"Courage is the resistance to fear, mastery of fear- not the absence of fear."

-Mark Twain

He dropped his shotgun and fell to his knees. His eyes rolled back in his head and a few gurgles escaped his lips. With his life force exhausted, the now dead Raider fell to his side.

Sensing the Raider no longer posed a threat, the Lone Wanderer holstered his Desert Eagle. He kicked the body once to be absolutely sure the man was not alive and suffering.

He's lucky Dogmeat didn't...

Suddenly the gravity of the situation fell on his shoulders. His eyes widened and he whirled around to his partner.


All the Wanderer's companion could manage was a weak wimper. He took the shotgun blast at point blank range.

"Hold still boy, this stimpack should... Where are my stimpacks?"

The Lone Wanderer realized to his horror that he was out of stimpacks. No Morphine, no Med-X... hell, he didn't even have a bandaid for his partner!

"Shit. Dogmeat..."

The Lone Wanderer found Dogmeat on his way to Minefield on the same day he left the Vault to search for his Dad. Dogmeat was with him when he followed information to Galaxy News Radio. The Wanderer strained a smile as he thought of Dogmeat's first encounter with Three-Dog.

It wasn't pretty.

Dogmeat was with the Wanderer when he found his father. He was with the Wanderer when his father was killed.

All he had left was his companion, but...

Pain. Paaaain! Maximum Threshold Overridden.

"Dogmeat... please hang on... I'll... I'll get a stimpack! Just wait! Wait..."

Dogmeat only managed a whine. His breathing was labored and the heavy wounds inflicted by the shotgun were bleeding heavily.

A stimpack could stop bleeding and pain long enough for the Lone Wanderer to get medical attention for his companion.

"Wait... hang on, boy! Maybe that Raider has something..."

With that, the Wanderer turned to the dead Raider and searched his body for anything of use. He found a few shotgun shells, some caps and a knife, but nothing else. The Wanderer threw the loot to the ground in anger.

"Damn it!"

He turned back to Dogmeat. His companion watched him fumble and curse. He sighed and his eyes shut.

"Dogmeat? No! Dogmeat! Wake up!"

The dog's eyes opened again but only halfway. His breathing was very slow and very shallow. The Wanderer knelt by his companion and softly stroked his head.

Dogmeat let out a low whine.

I have to go.

"Please... you're all I have left... don't leave... don't leave me..."

Dogmeat smiled in a way only a dog can. His eyes watered and his heart slowed.


The Wanderer, with tear filled eyes seemed to understand the inevitable. With great sadness and difficulty he stroked his dying partner's head and said his farewells.

"I'll never forget you... Goodbye... my friend."

Dogmeat licked the Wanderer's hand and exhaled his final breath. His eyes shut completely, and the "Lone Wanderer" was alone once again.

Al La Fin to the max.