The Gift of Another Life

Summary: Madara has been defeated, but at a terrible cost. Kyuubi, however, didn't think Naruto got what he deserved in life before his death. So, here he is- Alive, in the past, and he's the new Juubi-wait what? Harem, Time travel, Lemons.

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AN: I'll use a few Japanese words to help with the plot at times.

Naruto sat up and scratched his head, before his eyes widened. The last thing he remembered was fighting Madara in the cave with Statue holding the Bijuu, Madara dying, and then collapsing himself and he thought he had been dying. He looked around and realized he was in his apartment, which should have been impossible since it was destroyed, but something seemed...wrong. When he got out of the bed he figured out what, "WHAT THE HELL?" He 'calmly' asked, looking down at his thirteen year old body. His eyes widened as a thought came to mind, 'It couldn't be.' He raced towards the windows and saw that everything was the same as before Pein destroyed it, except... there were only four faces on the mountain. "Could it really be?" He asked himself, wondering if he was in some weird dream.

"You bet it's real, Master!" A feminine voice called out, causing him to turn and see a girl standing in the door way. She was about his age, had fire-red hair that went to the middle of her shoulders. Her breasts were about B-cups and her rear appeared to be developing nicely. Her skin was tan and flawless. Her eyes were blood red and slit like a cat, or a fox. She was dressed in a pair of his black boxers and a white T-shirt. All and all, she looked pretty hot to Naruto.

Those eyes, however, were unmistakable to him and he knew who he this was, "Kyuubi," He said lowly and venomously. He had no idea why or how she was out, but he knew she was behind whatever happened to him. He wasn't sure if it was good or bad, so he decided to refrain from attacking her until after she explained this.

"Hehe, not exactly," Kyuubi said while grinning sheepishly and scratching the back of her head in a very Naruto-like fashion, getting a confused expression from her former host.

"Huh?" Was Naruto's intelligent question.

"Well, I used up a LOT of power to send us back, so I'm not technically a "Kyuubi", just a humble little kitsune that barely has one tail," Kyuubi confessed, looking as innocent as demonically possibly. It was strangely cute yet arousing at the same time.

"So, you really sent us back in time? And what's with the 'Master' thing?" Naruto asked, thoroughly confused.

"Yes, we are back in time, I'd say after that mission to Wave and before that exam-turned-invasion. As for the Master bit, well that goes back to the time travel thing," She answered as she sat on his bed.

"Maybe you should start from the beginning? As in why you sent us back?" Naruto suggested, wanting answers now.

Kyuubi hmmed as she brought a finger to her chin and looked up in deep thought, probably knowing how cute she looked like that, "Well, beyond me not wanting to die, I felt that you didn't get enough out of life after all you did. So, when you were close to death, I decided to try and send you back, and it worked!" She yelled excitedly, making her breasts jiggle as her arms shot into the air. She blushed as she regained her composure, "Any way, a few things happened that I didn't count on. One was how much chakra it would take to send us back, which almost resulting in me dying, so I kinda...bonded my soul to you," She said, looking away in embarrassment.

Naruto raised an eye at her behavior, "And this means what exactly?" He asked, not getting why this was embarrassing.

Kyuubi's face turned so red it made Hinata's look blue, "Umm, it basically means I'm your eternal slave," She said a little nervous.

Naruto's eyes went wide at that, "Sl-slave?" He asked, not sure he heard right.

"Slave, sex slave, servant, vassal, property, whore, slut, lap dog...errr fox, toy, pet, put whatever title you want to it. It's all the same to me, I do what you say. You say jump, I say how high. You say hold your breath, I say how long. You say you want to have some fun with some girl, I ask who, when, and where," Kyuubi elaborated, not sounding all that worried, but maybe a little mischievous at the last part.

"Umm, not to offend, but why did you seem embarrassed a second ago?" Naruto asked, wondering where that had come from and left to.

