How to Keep Your Secret Marriage….A Secret.

Fic: How to Keep You Secret Marriage…A secret: A guide to Hunter/Angel relationship success

Author: Rchginger

Genre: Slash….always and forever. Dean/Cas because anything else freaks me out. Sam (unknowing), Bobby (being Bobby), and a certain Archangel that's making keeping the secret a secret….well you'll have to read.

Warnings: Um, sex-m/m given the slash up above.

Spoilers: The prompt called for them, so anything after the season 6 premiere is fair game. You've been warned.

Notes? Prompt? The S6 Kink_Meme is the devil's work….that being said I'm a minion. Was prompted by Skyblueadvari

Summary: prompt was Dean and Cas elope and decide it would be better to wait until after Sam's himself again to reveal the news. But it's harder keeping their marriage a secret than they expected. Bonus for weddings bands and Bobby being suspicious.

Notes: This is my second story in as many days….This is what happens when you're sick and have nothing but essays that need completing to occupy your time…..but the prompts are amazing and writing is an addiction and the S6 Kink-Meme is a drug. School can wait but Dean/Cas cannot. Enjoy! – side note- those who have read my City of Sin story I am currently working on a prequel and shall have it up as a birthday present to me on the 14th.

How to Keep Your Secret Marriage….. A Secret

One: Don't Wear the Wedding Bands.

Dean didn't know what he had thought being married would be like. Hell up until he and Cas had been standing at the altar with red-vinyl carpeting underfoot and a skinny greasy looking mouse of a guy, that was supposed to be Elvis, asking him if he was sure he wanted to marry the nerdy accountant. Dean hadn't given much thought about marriage. He had known…had known for a while by that point…that he wanted to marry Cas. To claim the angel that was far too good for him as his own. But in classic Winchester style Dean hadn't thought it through.

And if he had Dean was sure he wouldn't have pictured married life as stealing kisses in dark corners and shadowy alleys. Nor hurried sex in the Impala and on top of mountains in the middle of the night while Sam slept away in a motel room….Okay the mountains thing was pretty romantic, when Dean didn't think about how high up they were.

Still, being married should be fun….and shouldn't feel like they were having an affair and doing something wrong. The worst part was Dean had no one to blame but himself for this. He had asked Cas not to say anything, to keep it a secret from Sam and Bobby. And, yes okay at the time he had been pissed with the two of them, the two that were supposed to be his family, keeping such a huge damn secret like his brother not being in a hole from him. So maybe, maybe, he had wanted to keep a secret of his own for one damn time in his life.

But that had only been part of why he didn't want his family to know about his marriage to the angel. The other part was Sam. Sam was different, weird, willing to allow Cas to put an innocent child through the pains of hell for information. The Sammy Dean knew, that Dean had grown up with and practically raised, that Sam would never have stood by silently and watch what Cas had done like it was an uninteresting paint drying on a wall.

Dean didn't know if he could trust Sam….no he knew it and that was the problem. He no longer believed that he could trust Sam with his life, let alone Castiel's. And this, this thing between him and the archangel that could bend time and destroy matter, could be used against them. Used against Cas. To hurt Cas, because Dean knew how much Cas loved him and knew the lengths he would go to in order to save Dean. To protect him. Dean wouldn't allow Cas to be harmed, not by anyone. Not even Sam.

So Dean had asked, pleaded and begged and blown Castiel, not to tell Sam or Bobby. He wanted to wait until they figured out what the hell was wrong with his little brother and got him back to his old-self before they shared the good news…

…Again Dean hadn't really thought it through.

Now he was leaning against a counter in Bobby's kitchen while he and Sam researched whatever it was they were supposed to be hunting. Dean picked at the loose tile on the corner of the backsplash, worrying it free with a nail. Dean was glad Sam had gone into the study and that the tree-man was no longer in his face asking him what was wrong and if he was okay. Telling Dean that if he kept his mouth poked out in that sulk it would probably get stuck that way. And pointing out that Dean looked like he was pining for someone.

Which was stupid. Because Dean Winchester did not sulk nor pin. Even if it had been a little over a week since he had last seen Cas and three days since he had spoken to the prick angel.

Dean's only saving grace was that he knew Sam assumed it was Lisa he was missing. And while he did miss her friendship and being able to sit on the steps of her porch and chug a cold beer while she tried to reassure him that Cas was in fact coming back to him. And missed watching Ben try to be a baseball player. It wasn't the same as the empty feeling he got when Cas was away….

….And fuck he was pining.

Which was probably why against better judgment and common sense Dean found his hand slipping into the front pocket of his torn and ragged blue jeans. The metal band was colder than Dean remember, heavier too. And Dean knew that was because it had been a long time since he had worn the symbol of his commitment. Too damn long.

The ring found its place on his finger with no resistance. And Dean twirled it, relishing in the way the metal smoothed over his skin. The emptiness was still there but at least now it didn't feel so hollow….and another thing Dean wouldn't have thought marriage would do to him was turn him into a sappy-teenage girl.

"What are you doing in here all own your lonesome idijt?"

Dean jumped so hard from the sound of Bobby's voice that he nearly knocked the brown beer bottle he had been drinking from earlier off its perch on the counter. He turned to find the old man leaning in the door way and looking far too damn smug.

"Jumpy boy?"

"Just thinking." He rubbed and palm over his mouth, the one belonging to the hand wearing his wedding band. "Need to get you some bells to match the ones I'm going to get for Cas."

Bobby snorted. "Like the feathers is going to allow you to turn him into Rudolf."

Dean made a gruff noise of agreement and lifted the abandoned beer bottle to his lips.

"What the blazing hell in on your hand boy?"

And really Dean wished he would think things through….really.

"What?" Because playing ignorant and ignoring the problem always worked well for Ostriches.

"That metal band on your ring finger, you know the one beside the pinky."

"Hmmm, how'd that get there?"

Bobby frowned and came farther inside the kitchen.

"Boy don't play dumb, it isn't as cute as you think it is."

"I'm not." He so totally was but Dean saw no reason to tell Bobby that. "It's just a ring Bobby."

"On your left ring finger."

"So? I didn't know that was a crime now."

Dean pulled off his wedding band and tucked it away in his pocket where he should have kept it in the first place.

"You know they say if you protest too much there must be a reason." Bobby maneuvered around Dean to make his way to the fridge. Dean was just thankful the old man was no longer studying him like he was a fucked up science experiment.

"I'm not protesting too much."

"If you say so idjit." But Dean wasn't fooled. They'd have to be careful or Bobby would smell them out in a heartbeat like the blood hound he was.

And really would it kill Dean to hang around people who weren't hunters.

Dean patted his pocket where the ring laid now hidden away. Rule one in keeping your secret marriage to your angel a secret. DON'T WEAR THE WEDDING RING.