The Gift of Another Life

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Standing there was one of the strangest and most beautiful women Naruto had ever seen in a rather undignified state. She had rear-length black hair with silver highlights which was sticking up in several places, like she hadn't brushed it recently. Her breasts were plump D-cups and she had an hour glass figure. She stood at roughly six feet and was hunched over at the moment. The strange part was that she had red skin and yellow slit eyes. She would seem more intimidating if she didn't look like she just now got out of bed with her half-asleep expression, but the fact that the only thing she was wearing was an untied, dark blue house coat and a pair of white panties added to the arousal if the bulge in Naruto's pants was anything to go by.

"Yami!" Kyuubi screamed as she raced forward and gave the red skinned women a tackle hug. The result was both amusing and erotic. Though, that was more because of Kyuubi nuzzling happily into Yami's neck as her single tail wagged fiercely, their breasts pressing against each other. Naruto let out a low whistle at this.

"Huh? Kyuubi? Where am I? And why ain't I back in bed? I was just cuddling with a red head a moment ago. Good tongue on her," She muttered as she rubbed her eyes, still not fully aware of her surroundings.

"I just summoned you to explain things to Master. Thank whatever thing that controls chance that it wasn't Kami," Kyuubi said with a shiver as she removed herself from the red-skinned goddess.

"Master?" Yami asked, now wide awake and very surprised. She looked up and now noticed a rather calm and bored looking Naruto, though she could tell he enjoyed the show, "Naruto? Naruto Uzumaki?" She asked with a hint of worry in her voice, getting a nod, causing her to look between him and a grinning Kyuubi rapidly, "Either of you. Explain. Now!" She shouted, very confused.

Kyuubi looked even more confused at the request, "Um, simplest version is that the Bijuus and me sent him back after beating Madara and gave him the pieces of the Juubi and I ended up being his eternal slave. Shouldn't you know this already Yami? I thought that you and a lot of the other higher beings watched Nushi a lot?" Kyuubi asked, remembering how the Shinigami told her- just before they got back- that the others were going to enjoy watching Naruto's life this time around even more then the first time.

Higher beings get bored and watching humans was the ultimate way to pass time, especially when one ended up joining them. Last she heard, Naruto had a fanclub with at least one of about every general group- Goddesses, She-Devils, Spirits, etc. She was going to enjoy him finding out about that. Hey, Master or not, she still thought his shocked look was adorable. And it would so much more enjoyable now that she had to work for it. Looking at Naruto's unchanging expression of boredom even as he was in the presence of the Queen of Hell herself, who was also in her bathrobes and fresh out of bed, Kyuubi realized something, 'This may be harder than I thought,'

"I take a few days off to relieve some stress and you turn your container into a Demon God. Perfect sense of timing Kyuubi," Yami said flatly, but her thoughts were a bit different, 'Okay, just need to try not to give him any more hints as to who the red head that was eating me out was and I should be able to get out of here without any problems...if I don't wet myself,' She thought frantically as she tied the house coat loosely and sat down in a nearby chair. She did NOT want to get on the bad side of Juubi Jr, "So, what do you need me for?" She asked calmly.

"I was just wondering if it's possible that our coming back altered the timeline before we arrived?" Naruto asked, sounding uninterested.

"Ahh, I see the Pre-Godhood Personality is setting in," She commented at Naruto's attitude, getting a raised eyebrow, "It's the personality you get before your ascension, usually with only one main emotion. Yours is the usual one, incredible boredom and calm. If you're wondering, yes, most of us higher beings have a crazy personality of some kind. Anyway, give me a moment to figure out about the timeline thing," She explained as she reached into the house coat and seemed to begin searching for something. A moment later, she pulled out what seemed to be an ordinary scroll. She unrolled and began to look through it and looked somewhat surprised by something, "Well, it seems that a bit of your chakra kept on going back after you stopped and caused a few changes. Actually, it's still changing things," She said with a hum of thought.

