not gonna do it it

Lizzy: he can't talk you geniass...ok fine...I'll do it. Hello and welcome back to HTF T R D

Liz: where everything is-


Liz,Lizzy:...*troll face* anywaz...can we go to the reviews ?

Liz+Lizzy: *still troll face*

Splendid: i guess we can...anyway, the first one is from link chain247

link chain247
well i put in a variety of dares for this hilarious t or d :3


disco bear since i hate you for no apparent reason get everybody to give you a hair cut and than eat the hair.

flippy just because your my favorite doesn't mean i will go easy on you, for you shoot yourself in the leg and than fix yourself with a paper clip and a thin piece of string.

flaky all you have to do is get up on stage and tell some jokes :3 than kill the love of your life through a magic trick.

mole try going for a walk with out your cane.


Rustle what's under your pirate hat?

giggles, if you had one trillion dollars what would you do?

oh yeah and great story so far 'w'

Jigsaw: Lizzy! snap out of it!

Lizzy: whu? oh sorry...i was just dreaming what will happen if i rule the world...

Liz: *snap out of it* CHARGER ! AIEEE!

Lizzy: *slap her* shut up! first dare!...everyone...get a scissor...cut DB hair and shove it in his mouth!


DiscoBear: AIEEE!

Everyone: *start shoving it to his mouth*

DiscoBear: *dies*...X X

Misa: that was refreshing !

L:...KIRA! *tackle her*

Misa: GAH! *pull Lizzy*

Lizzy: HOLY sadbsakjfad- *got involve with the tackle fight*

Liz: one...ok...uh...Oi, Flip, shoot yourself and heal urself with a paperclip and a thin piece of string..*toss the gun*

Flippy: *catch it and accidentally triger it* OH MY GAWD!11

Liz:...uh...i dont know what to react right now...

Flippy: *start to take out with the string and paperclip* *string brake*...uh...Liz?

Liz: yeah?

Flippy: the string broke...

Liz: well, thats sad. *kill him with a pistol* head shot

Evil: good shot kid

Liz: thank you, thank you. next dare is...*shove flaky on a stage* go tell a joke Flaky

L,Lizzy,Misa: *finish fighting*

Flaky: *on stage shaking* k-knock knock

Misa: who's there?

Flaky: your ass

Misa: your ass who?

Flaky: your ass smells like shit!


Misa: BITCH! *write Flaky name on Death Note*

Flaky:*dramatically fell down*...X X

L: KIRA! *tackle again*

Misa: *pull Lizzy again*

Lizzy: MOTHER F-*got involved again*


Light: do you know whats happening here?

Liz:uh..not exactly at the moment. *takes away mole walking stick*

Mole: *crash into a pole before even walking* * unconscious* Russel, what do you hide in your hat?

Russel: *perv smile* GIRLS PANTIES!

All: ew !

Lizzy,L,Misa: *stop and stare*...dude...

Liz: you need to change ur habit old man. So Giggles, if u have 1 trillion dollar, what would you do?

Giggles:hm...i this show?

Lizzy: *gets out of the fight* OH NO YOU DONT ! *shoot her with a sniper*

Giggles: *dead*

Liz: know she's only kidding, right?

Jigsaw: epic knowledge fail, haha

Lizzy: *piss off troll face*

Liz: before this get any worse, goodbye dear reader! see you next time!