My beginning is my end. -T.S Elliot

The weather was chilly, the oncoming winter creating a blanket of snow and ice over Old City and all of its inhabitants. No one would be out in this weather if they were right in the mind. Yet someone braved it, standing around bins of fire mostly. Those being the people who had no place to go; it was sad really but that was Old City and you couldn't help it if you were just a bystander. Everyone knew that it was better to mind your own business nowadays, letting people do whatever whenever they wanted if they wanted to live the next day. So when a person with blood dripping down their side walks out of the darkneed alleyway, no one took heed. No one shedded a tear as the small figure turned and begun to walk away limping through the snow and to whatever destination they were going...hopefully to get help.

The small figure continued however, walking down the cold roads with wide eyes as they looked for something. The figure's steps quicked as a large building loomed over them, the Gothic artichecture sticking out of the city like a sore thumb yet somehow blending into the surroundings. Quickly, the hurt body moved, pushing through the gate as quickly as they could. Their entire being was focused on the single, large door in front of them, their small hands hitting against the thick door, hoping someone would hear them. A sigh escaped, one of the hands pressed up against their side as blood dripped out of their body.

"Hello?" a deep voice muttered, the door opening to reveal a Neanderthal man appearing in front of the door. Slowly pulling down their hood, brown curls spilled down the back of the petite girl. Her emerald eyes looked up at the man, tears running down her face.

"Help me..." she murmured, collapsing as soon as those words escaped her cherry red lips. The large Neanderthal caught her swiftly, not allowing her small form to fall to the groud. As quickly as he could, the Big Guy dragged her in, closing the door before returning his attention tot he mysterious girl and her wounds. Something was different about her, too different to be ignored.


"Poor thing, so many lacerations...she could have died if she had been left out in the cold." a female voice murmured. Someone was talking about me, I could feel it deep within me. I tried to open my eyes, willing whatever part of me to wake up. I had to get up and leave, I had to run away. "Her vital signs are picking up. Dear, can you hear me?" I groaned softly, my eyes fluttering open to reveal a young woman watching me from above. Dark curls lightly hit my face as she shined a light in my eyes. I instantly pushed her off, no she was like them. She was going to hurt me. Trying to get off the bed I was laying in, strong arms held me back.

"Let me go!" I growled, feeling strength run through me. "Don't hurt me!" The woman quickly picked herself up, grabbing the light as she walked slowly in front of me. There was something about her that seemed comforting but I couldn't let her fool me. She was like them, those people who took me...tortured me. "Please don't hurt me!" Tears stained my face as she palced herself in front of me, her hands encasing the sides of my face.

"No one is going to hurt you. You are safe. Please calm down." the woman murmured, wiping the tears off of my face almost like a mother would do for a child. "You are safe." I could feel the man let go of me as he realized that I wasn't going to hurt anyone. My entire body shook, the woman suddenly holding me. Her warmth comforted me as she murmured things to me, trying to calm me down. "Shoo...You are safe, everything is okay."

"Dont...let them..get me." I cried against her body, her warm arms constricting around my small body.

"You are safe here..." I heard her murmur...shaking me back and forth in effort to calm my shaking body. Softly, almost too softly, her words echoed through the air. "What did they do to you?"