"Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit." -Henry Brooks Adams

This was ridiculous...no, this was absurd. I can't believe I'm stuck here in the Sanctuary, screaming at a middle age Italian man because SOMEONE decided not to show you to their dinner reservation. "Hey! Sir, if you keep screaming..." I was suddenly cut off again, shouts of "my mother is a freaking out" and other obsurdities that had some italian words thrown in. A part of me didn't want to know if he was cursing at me...but I think he was.

I tried to get him to calm down but that idea was slowly beginning to leave my mind. This man was insane! "NO! I dont know what has happened to Will, sir! Please stop screaming at me!" Goddammit, Will! My hands itched to light a fire to that ass, him taking out Miss Abby on a date, reserving a table in Magnus's name! He is clearly idoitic!

"No...am I his girlfriend?" I slammed the phone against the table, taking out my anger on the phone as those words sunk in. Oh I hated Abby for this...why couldn't he have asked me out? I thought there was a connection...but I guess there wasn't. My heart ached at the realization that maybe I wasn't meant to get my happily-ever-after. I'm an Abnormal, a freak. Who would want me?

"Hey! Hey! Sir, listen to me...ugh NEVERMIND!" I screamed, tired of this mess that Will had put me in. Slamming the phone down on the reciever, I huffed in anger. This was beyond cruel to me, but it couldn't be helped. I didn't exist except in the Sanctuary. I looked, jolting out of my seat as I noticed the two snickering individuals that had walked in.

"Ah huh. Who is that?" Biggie asked, looking at me with a twinkle in his eye. I couldn't help but notice Declan's eyes on me, watching my movements strangely.

"It was the matride at Alfredo's." I answered, crossing my arms to keep me steady. "El fursico that Will reserved a table in Magnus's name."

"Always like the cut of that man's jib." Declan laughed out, smiling largely at this thought. Will had been stupid, no one did what he had just done!

"Big date, gotta make things happen." Biggie added.

"Well, they aren't too happy about it." I hissed, displeased with their reaction. What is it with men? Come on.

"Why the intertwist?" Declan asked. "A customer is a customer."

"Well, according to him-" I gestured at the phone. "Will and Abby never showed up at the resturant." They were probably at her apartment getting down and dirty. With that image in my head, I wanted to throw up. Not good, not good at all.

"Say what?" Biggie retorted, confused at what I had just said.

"Its like posion to my mother's eyes an empty table" I stated with a fake Italian accent. Seriously, that man had to be overexaggerating about that. Declan laughed at my joke before looking at Biggie.

"I love Italians, so passionate." Well that just dropped him a peg in my book, I wasn't thrilled with them at the moment. I hated being yelled at for no bloody reason!

"In 30 years, this resturant has never had a no-show."

"Well maybe the food is slipping."

"Alfredo's? Not a chance." The Big Guy retorted. "That place is booked up months in advance for good reason."

"Well you think he would at least call." Declan murmured in response. I rolled my eyes, thinking of all the possibilites that were going on.

"Well I hate to say this but come on...maybe his date with Abby got off to a good start." I muttered, looking at the two men in front of me. Seriously, they don't get it! The looks on their face, it was priceless and slightly sad. "As in a really good start...as like sex!" I looked at Declan, blush appearing on his cheeks. Wondering why he was blushing, with that physique I bet he is good in the bed. Time to stop thinking about that, and back to the precious matter at hand.

"Nahhh, not a chance." Big Guy stammered, shaking his head.

"Mate, the foods that good?"

"Yes." Big Guy stated with a smile on his face.

"Better than hot and passionate, out of the blue, sex?" I stated with a smirk on my face. Nothing could be as good as that.

"Yessss." The Big Guy purred. I shook my head, willing myself not to say anything else. It was easy, just too easy.

"Alright, I'm leaving. This has become too werid for me." I muttered, shaking my head as I walked out of Will's office. As I turned around the corner, I could hear Declan shouting my name so I stopped, waiting for him to catch up with me.

"Almost forgot to tell ya that I found several of your father's journals in the library." Declan muttered quickly. "I brought them with me, they are in main office waiting for you if you wish to have them." Before I knew what I was doing, I hugged the man.

"Yes! Thank you so much!" I stated happily, pecking him on the cheek once I released him. Declan blushed, not saying a word as he left me in the hallway. I quickly started walking, making my way towards Magnus's office. Finally, I had something that was my father's. I could learn so much more now. It felt horrible, hardly knowing anything about my father besides the few memories I had and those were disappearing quickly.

As I walked into the office, I couldn't help but hear a strange beeping sound coming from the computer. Something had popped up on the main screen, an alert about red list materials. My phone buzzed as I tried to read more; the alert was focused on Fire rats. Fishing out my phone, I noticed it was Squid...damn this is just becoming a great night for me. Taking a deep breath I answered the phone.

'Hello Squid."


Quickly pulling the two guys into the main office with the promise of news about Will, I muttered, "Okay, no witnesses saw them go anywhere near Alfredo's, but we got something else." Handing them the spare tablet, I showed them all the information i had pulled up before hand.

'What's this?" Declan asked. "Black market stuff." I nodded silently.

"Red list dealers." Biggie added, with a shocked expression.

"I got a call from Squid, asking us why we didnt go to him for Fire rats. Accusing us of undercrediting him as our supplier." I stated with a sigh, my arms crossed as the two men looked at me with werid expressions.

"Fire Rats? We havent bought any recently." Biggie muttered, clearly confused.

"Well someone did tonight: a female." I reported. "She bought a pot from Remy and asked for the Sanctuary rate. Guess who it was?"

"Abby." Biggie stated, his voice rough with aggravation. I nodded in agreement.

"What the hell is she doing buying red list materials?" Declan asked.

"Check out the list! Its unbelievable! Harper mites, salve oil leeches, and the winner: a Morrocan cave scorpion." I stated, chills running up my spine. Those scorpions were harsh little buggers, I hated them with a passion.

"Oh, they are nasty!" Biggie snorted, shaking his head.

"I cross-referenced the list in the database and all of them, except for the scorpion, are ingridents for a counter-toxin for a..." I began, but was cut off by Biggie.

"Jezaped attack!" Eh, hurtful creatures they were. I could remember spotting several in the labs I had been. Several scientists had died one day when one got lose, they killed it before it could escaped.

"No direct contact from Will means that the situation isn't good." Declan thought out loud.

"Do you think he is affected?" Biggie asked. My heart instantly jumped at the idea of Will laying around in Old City wounded.

"If one of them was hurt, why not come here?" Declan retorted. It was simple logic: if one of us ever got hurt, we would instantly return to the Sanctuary. Something had to be holding them back.

"Exactly! Thats why I think Will told Abby to get those things so we would be alerted without being found out." I stated, hoping they believed me. Seeing the aggrement in both of their eyes, I sighed mentally.

"He needs our help."

What have you gotten into Will?