"Anything important?" Naruto asked as he approached the Hell goddess. He idly noticed Kyuubi sitting on the floor behind Yami, staring in the direction of Yami's ass with a strange gleam in her eye as she sniffed the air.

"Well, you probably didn't notice it, but the time line is still changing some. Wait a minute...," Yami said suddenly as she looked at Naruto flatly, "You brought this up because someone seems to be switching to a different gender, didn't you?" She asked flatly, staring at Naruto with a blank expression.

Naruto nodded with his unchanging bored expression, "More specifically Sasuke Uchiha," He answered, not showing that he really wanted to know if his teammate was turning into a girl or already was. He kinda hoped it was the latter, if only to have the satisfaction of knowing that he had never REALLY kissed a guy.

"Figures, that's usually the thing that stands out the most when these things happen. Even if the moon is a square and the sun is brown, they'll notice a gender change first," She mumbled, more to herself than Naruto, who decided not to ask the story behind that, as she went back to reading the scroll, "You guys only came back less than a day ago, right?" She asked as she continued to read, not looking up when Naruto nodded, "Well, nothing's really set yet, and if you want, we can change some things," She informed him, looking up to see something that was now a little disturbing: Naruto was rubbing his hands together and grinning like a madman. Kyuubi looked up from her staring to see the expression as well.

Yami coughed and sweatdropped as he suddenly went back to his bored expression, "Well, I looked it over, and the reason for Sasuke's smell varies. One is that he is a girl in disguise, another is that it's Sasuke's twin in disguise, and there's him accidentally spraying his mother's perfume. This on- Wow!" Yami exclaimed as her eyes went wide in shock. She looked up at Naruto's confused and slightly interested expression before looking back at the scroll then back at him, "Is the idea of a female Sasuke, female Itachi, and their mother all being your maids interest you in the slightest?" She asked curiously, surprise never leaving her face.

Naruto suddenly appeared behind her chair and looked at the scroll with blank eyes. Next second he was gone, and the sound of running water could be heard from the bathroom. Naruto emerged from the bathroom a moment later, having no sign that he so much as washed his hands or face, "I'll keep that in mind for later. Anything else?" Naruto asked blankly, with a barely twitching eye.

Kyuubi giggled at her master's reaction. She'd have to make a note to have him visit that reality sometime in the future, 'Hmm, I wonder how he would react if we showed him those perverted dimensions with his world in them?' She thought mischievously. Dimension traveling was always fun, even if it was tricky for anything that wasn't God level in power. While she hadn't done it, she did know how to summon one of the scrolls Yami was using- she just didn't have enough tails to do it.

"Riggggght. Anyway, there are a few things that you kinda need to decide on now since the chakra is settling in. One of which involves Hanabi Hyuuga," Yami said as she continued to read the scroll. How she could read so much from that little scroll, he didn't know. When he looked at it, all he saw was three sexy Uchiha women of similar looks and different ages half dressed in maid outfits and...yeah, best not think about at the moment.

"Hinata's little sister?" Naruto asked, idly noting that Kyuubi had went back to staring at Yami's ass with a knowing smirk on her face. There was a story to that smirk that he was going to hear later.

"Yep, the main change is if she the baby sister or if she's the younger twin sister," Yami answered, looking at the many other possibilities.

"Go with twins. She might just get along better with Hinata if they're twins," Naruto answered, remembering how sad Hinata was at times because she and her sister didn't get along to well. Funny thing was, Hanabi later confessed to Hinata that it was because she hated the fact her sister held back so Hanabi wouldn't get the cage bird seal. As for how Naruto knew...Is it eavesdropping if you can hear a conversation from the other end of a building and you just so happen to be looking for a person in said conversation?

Yami chuckled lightly, "Yeah, and the idea of doing twins has nothing...," Naruto gave her a half glare that dared her to continued, "Moving on. There's also whether you actually want Sasuke to be the same, a girl, have a sister, etc?" Yami asked, mentally laughing as she remembered all the Yaoi Fangirls in Hell that went squealing in delight when Naruto and Sasuke had their incident before the team selection. Kami said the same thing happened in Heaven.

