Conrad stood on the roof of his building, looking at the twinkling city lights. He never thought that there would be a limit to the sunrises in his life. Like every other person rushing through their busy days, he took them all for granted.

Now, though, he wished he hadn't.

Recently he'd been making a lot of wishes.

I wish that damned vampire didn't choose my apartment.

I wish I had found a real profssional.

I wish I hadn't of died.

But he realized that he wouldn't have met Worth, or Casimiro and Finas.

Wouldn't have had any of the exciting adventures he did.

He wouldn't have remembered how to ilive/i

Now, he only had one wish, that he truely wished for with all of his being. A single wish that he would give up almost anything for.

He tore his gaze from the city lights to the sky. He found the brightest star, closed his eyes, and (out of habit) held his breath.

All I want...the only thing I ask for...Just one more sunrise...Please...

When he opened his eyes again, he could see the horizon lightening and let out a heavy sigh. As he made his way back down to his apartment, he shoved his hands into his pockets.

He shouldered his door open, and froze at the sight before him.

Hanna was sitting on Frederick's lap. Toni was leaning against the couch. Veser sat in his favorite chair. And Worth was waiting by the door.

"Was wonderin' if ya were comin' back b'fore th'sun did." That smirk.

"Conrad! Come sit down, we've got a surprise for you!" Hanna bounced slightly, not minding Jose at all.

With a blink, he slowly shuffled towards the couch, falling onto the cushion next to the hyper man. Worth sat next to him, nodding at Hanna.

Hanna picked up his TV remote and hit a button. The screen brightened, and it took Conrad a few moments to realize what was playing, and when he did, a tear rolled down his cheek.

"A sunrise...but...why?"

Worth shrugged. "Figured ya missed 'em, with how often ya narly get roasted by 'em. So we wasted 'bout two weeks on 'is"


Toni laughed. "Veser and Hanna kept wanting to redo it, because it wasn't 'perfect'. But they finally agreed on one."

"Thanks guys...this means a lot..." He smiled and settled into the couch.

The first sunrise of the rest of my life.