Author's Note:

Dear readers,

Words can't express how grateful I am to everyone who has read, reviewed, favorited, and set up alerts for "Gwen's Revenge". This was the very first story I've posted (when I was 12!) and as such, I've grown as a person and writer. With that being said, I've finally decided to go ahead and get this fic back on track again. The vision I have for this fic is much different from what it originated from, but I hope you'll all give this a chance anyway. My interest in Total Drama has long since past but I owe to myself and my readers to give this one last go. Without further preamble, I introduce to you the prologue to "Revenge".


"Are you sure you want to know?" Gwen asked, a frown on her face as she approached the man standing before her.

The plan had never been to involve him, but she'd forgotten how stubborn he could be. She should've avoided him altogether but there was something about him that she never could turn away from. Even now, with so much at stake, she was willing to reveal her schemes because if anything, after all the lies, deceit, and betrayal, he at least deserved the truth.

"What have you done?"

The question was asked with bated breath and pained eyes. The person standing before him was not the same girl he once knew. Something had overtaken her, something had dark had clouded her senses. In his heart, he knew it didn't matter what she'd done but nonetheless, he needed to hear it all from her. He could only speculate for so long.

Gwen leaned forward, eyes betraying nothing as she gently caressed a hand to his cheek. He was pure and whole hearted, even now nearly five years later she could see that. The only real questions were, could he understand? Could he forgive, where she could not? Could he truly love her after knowing about all the things she's done? The lives that she destroyed? The lives she was yet to destroy?

She'd done many things she wasn't proud of, but now was not the time for regrets. The time for that had long since come and gone. She had work to do and the man before her could prove to be rather useful.

"Revenge. " Gwen breathed, eyes ablaze with a fiery passion as she pulled away from her beloved. Now was not the time to be soft, she had very important goals to accomplish and she would not allow her heart to interfere again. Last time it had almost cost her her life. This time, it would aid her.