya and London shared one more hug.

As for Bailey and Addison, Bailey got seven catches for 100 yards from Percy Harvin, while David Akers added two extra points. He also missed a field goal though while the Philly defense allowed 24 points, with two sacks and a fumble recovery. This left Bailey with 99 points, meaning Michael Vick would have to score zero points for Bailey to win the championship. While Vick did throw one interception and lose two fumbles, his 263 passing yards, 63 rushing yards, and two total touchdowns sealed the deal for Addison, as she won the championship.

"Congrats Addison, you were great all season, and surprised everyone with how well you did, you deserve this," Bailey said as the two girls hugged.

"Thanks Bailey," Addison said as London came in with the trophy and handed it to Addison.

"Congrats Addison," everyone yelled as Addison lifted up the trophy and kissed it, the same way the players on her favorite hockey team, the Chicago Blackhawks, did months ago with the Stanley Cup.

"Hey, what about me," Woody said when he came up to his girlfriend.

"Oh fine," Addison said with a smile before putting the trophy down and kissing her boyfriend.

"I know you came up just short, but I'm so proud of you Bails," Cody said to his girlfriend.

"Thanks Cody," Bailey said before kissing her boyfriend. "That's just one of the reasons why I love you," Bailey added.

"And I love you too," Cody responded and then returned the kiss.

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Final League Standings

1 - Sugar Rushers

2 - Porker's Posse

3 - The Boat Cops

4 - 42 was a Fluke

5 - Tyree Helmet Catch

6 - Team Yay Me!

7 - Positive Protons

8 - ATL Dirty Birds

9 - Rat Man's Rat Pack

10 - Hanky Cats