Dean Winchester had been married for a year and six months.

A year and six months committed and forever attached to his angel.

A year and six months with the only people knowing being Lisa and Ben.

Eight months since Dean found out his brother was not in fact in a hole.

Eight months of sneaking and lying and keeping his marriage a secret….

Eight months….and in two weeks Sam would be Sam. Cas refused to tell Dean what he was planning on doing to make Sam right. But the angel had promised. Two weeks. Two weeks and Dean would be able to share the news. And fuck was he happy about that. He didn't like keeping Cas a secret….

In those two weeks Cas had nearly died and kicked angel ass. Dean had been turned into a vampire, cured from the undead-disease, and nearly had his soul sucked out by an incubus. To say Castiel wasn't happy would have been an understatement…there had been heated looks and harsh words whispered behind closed doors only for the two of them to pull away when it was about to turn into angry, 'you're still alive' sex.

Bobby and Sam were everywhere, staring and whispering and giving the married pair strange, suspicious looks. Dean had even found Sam writing in a little blue flip-notebook like he was Nancy fucking Drew. Bobby had nearly walked in on them twice; both times that were holed up in the depths of the salvage yard so Dean didn't think they were coincidences. Sam had overheard Dean telling Cas he loved him and missed him, Sam had thrown him a strange look and shut the door to the motel room with a heavy hand.

"Ben." Dean had said in explanation. And yeah using a kid for cover….Dean was willing to do that.

All in all those two weeks were the longest two weeks of his life. And when Cas disappeared on the Friday before their 'deadline' was up it set Dean's nerves on edge. It was now coming up on Thursday, Dean could see the red gleaming 11:58 out of the corner of his eye. And it had been seven days since Dean had heard from Cas. Seven….Sure Cas had been away longer but he always called Dean…always.

Now, instead of sleeping Dean was pacing in his room. The nails of the hand that sported his wedding ring, and yes he had put it back on, were down to nothing but nubs. Something was wrong, and Dean sounded like a worried wife and maybe he was. Whatever. That didn't matter. Nothing matter, his angel was gone.

Dean glared at the clock as it ticked away, 12:00 turning into 12:30 and rolling into 1:00. 1:00 became 2:00 and 2:00 slip-slid into three. At four there was a bang so loud it shook the house and an un-naturally wail that Dean knew for too well….It was the cry of an angel.

Dean's feet ate up the rickety wood of the hallway and the steep stairs. His ears ignored the shouts coming from Bobby and Sam and the sounds of doors opening. He skidded to a stop and angled his body towards the living room…and there…there was his angel.

Dean's heart just about stopped.

Gabriel….and Dean hadn't know the bastard was alive…was holding Cas up. The trench-coat was nowhere in sight, the suit jacket was crumpled at their feet. The white of Cas' shirt was slowly turning pink and Dean knew what that meant.

Silently Dean rushed to the angels, helping Gabe move his husband to the couch. Bobby and Sam had arrived and were asking what the hell was going on… "Dean what the fuck man?"…Dean ignored them and proceeded to strip the ruined shirt from Cas. What he saw made his breath catch and he hissed.

The flesh of Cas' chest had been made into a shredded bloody mess. Dean couldn't even catch a glimpse of tanned skin through the gore. The cooper scent of too much blood filled his nose and Dean wanted to vomit…it rid himself of the sight. He was going to have nightmares of this he knew…forever seeing Cas nearly dead with his mind coming up with scenario's to explain how it had happened.

Dean was shivering just from the thought…his mind attempting to ward against the future nightmares.

"Dean…Dean…" It took Dean's brain minutes to string the letters being spoken together….to figure out that it was Gabriel saying his name and that the archangel needed him to move. "Those will heal." Gabe pointed at Cas' chest, waving away the gore as though it was nothing. "But I needed to fix his wings, now. Otherwise he might not fly again."

Dean turned then, moving off to the side, rounding the back of the couch. His fingers carded through Cas' hair and he didn't care that Sam was looking at him like he had suddenly grown another head. Or that he had just confirmed Bobby's suspicions. All he cared about at that moment was his angel that looked far too broken for Dean's sense of mind.

"Dean." Cas didn't sound as weak and vulnerable as he looked. Dean wondered if that was because the visual was worse than the actual damage or if Cas was putting on a face for him.

"I'm staying Cas."

"No, you're not." He winced and shot Gabriel an evil look, his brother just rolled his eyes and continued on with what he had been doing. Whatever it was Dean couldn't see it. Cas was keeping his wings on the veil between this world and something so much more other.

Dean looked at Sam and Bobby.

Cas wouldn't show his wings to any human who was not Dean. It was too private…too intimate. Dean sighed and leaned forward pressing his forehead to his husbands.

"You better be alright, 'because I'll kick your ass otherwise."

"I'm fine Dean." And when Cas looked at him with wide blue eyes that were clear as glass. There was no pain in his face. And Dean believed him, if for no other reason than he wants to.

It was stupid, really it was. But Cas looked like he had been put through hell and Dean's nerves were on edge. He needed something to calm the wicked voice in the back of his head that suggested Cas could have died….that Cas almost died.

…And this was another one of those things that Dean should begin to think over first.

Because kissing Cas in front of Sam and Bobby and Gabe, who Dean was beginning to suspect already knew, was a stupid idea. Stupid, moronic, idiotic idea. Knowing this did not stop Dean from leaning farther into warm skin and a stormy scent that was nothing but his angel.

It was nothing more than a brush of lips and a quick taste with his tongue. Cas' breath caught and Dean rejoiced in that fact as he straightened and made his way to the kitchen without glancing at his brother or the old man that was more of a father to him than his had ever been.