Immediately, her blush came back, "Oh, it's just that, well, I've never been subservient to someone so I'm a little worried about messing up," She confessed getting a weirded out look from Naruto, "What? I'm the strongest of the Bijuu, I've never had to obey anyone outside giving you chakra, and that was as much for me as it was for you. I'm not against being your slave, it's just that I've never had to do anything like it before. I've also never really had sex before now that I think about it," She thought out loud.

Naruto's eyes nearly dropped out of his head at that, "You're a virgin?" He asked, very surprised.

Kyuubi blinked before realizing what he meant, "I'm usually a giant fox, so the only beings I can have sex with are the other Bijuu, but all of them either weren't interested or I really didn't want to attempt it with them," She said before scrunching her eyes in thought, "I THINK I had sex with Nibi, but it's hard to tell since we were high on hormones and were originally beating the crap out of each other. It's hard to tell since we're both girls so neither of us had anything inside the other when we woke up," She rambled as she thought back to that particular "time of the month" as humans called it. She looked and saw that her master had a distant look on his face before shaking it. "Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes! Another thing I didn't count on was the other Bijuu giving you a present," She said nonchalantly.

"What do you mean present?" Naruto asked, his eyes narrowing in suspicion.

"You know how the other Bijuus and I were fractions of the Juubi?" She asked, getting a nod, "Well, the others were thankful that you stopped Madara and also worried that you might not be able to stop Akatsuki this time, even if it was unlikely. So they each gave you this," She held out her hand as a crimson orb of what appeared to be chakra with an ominous black center formed in it, "This black spot is the actual essence of the Juubi. Think of it as a primordial ooze of sorts. This is what gave all the Bijuu our powers, though we no longer need it to maintain them. Anyway, the Bijuus all gave you their piece, which means you're becoming the new one. Congrats!" She explained happily as the ball faded away, causing Naruto's eyes to go wide, again.

"Wait, wait, wait! I'm the Juubi?" Naruto asked, as dumbfounded as ever.

"Well, not yet. It takes time for all the pieces to form right, and then it'll end up "evolving" you and your body bit by bit. It'll take a few years, maybe a few decades, but yeah. Welcome to demonic pre-godhood!" She said as Naruto let this sink in.

"Wait, if I have all the pieces in me then how do you still have one? And what kind of abilities am I getting out of this?" Naruto asked, starting to get a sense of this and how good it might be.

"Oh that. You got the ones from the future Bijuu; the ones here still have theirs. I still have mine because we both fused with our past selves. Regrettably, most of my chakra here was used up making this body after I lost half of it properly fusing our consciouses to our past selves. As for abilities, you do realize that ALL bloodline abilities came from the Juubi, right? You basically can do any jutsu or move, regardless of whether or not it's a clan technique. Beyond that, you'll probably be able to control the elements, make things out of thin air, bind people to your will, etc." She explained as Naruto thought this over.

"Bind people to my will?" He wondered out loud.

"Yeah, you could probably do that now. It's fairly easy for a demon, let alone a Juubi Jr. Basically turning girls into your servants," She paused seeing the look on Naruto's face, "Don't give me that look. There are plenty of girls you would love to be able to control and you know it! Honestly, you think the Kamis themselves don't do crap like that? Believe me, there's really no such thing as evil in the universe, just stuff that people don't want you to do. Besides, you saved the world once, now enjoy life the second time around. Get drunk, have an orgy, get a harem of sex-slaves, kill a few bastards, take over a country or two, do whatever the hell you want!" Kyuubi advised passionately as she wanted Naruto to put this to good use after all the work she put into it.

Naruto stood wide eyed as this girl told him basically to enjoy his life to the fullest however he wished to. Then a thought came to mind, "Wait, what about Madara and the Akatsuki? Don't I still have to fight them?" Naruto asked, worried he'd have to fight them again. Not something he'd like to do a second time around.

Kyuubi blinked before answering and gaining a devilish grin, "Oh, I didn't tell you! The Bijuus and I also sent back a piece of Madara's body," She said getting a confused look from Naruto, "We sent a section as it was in the future back to past. More specifically, we sent the spot where you put that seal on him, and we may have pumped a bit of demon energy into it to speed up the process," She explained as Naruto started grinning as well.