"Can I choose that later?" Naruto asked as Yami raised an eyebrow, "The maid thing is still too fresh in my mind," He answered plainly.

"You got until the day of Chunin Exams. After that, it'll probably be too late to change that," She said as she yawned, the earlier excitement was starting to wear off, "There's a few other smaller age and gender possibilities," Yami informed, looking back at Naruto.

"Eh, just let the rest of those go at random, I prefer some surprises in my life," He answered, deciding it would be too boring if he knew all the changes.

Yami nodded before returning to her reading, "Rescuing Hinata and/or Hanabi from the failed kidnapping, being adopted by some person and/or clan, some of your friends being born to different parents and/or clan, another demon attack, Sakura being nicer to you yet still a fangirl, Hinata having a different personality, certain girls being your slave for various reasons, Sasuke not being the last Uchiha, Tsunade already being Hokage for varying reasons, someone else being Hokage, seriously might want to take this next one," Yami said as she gained a shit eating grin as she handed the scroll to Naruto.

Naruto, now getting a better look at the scroll, saw that the lines of words seemed to move up as he read through them- and stopped when he stopped- and new ones appeared on the bottom. There was a picture near the middle of it of himself at about the age of ten and a few other people. Most of the others appeared to be ninjas and armored samurai guards, but there was one that was neither. A girl around his age was hugging him, almost desperately around the neck. She had long, light brown hair and dark green eyes that were bloodshot from the tears.

Naruto looked at the picture long and hard. He didn't know the girl, but he recognized that the ninja were leaf ninjas and there was only one group of Samurai like that in Fire Country regularly. If he was right that would mean..,"Is that girl who I think she is?" Naruto asked, actually looking surprised at this point.

Yami continued to stare at him with a grin, "Yep, that's the daughter of the Fire Daimyo after you manage to save her from, umm...I didn't read it all, but it should say below the picture," Yami said, grinning at the fact that Naruto, in that dimension any way, made a classic fairy tale a reality, more or less any way.

Naruto looked below the picture and saw the description. The gist of it was that some guys with a grudge against the Leaf Village and Fire Country in general decided to pay missing ninjas to kidnap the princess, smuggle her into the Village, and frame the Leaf to make it seem like they had committed treason. It would have worked too if the building they decided to kill her in hadn't been Naruto's run-down apartment. After that, well, Naruto did have an ANBU or two watching him a lot back then. Naruto, by sheer luck perhaps, managed to keep himself and the girl alive until the calvary arrived. From what he could tell, he basically had an open invitation to the palace, a lot better treatment from the Villagers, and...the opportunity to marry the princess. Trick was that the princess conned him into promising that he'd take her virginity even if he didn't marry her. It seemed odd that there didn't seem to be a time limit for how long until he had to choose.

"Yeah, defiantly going to look into this. Hey, Yami? Could you just give me a list of things to decide on? You look like you need another nap," Naruto suggested as he noticed Yami's sleepy expression rapidly returning. While he didn't mind Yami or her company, he didn't want to stay in the gray time pause for Kami knows how long or worry about explaining to someone why a red-skinned woman was sleeping at his place, forget explaining the horns and tail.

Yami grunted in agreement and lazily seemed to tap the scroll a few places before rolling it up and placing it on the table, "There, Kyu should be able to help you with the scroll from there. Now, I'm going back to break time. Jeez, why doesn't this stuff ever happen when I'm working?" Yami complained to herself as she slowly walked to the bed room, wanting a good deal of space for the teleporting.

"Hmm, my my, what a familiar scent on you Yami," Kyuubi commented all too nicely from her spot on the floor, smiling a sickly innocent smile.

Yami stiffened at Kyuubi's words, slowly turning as she heard someone sniffing and it wasn't Kyuubi. She looked at Naruto, shaking slightly as he sniffed the air. At first he had no reaction, then his hand started twitching, "Yami, I'm not too concerned with the fact you're sleeping with her-for the moment any way- but would you mind telling me whAT THE FUCK IS MY MOTHER DOING IN HELL?" Naruto roared in anger as golden-laced, black chakra began to swirl around him uncontrollably. Kyuubi merely grinned at the turn of events.

