Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note.
Me: I am sooooooo sorry for leaving this so long. I had a reason, but eventually it all just descended into laziness. Please forgive me. Also, I have reconsidered my Shoulder Devil and Angel naming contest. Since they're part of me, I'm going to name them after myself. Sorry to everyone who voted! The Shoulder Devil's new name is Margie, and the Shoulder Angel is Megan.
Margie: You're just doing this because it looked like Mee-mee and Sheep were going to win, and you couldn't go through with those names.
Me: ...maybe. Moving along! I'd like to announce a new rewards system I came up with, partly in order to replace the name votes. Basically, it's a system of points and rewards. Things you can do for rewards include:
Submit a review: 10 points
Each question in the review: 5 points
Adding this story, or Shaman King Q&A to favorites/story alert: 30 points
Adding anything else I wrote to favorites/story alert: 20 points
Adding me to favorite authors/author alert: 40 points
Please note, I intend to count things people have already done towards their points. Also, I reserve the right to add things to the list, or give temporary challenges worth variable amounts of points...or change the rules however I like, come to think of it.
Megan: But what can you do with points?
Me: I'm glad you asked! So far I only have one reward, but I'm happy to receive suggestions.
Margie: But what is that one reward?
Me: I was getting to that! The reward is a one-shot of the reviewer's choice, written by me, and posted in a story which will probably be called "Reward Drabbles: Death Note" or something like that. By "one-shot of the reviewer's choice," I mean they basically tell me what it's about and I write it. It can be as vague as a pairing or as detailed as...well, as detailed as the reviewer is capable of. A one-shot costs 200 points.
Margie: (coughs) That's all very nice, but can we please quit the shameless self-promotion in favor of answering some questions?
Me: Right! On to our first review from Amber Incendia:

Ooh, I have questions! :D
Okay, first Mello-yello. If you had to choose between not eating chocolate for six months or kissing Near, which would it be? You HAVE to choose one. You can't say neither. This is a life-or-death situation. And you're not allowed to choose death.
Second, Light I'm-a-gay. Do you ever feel guilty about killing criminals, or feel sorry for the families of criminals you killed? btw I hate you.
L. Why did you wash Light's feet? That was so weird. o.o
And lastly, Ryuk. You're awesome. Have an apple. Now the question; what is the craziest thing you've ever done for an apple(s)?

Mello: …Are you sure I can't choose death?
Me: Yes.
Mello: …Fine. I guess I can survive without chocolate for six months. Maybe.
Me: Don't worry, it's all hypothetical anyway.
Light: …I hate that stupid nickname. Lovely, hate mail. No, I don't feel guilty. The people I kill are all leeches on society anyway. The families…occasionally I feel sorry for them.
L: …Was it? I didn't know that.

Ryuk: Thanks! (Devours apple) Hmm...I don't know. Light usually gives me boring, useful things to do in exchange for apples.

Me: Mkay! So...next reviewer is cheetahluv16:

YO! Back alone! I've got a bunch of facts, and I wanna know what ya THINK about your connection through this.
Near: Your voice actress also plays a baby dragon named Spike in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He's far from the smartest character, and generally only wants to sleep, eat gems, or hit on a unicorn. How does this connection make you feel? (God, I sound like my psychiatrist. . .)
Light: YOUR voice actor in Japanese is ALSO the voice actor for Death the Kid, the son of Death himself who will pretty much end up being the equivelent of God. . . Though he actually FIGHTS in BADASS ways, not writes people's names in puny notebooks like some kind of psycho-nerd. How does this make you feel?
L: Did you know there are cake flavoured lollipops? Did you know they taste NOTHING like cake? It's rather disappointing. . .
Mello: You're Japanese voice actor also voices some guy called Shigeki Yaoi. . . Shigeki YAOI. Do you think this has any connection to you? With how you look. . . I think it does.
Matt: True or False: Real men play MarioKart.

Near: What roles voice actors play has no actual connection or impact on other characters they also voice. Having said that, I must admit to being somewhat disturbed by this information.
Light: In your FACE, Near!
Me: ...boys.
Megan: In all fairness, that was fairly ooc.
L: I imagine it would be quite dissapointing. Still, as long as its sweet, I'd be willing to try it.
Mello: No. No, there is NO CONNECTION.
Matt: I refuse to answer on the grounds that whichever way I answered, the people who disagreed with me would tear me to shreds.
Megan: What makes you think that?
Matt: Well, judging by the standards of sanity of the various people who have submitted reviews so far, it seems likely.
Me: True. Speaking of insanity, my brother Sheepking submitted the next two reviews, which I have grouped together for convenience:

Ryuk- If you ever get bored again, would you drop your Death Note again? If so, where?
Light- If you could do the whooooole thing over, would you change anything? If so, what?
L- can I have that gun you didn't use on the shoe guy and the veggies?
BB- What is it with you and voodoo dolls?
L again- Can I write a fic where I give you an Ancient Egyptian lie detector? Pleeeeeaaaase?
Ummm... Tha's all 4 now. BYEEE!

Hai peopleses!1!1!
It's meeeee, your favorite king of sheeps!
Seriously, though, I've been reading a lot of theories about Death Note and one's been bugging me. SOoooooo...
Shinigami King (Cuz he probably knows this more than anyone)- Is it true what the fans have been saying? Do some Death Note users become Shinigami when they die? If yes, was Light one of them?

Ryuk: Probably. Dunno where, though. It was pretty random the first time.
Light: Yes. I would change a lot, starting with killing Lind L. Taylor, then not killing Raye Penber...basically I'd erase all my mistakes.
L: No. You are obviously not to be trusted with firearms.
BB: Nothing. They were just a convenient trademark.
L: I guess. Why?
Shinigami King: No comment.
Mello: You can't do that!
Me: He can, for the same reason I didn't require Matt to express an opinion on Mario Kart, only more so. The creation of Shinigami is one of the most-debated concepts in fanon, and I am not going to put this story on one side of that conflict. Also that was the last review. Bye now!