"So Madara's...?" He asked hopefully.

"Dust in the wind. As for the others, you're going to be the Kami-fucking-Juubi! In the three or four years you got prepare, you could have up to five tails, depending on where you train," She explained as Naruto started to look happy at his change in luck, "Oh, and that 'Kami-fucking-Juubi' part? That could be literal," She said, enjoying the shocked expression from Naruto, "Kami's female and you seem like her type, well underneath all that false naivety any way," She gave him a blank look when he looked at her weirdly, "I've been inside you all your life, you think I wouldn't know what you hide under that stupid act of yours? You act clueless when you know something's going on. You wanted everyone to underestimate you ever since you found out about the Akatsuki. You thought if no one knew how strong or smart you were, you might have a better shot at them. Really, it was very clever. A little over the top at times, but still one of the cleverest ideas I've seen in a long time," She praised as Naruto looked at her sheepishly.

"So, ignoring the fucking Kami part for now, what about the rest of the Akatsuki?" He asked, wondering how much trouble this was really going to be.

"Sorry, couldn't do anything about them. My advice is to take them as they come until you are certain you can win. Now, you might want to hurry on to your team meeting. Just remember, have fun and don't get anyone pregnant," She said as Naruto blushed in embarrassment.

"You going to be okay and behave while I'm gone?" Naruto asked, not wanting her to cause trouble while he was gone.

Kyuubi rolled her eyes, "Yes Master, I'll be a good little girl while you're gone. If not, you get to punish me, so win-win for you!" She said with a perverted grin and a bow, giving Naruto a good view of her braless cleavage, giving the poor teen several perverted mental images as he left, "He's going to be so powerful, yet he's still so cute!" Kyuubi squealed to herself. She paused and held up her hand as an orange book materialized in her hand. The Perverted Sage had made Naruto read a lot of his books, so Kyuubi had something to research the kinky/darker side of sex on. 'Hmm, I wonder if I should wear a slave outfit for Master?' She thought to herself with a giggle. Bijuu, the one kind of demons that can seem so cute and so hot at the same time.

Team Seven's Training Ground

"Idiot, you're late!" Sakura screeched as Naruto approached them, Sasuke rolling his eyes at the scene.

Naruto couldn't help, but marvel at the thought that THIS was the girl that had been called Tsunade's Second Coming, the one that could level entire battlefields with a single punch. Then again, he'd been the dead last in the academy and surpassed all other Kages, several times over, 'It's really amazing how legends begin,' He thought to himself, amused. "Is Sensei here?" He asked cheekily, getting a negative, "Then I'm not late," He said matter-of-factly, actually getting an amused smirk out of Sasuke at Sakura's reaction.

Sakura stuttered for a moment, before raising her fist, "That's beside the point, idiot!" She yelled, about to punch him when Kakashi appeared between them, looking mildly surprised at the predicament he appeared into.

"Ummm, am I interrupting something?" He asked curiously as he looked between his two students, one grinning and one fuming.

"Kakashi-sensei, am I late?" Naruto asked mischievously getting an odd look from his one-eyed teacher, before he smiled in revelation.

"No, Naruto, no you're not," Kakashi said in his normal tone with his eye smile, causing Sakura to gawk at them.

"But he-!" She started, not believing she had been outwitted by Naruto.

"Was here before me, meaning that he was on time as far as I know," Kakashi finished, amused with his student's reaction and curious as to why Naruto would prank Sakura. 'Maybe he finally got over that crush of his?' He wondered to himself.

"What about you, why were you late!" Sakura yelled, trying to save face in front of her crush, who was amused for once. Something had finally silenced the shrieking, and it was Naruto, ironically enough.

"I got lost-" He started with his most famous excuse.

"Reading porn," Naruto finished quickly, getting a mock glare from his sensei and a barely suppressed giggle from his pink haired teammate, "Well, am I wrong?" He teased, getting only silence as his answer, followed by his own snickering.

"Anyway, I was really getting these for you," He said as he held out three forms, "They're passes to enter the upcoming Chunin Exam. It's completely optional for each of you, just fill those out and be at the academy in a week if you accept. Well, that's mainly it for today really," The Jounin ninja said as he teleported away in a poof of smoke.