Dean was surprised that Sam waited until they both had beers in their hands before he opened his mouth to speak. His lips parted and closed life a damn fish and Dean might have made fun of him if he hadn't been too busy trying to see around Bobby and into the living room.

"What the hell was that Dean?" Sam's face was blanked where it would have worn a 'bitch' expression a year ago.

"A kiss Sam. Don't tell me it's been so long since you've gotten laid that you've forgotten that." The beer tasted harsh and wasn't hard enough nor strong enough to ease the bloody sight of Cas' tan skin from his mind.


"What Sam?" Dean's voice was gruff and held a sting to it that he wasn't sure he meant.

Bobby was staying quiet, leaning a shoulder against the chipped frame of the door way. The fingers of a hand twirled his beer bottle and Dean didn't attempt to read the expression he wore.

"Why….? How long?"

"Do you care? Or are you just pissed because you didn't know." Glass clinked against wood and Dean braced his palms on the flat surface of the kitchen table. "That for once I was the one keeping the secret."

Bobby shifted then, opening his mouth but whatever he had been about to say was drowned out as Gabriel appeared in the kitchen. He only had to look at Dean before the hunter was moving, his feet carrying him over aged wood and to where Cas was.

"You look like hell." If it was meant to be a joke Dean missed it.

He was torn between hitting Cas and kissing him, instead he rested his hands on his hips and glared.

"What the hell Cas?"


"No, I want to know what the hell you did that you showed up looking half-dead."

And Cas proved that he was a smart angel. He didn't argue, he only dug into the pocket of his trench-coat and pulled out a crystal vial on a long chain. Something swirled in it, milky white.


"This is what I did, I retrieved it for Sam."

Dean didn't understand but he took the small, fragile looking container by the metal links that held it.

"What is it?" Sam asked from Dean. He hadn't known he was there but Dean didn't jump, he didn't look away from his angel.

"Your soul."

"My what?"


"He….you were….missing it when you were raised."

"And you didn't think this was something we should know?" Dean asked not a little bit hurt. "That I should know." His family keeping secrets was one thing but Cas…Dean didn't know why he was surprised Cas has always kept things from them. But now they were married. Wasn't that supposed to make a difference?

"What would have done Dean if you had known…? Worry?"

"You should have told me."

"And I have…once I found it. There was no needed to cause concern in you." Cas sat forward and drew Dean to him. "I love you Dean, you know that. I would never doing anything to hurt you."

Emotionally….physically…Dean knew that. He did.

"I…" And what did you say to that. To your husband fighting his way into hell, and Dean had no doubt that Cas had done so to get Sam's soul back. For Dean.

"Um," Sam cleared his throat and it drew their attention from each other for all of half-a-second. "What…? What is going on?"

Dean smiled at his brother and tossed him the silver wedding band that was Dean's.

"You…you two?"

Dean smiled sheepishly. "Yeah."


"One year, eight months, two weeks, three days and…"

"I got it Cas, thanks."

Cas only nodded and sat back, pulling Dean down beside him and almost onto his lap. Dean tired to pull back, to fight the arms wrapped around him. But fighting Cas was like going up against a brick wall. So Dean settled down and did not blush….really.

"I knew it!" Bobby exclaimed. "Damn idijt's the both of you. Why the hell didn't you tell us?"


"Dean believed it was best to keep the information to ourselves until Sam was back to himself." Cas explained. "I'm sure you've noticed that you've been…different since your return Sam."

"I…" Sam scratched at the back of his neck. "Like the no sleeping thing….I noticed."

"No sleeping…." Dean began.

"I didn't want to worry you."

"Seems to be today's theme. Everybody needing to protect Dean's fragile feelings."

"Dean." It was said by Sam and Cas at the same time.

He waved them off. "Whatever. So this…" Dean fingered the cooled glass that held what was apparently Sam's soul. "…this is Sam's…"


"So this will fix him."


"You did this for Sam?"

"I did it for you as much for Sam."

Dean knew Cas had done it more from him than he had Sam.

"I love you."

"I know Dean."

Sam found Dean in the salvage yard the next day….turns out Bobby had known for a while that Dean and Cas was a hell of a lot more than they put on. Sam had been the odd man out….and he felt like an idiot for it. Because his brother and the angel just made so much damn since…Cas was the only one with enough patience and belief in his brother to put up with Dean.

"Hey." Sam smiled at Dean, bumping him with his shoulder.

He felt lighter…like a weight had been lifted, which was funny seeing as how he had gained something. But he no longer felt tainted, dark, no longer felt like a soulless being.

"Hey Sammy."

Cas had broken the glass vial last night before he flapped off with his older brother. Milky white fog had danced in the air and settled in Sam. He would always be thankful to the angel for what he had done.

"How's Cas?"

"He's good, all healed up."

"That's good." He scratched at the back of his neck. "You should have told me."

Dean threw him a look…and yeah he knew he was the last person in the world to be casting stones.

"It's just…I'm happy for you. Both of you. I just wish you had told me."

"I…I needed to keep Cas safe." Dean sighed and looked away. "That sounds stupid seeing as he's an archangel and all. But,"

"I get it." And he did. Sam knew that Dean couldn't trust him before…knew that he had casted doubt in Dean's mind. And with his soul back where it belonged he could see that. Hell, his actions worried him.

"Yeah…you know keeping a secret marriage secret is hard work."

"That's because you suck at lying. You know after making a life out of it, one would think you'd be better at telling half-assed truths."

"Fuck you. You didn't know."