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Chapter Fifteen

Ruby POV

This project was hell! Aaron was hell bent on making me crack. Ashley offered to swap with me but that wouldn't be fair so I just had to put up with him. The second day we were in his flat on our own trying to get this project started. We had picked Scotland as our country, and we're gonna do our presentation on the festivals there.

"So what do you see in that Logan dude then, he is such a nerd." I glared at him.

"Logan is not a nerd! And it's nothing to do with you why I am with Logan. Let's just get on with this so I have to spend as little time with you as possible.". I gritted my teeth at him and went back to writing. When I had finished writing about the Fringe festival,I decided we would call it a day.

"That's enough for today. Be at my apartment tomorrow, ten o'clock." and with that I walked out of his apartment. When I stormed back to mine, Logan and Ashley were working on theirs. Logan looked up at me and his smile dropped when he saw I was annoyed. He walked up to me and took my face in his hands.

"What did he do to you babe?" He asked after he kissed my cheek. I just shook my head and leaned up to kiss him.

"Don't mention his name when I'm gonna kiss you." I whisper against his lips. He just smiled and kissed me. I took his hand and lead him to the table where he and Ashley were working on their project. Logan being Logan had geeked out to the max! I smiled at them and let them get back to their project. I grabbed my phone and noticed I had many missed calls from my mum. I jumped on my bed and called her back.

"Hey mum, what's up?" I could tell something was up.

"I just miss you honey. I was thinking that maybe me, you and Logan could go to dinner tonight?" I must admit I missed mum too.

Before she got married, it was mum and me against the world, we done everything together. When she had local photo shoot, she would take me and we'd play dress up all day.

"Sure just give me the details." I could see her smiling in my head. Once I got off the phone to her, I skipped out to the living room, finding my gorgeous boyfriend sitting at the table writing away. I went behind him and kissed his neck. He turned around to face me.

"What's up babe?" I smiled up at him.

"My mum asked us to dinner tonight, and I said yeah. Is that ok?" He just looked at me with that side smile.

"Of course babe, anything for you." He leaned down and gave me a quick kiss.

"Thank you."

I went to go get ready and left Logan and Ashley to get on with their project.

once I was ready, I headed down to the lobby to see what everyone was doing. I saw Carlos and Madi and was making my way over to them when Aaron popped out of nowhere. He Stood in front of me and blocked the door.

"Aaron, get out my way." He just smirked at me and grabbed my arm.

"Olivia wasn't happy with how your friends treated her the other night." I looked up at him in horror. "When people mess with my sister, I tend to get defensive." he tightened his grip on my arm.

"Let me go.". I shouted at him. Carlos and Madi saw was going on and ran over. Before they could do anything, Logan came out of the elevator. Aaron saw him and smacked his lips down on mine.

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