Naruto watched as Sakura walked away, thinking over whether she should take the exam or not. He could go back to his home and talk to Kyuubi more, but looking at the retreating back of his possibly-future-traitorous teammate, a thought came to mind. An old prank he never got to pull, "Hey Teme? How would you like an easy way to get away from your fangirls?" The effect was instant. Sasuke stopped where he was and was right in front of Naruto so fast, it would have made Gai and Lees' mouths drop.

"Seriously! Cause I swear if this is a joke, I WILL gut you!" Sasuke yelled as he shook Naruto back and forth by the collar of his shirt.

"Geez, you must be desperate. If I didn't know how vicious those girls can be, I'd think you were gay," Naruto muttered as he pried Sasuke off him. He sometimes wondered if his fangirls were the real reason Sasuke left, which he wouldn't have blamed him for. Fangirls were one thing, but these girls took obsession to a whole new level, "How long can you hold a transformation?" He asked as a grin played upon his face, making Sasuke wonder what he got himself into.

Ichiraku Ramen Stand

Ino Yamanaka walked down the street in a rather bored manner. They had gotten their Chunin exam forms and then they were dismissed for the day. She thought about either training, shopping, or helping in the family flower shop. Then she noticed Naruto out of the corner of her eye, that orange jumpsuit making it impossible not to, eating his Ramen at that Ichiraku stand. That is when she noticed Sasuke sitting next to Naruto, eating Ramen as well. Not really an odd thing, their team ate there every now and then. She idly wondered where Sakura was before a predatory smirk formed on her face as she quietly walked towards them.

Had she been paying attention, she might have found their conversation odd, "You sure this is going to work? We're in a NINJA village. Even if they're mostly fresh out of the academy, what are the odds they fall for this?" 'Naruto' asked, skeptical of something as he watched 'Sasuke' down his third bowl.

"I once painted the Hokage Mountain in broad day light and no one noticed until I was done, then outran several ninjas of varying ranks, and that was before I learned the Shadow Clone Jutsu. Just trust me on this, people tend to forget to check the underneath even when they're checking underneath the underneath," 'Sasuke' assured, downing another bowl.

"SASUKE!" Ino yelled as she tackled him off his stool. When they landed, she was on top of him with her face very close to his, "Why don't we go somewhere, like a date?" She suggested seductively.

"I didn't know you were into other blonds Ino," A voice said from where Naruto was, only it sounded like Sasuke.

Ino turned and saw, sure enough, Sasuke was sitting there, snickering slightly in a rare show of humor, "But then who..?" She wondered as she look down to see, "Naruto!" She screamed as she jumped off him.

"What? What I'd do?" A Naruto voice said from behind her, causing her to turn and see Naruto on the stool instead of Sasuke.

"Think she's lost it?" Sasuke's voice came from the floor where Naruto had been.

"Did she ever have it?" Sasuke's voice said from the stool.

Ino was looking back and forth and was starting to get dizzy as she tried to figure out what was going on. "You okay Ino? You look like you're about to faint," Naruto said as he got off the floor. It was at this point that Ino took off running, "Well, that works too," He said as he looked over to a smirking Sasuke, who was still trying to suppress his snickering, and a grinning Teuchi and Ayame, "Admit it, you enjoyed doing that," Naruto said as he walked back to his seat.

"I'll admit it just this once. That, was a good one dope!" Sasuke said, glad to have a girl run away from him for once. If indulging Naruto's prankster nature every now and again got him that, Sasuke would have been helping him years ago.

"It was funny, but is she going to be okay? She looked really freaked out," Ayame asked, wondering if the prank was a little much.

"Ayame, are you forgetting who you're talking to? I'm surprised that's all he did! I would have bet money one of them would have turned into a female version of this kid here!" Teuchi said, as he laughed over Naruto latest prank.

"Neh, I figured Sasuke's got enough problems with the stick up his ass and the rumor about him being gay or bi without a hermaphrodite, transsexual, and/or cross dresser rumor," Naruto said mischievously, laughing as Sasuke's eyes went wide and he nearly choked on his ramen.