"Icanexplain!" Yami quickly shouted, hoping that Naruto would listen to her as she backed up against the wall. She then noticed that his claws were growing in length and sharpness, his muscles seem to pulse every few seconds, oh and his shadow grew and became demonic in shape on the wall behind him...which was even creepier seeing as the light wasn't hitting him from the front.

Naruto took a deep breath as everything suddenly went back to normal. He gave Yami a look that promised pain on soooo many levels that even SHE, the Queen of Hell, couldn't comprehend if she didn't give him a good answer and fast. With a gulp, she shakily began to explain, "W-well, ya-ya see um- when your father sealed Kyu into you, he didn't actually give up his soul forever or to be devoured- Shini just does that for theatrics. Any way, he has to help Shini with his job for a certain number of years- I forget how many at the moment- and I pulled a few strings with Shini to cut it in half. I did this because your mom made a deal with me," She explained, pausing as she noticed Naruto's glare intensified slightly, "I-it's nothing bad, I swear. She just has to help me for the half I took off Minato's sentence," Yami explained, letting out a sigh of release when Naruto finally calmed down, 'I think...I know I need a new pair of underwear now,' Yami thought, trying to keep the embarrassment off her face.

"And you're sleeping with her why?" Naruto asked, a lot less upset about this part than the other.

"We kinda got drunk a while back and, well...Look, women have needs like men do, I don't mind doing it with a women and she didn't want to go out and have a lot of one night stands OR risk the off chance of getting pregnant by some quote unquote "Hellian asshole". So if you're worried about me raping her, don't be. I swear on my title as the Queen of Hell that I had her consent with everything we did- except when we were drunk, not sure how some of those started out," Yami added, not wanting to face the consequences of breaking her word because of something neither she or Kushina could remember.

Naruto simmered for a moment before nodding in acceptance. He wasn't incredibly thrilled with either of his parent's positions, but his father seemed to be better off than he expected and Yami seemed to be telling the truth. Though, he got the feeling that giving her word meant something other than just a sense of honor. There was still one question he needed to ask, "Before you go, I got one last question: why was Kyuubi so afraid that Kami might have shown up instead of you?" Naruto asked, having a feeling that getting the answer out of Kyuubi would be difficult. Judging by the fact she was now ghostly pale, curled up in fetal position, shivering, and mumbling unintelligible words at the mention of the "K" word- he was right.

Yami looked at Kyuubi with a blank look, secreting enjoying getting some pay back, but wishing it hadn't been THIS subject. She walked over to Naruto and started whispering in his ear. A few seconds later, Naruto's eyes were about to roll out of his socket, "Seriously?" He asked, causing her to whisper some more, "How many?" He asked, with more whispering, "Still?" He asked with one final string of whisper, "Damn, it's amazing she could tell me that I'm Kami's type without freaking out," He commented, slightly disturbed yet strangely aroused.

"Kid, you give Kami an hour alone with her once a year, and you'll have the Queen of Heaven as a personal slave," Yami said, chuckling at Naruto as he grasped his nose as she stressed the "personal" part of the sentence, "Well, best get back, can't wait to tell your mom the news. See ya around, Juubi Jr!" Yami said as she went into the bedroom, the world regaining its color as time went back to normal a moment afterwords.

Naruto looked to the bedroom, the still shivering Kyuubi, and then the scroll lying idly on the table. This "Second Chance" was going to fun, if a little strange. He looked back at Kyuubi again and realized with a sigh that he was probably going to have to work out the "Situation" with Kami and Kyuubi. If only because Kami would be coming to bargain with him, Kyuubi's Master, over having some free time with Kyuubi. After what Yami had said, it really made him wonder if Yami and Kami should be in charge of the other's realm instead of their current ones.

End of Chapter

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