"Who started that one?" Sasuke asked, suddenly realizing why he got gifts of porn of many different categories.

"You did, actually. Between your lack of interest in your fan club and actively seeking out teachers that are usually males, you basically painted that picture yourself," Naruto said calmly as Sasuke walked away, thoroughly annoyed.

Naruto looked curious about something. His senses had already started increasing, so he could smell things almost like an Inuzuka could. Right now, something wasn't adding up to him. He paid for his meal after his tenth bowl and made his way home, seemingly lost in thought as he went. He came through and saw that his apartment was surprisingly clean. He saw Kyuubi fixing up some ramen at the stove, still wearing the boxers and shirt, 'I really need to get her some clothes' He thought plainly as he took a seat at the table and leaned back with a thoughtful look on his face.

Kyuubi had noticed her master's return when he first came in, but also noticed he seemed focused on something. She brought the bowl to him, which he kindly refused and couldn't stop the sweat drop when he saw her devour it faster than he normally did, "Your desires come before my needs master. Speaking of which, what's on your mind?" She said casually, as if she hadn't reminded him of her loyalty and enslavement to him.

"You know, you don't have to call me master," He said, actually quite surprised at how well he was taking getting thrown back in time, not having to deal with his all-time worst enemy, becoming the soon-to-be-Juubi, and having Kyuubi as his slave. He was beginning to think he may have lost his sanity during the time travel.

"How about 'Nushi' then?" She asked seductively, yet serious in the offer, causing Naruto to nearly fall backwards at the suggestion. Nushi was a title that Naruto had never expected to be used in reference to him. He gave her a look that asked 'are you serious?' causing her to shrug, "What, it fits in almost every way. You are my master; we've established that, meaning you are also my owner. You're basically a soon-to-be-literal god. The only way it doesn't work is lover," She finished as a blush began to form, "Unless you want to change that soon," She said, almost shyly.

Naruto stared at her for a moment before giving her a searching and serious look, "You were dead serious about everything you said, weren't you?" He asked, the idea that Kyuubi would do anything he said still hadn't set in.

Kyuubi grinned a little, knowing what he was talking about, "Yep! Now please Nushi, please tell me what's on your mind?" She asked gently. Naruto was beginning to wonder if she had multiple personalities with how often she seemed to change her attitude.

'Maybe it's a demon or Bijuu thing?' He thought to himself as he gained a thoughtful look, "Is it possible that us coming back could have altered things earlier in the timeline?" He asked as he looked at the ceiling in thought.

Kyuubi raised an eyebrow, wondering what had brought this on, "I'm not sure, why?"

Naruto replied in a casual, almost uninterested voice, "Oh, just wondering why Sasuke's scent is like a girl's?" He asked, showing no interest or amusement at Kyuubi's wide eye expression.

"Bat-boy's a girl?" Kyuubi wondered out loud.

"'Bat-boy?'" Naruto asked, never hearing that name before.

"He got bat-like wings with his curse seal. You got your nicknames and I got mine. Anyway, I think we should talk to one of your...future associates," Kyuubi said, causing Naruto to raise an eyebrow, as she began going through a long set of complicated hand seals.

As she finished, the room turned greyish in color and everything besides Kyuubi and him was frozen in place. He looked and saw that Kyuubi seemed to be praying, or chanting rather, "Please don't be Kami. Please don't be Kami. Please don't be Kami. Please don't be Kami," She repeated as if it were the secret to eternal salvation.

He heard a yawn from his room as someone made their way to the door to the kitchen. The person came through to reveal...

End of Chapter

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this! To clarify, unless I'm wrong, Nushi can mean 'a master, a god, an owner, or a lover'. Review Questions; Is Kyuubi telling the truth? Why does she act so odd? Why is Naruto acting so calm? How was the prank? Why is Sasuke smell like a girl? Who did Kyuubi summon? What will Naruto do with his new powers? And lastly, what do you think of this version of Kyuubi's personality?