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"Ah….. But, how did you get that portal open? Only a magician of the House of Life or one of the Egyptian gods can open a portal." The guy who was obviously in charge- he never introduced himself, rude, right?- asked, recovering the first. We all kind of looked at each other.

"We don't know," I responded. "We where all on our way to grab lunch somewhere before leaving for Camp, and as we walked past this tall pointy thing in Central Park-"

"It's called an obelisk, Seaweed Brain," Annabeth hissed in my ear.

"Right, an obelisk, and, next thing I know, I was in a vortex of sand, then, all of the sudden, we where here, with everyone just standing there staring at us."

"But who would open a portal and let five Innocents go through accidentally?" he wondered out loud. The magicians had already seemed to accept the fact that we where Greek demigods- embrace it, even. But what we failed to mention was that Jason was a 'child of Rome' as the Roman demigods where called. We decided that our information would be given out on a need-to-know basis, and that wasn't something they needed to know, especially since we all wanted to get back to camp after this. Anyway, they moved on quickly, the crowd already thinning.

"Dunno, but, you never told us your name…..or where we are…..or anything else, for that manner…" stupid ADHD! Why did it always make me say things like that?

"My apologies, I am Desjardins, Chief Lector of the House of Live, and you are in the first nome." The guy- Desjardins, I guess- explained. "Now, when you use a portal, like an obelisk, it requires a twelve-hour cool down period- on both ends. We can get you back to the exact spot you where in just moments, but it will take about ten hours, thirty minutes, and ten seconds."

"Whoa, how'd you know that?" Nico wanted to know. "You aren't wearing a watch, and, even then, you can't know when exactly when we came through."

"He is the Chief Lector, boy, be polite." the magician Desjardins had yelled at before- Mel, his name was- hissed, obviously kissing up to him to get out of punishment. Something seemed…familiar…"

"And that titile," Nico rolled his eyes, "means absolutely nothing to me."

"It's fine, Mel," Desjardins sighed, "Nico didn't know. Anyways, we would be happy to provide food and shelter overnight."

"I think-" I began.

"Percy!" Annabeth hissed beside me. "Don't answer for us!"

"Give us a minute," I sighed, turning to the others. "I think we should accept." I lowered my voice.

"Something isn't right…" Annabeth muttered.

"Calm down, Annie," Thalia voiced, "I mean, I agree, something is fishy, but what else can we do?"

"Don't call me that," Annabeth growled.

"Yeah, Annie, calm down. Nothing's up. Let's stay." Nico, do you have a death wish?

"Does anyone hear want to feel safe at night?" Annabeth yelled, drawing the attention of the remaining magicians to us.

"Calm down, Annabeth, we do want to, but calm down." Thalia soothed, completely unfazed.

"As long as we don't tell them, and if we're carefu-" Jason began.

"Great, then." Nico cut him off, then turned back to everyone else. "We'll stay."

"Nico-" Annabeth began to protest.

"Magority rules, Annabeth. Majority rules," Nico shot back to her.


"Good, good," Desjardins sighed. "Abasi*! Eshe**! Come show our guests to the dormitories- les prendre à leur propere dortoirs, puis les bloquer dans***." An elderly couple stepped foreword.

"Yes, sir." They responded.

"Follow us, children," the woman- Eshe, or Abasi, I couldn't tell, both seem like they could go for both genders- spoke and the two began striding towards a large building. I could tell Annabeth was still uneasy as we ran after them, but decided to ignore it. We quickly reached the building and walked inside, finally catching up. Ha! I must not be that slow! But it took FOREVER to get to a branch in the passageway, and we had to split up.

"Remember the Chief Lector's orders, Eshe," the man muttered- he must've been Abasi.

"Wait- what orders?" I jumped on them. "He didn't give any ord-"

"Shut up, Seaweed Brain!" Annabeth hissed, obviously still uncomfortable, "Remember, he spoke in some other language when he called them foreword- it sounded like French."


"Yeah, so shut up. We'll see you guys in the morning," Thalia said, scuffing Jason's hair.

"m…kay…." we really must've tired Nico with the shadow traveling he did that morning…..


"Come on, guys!" Annabeth yelled from Thalia's tree. Why was she always there first? I sprinted harder, up past the Big house, my duffel flailing. "We're supposed to meet Jason in five minutes! Thalia in ten! Hurry up!"

"I'm here, I'm here," I panted, looking up. Nico and Jason sat up in the tree, and Annabeth had her back up against the trunk, looking through Daedalus' laptop, obviously waiting.

"Alright then," Annabeth carefully folded the gift the other son of Athena had given her almost two years before. "Let's go. By the way, what took you so long?"

"Procrasinator,' I pointed to myself, "and I forgot to Iris message my mom. Who else where you waiting for, when you yelled to us to hurry?"

"Me." Nico jumped down from the tree. "I had to shadow travel here to avoid Annabeth's fury." He edged away from her, almost hiding behind me.

"Because we're late to meet Thals and Jason," Annabeth began, "I won't beat you up for that. Besides, Thalia would want to see that. You up for another try at shadow traveling, Death Boy?"

"Sure, why not." He shrugged his shoulders. "Where's Mrs. O'Leary?" I whistled, and the huge hellhound came bounding up.

"Let's go, then." I jumped onto Mrs. O'Leary, grasping her thick collar. Annabeth hopped on right behind. "To the Roman Demigods' camp." I muttered in her ear, and she began to bound towards Thalia's tree with amazing speed, as we disappeared into the shadows.

"State your business, Greeks," before I had regained my sight from the dark ride, the Romans had spears, bows, and swords pointed straight at us. Man, they are good. I drew Riptide from my pocket

"Guys," Jason stepped foreword. Thank the gods he's here, I thought, otherwise we'd be dead. "They're here to pick me up. We're supposed to meet my sister in a few minutes. By the way, you guys are late."

"That's what I said," Annabeth said from behind me, sounding annoyed.

"Let me guess." Jason pulled himself onto Mrs. O'Leary as the crowds slowly dispersed. "Percy was late, and had to run, but Nico was even later, and had to shadow travel…"

"Are we really that predictable," I sighed, "That's really not good."

"Well, I did live with Nico and Annabeth for- what was it? Four months?" Jason comforted. "We should go, we're late to meet Thalia.

"Yeah, we're meeting her in Central Park," Nico checked, "I don't wanna end up in China again."

"Yup. See you there," I leaned foreword to whisper to Mrs. O'Leary. "You heard Nico, right? Central Park, Manhattan?."

WOOF I hope that meant 'I understood him' and not 'Where again?', because she immediately ran to the nearest tree, disappearing into the darkness.

"You guys are late," the black haired daughter of Zeus looked up to us from under a tree.

"Hey Thals," Annabeth and Jason slipped off to hug her, and, almost as if she where waiting for most of her passangers got off, Mrs. O'Leary laid down and promptly fell asleep.

"Where now?" I asked, feeling left out of the circle, all because Thalila, Jason, and Annabeth have been planning this for weeks.

"We where planning on wandering around some," Annabeth linked arms with Thalia, and we began to wander the familiar paths.

"Something isn't right…" Thalia muttered as we strolled past a tall pointy thing- I think it's Egyptian.

"What do you mean, Thals?" Annabeth looked a bit confused- that's really not good.

"Wel-" Thalia began, but was cut off by what seemed to be a sandstorm coming out of that Egyptian thing and towards us, consuming us in a whirlwind of sand.

"Do I getta tell ya so?" Thalia has been spending way too much time with select Huntresses. I drew Riptide, Thalia her bow, Annabeth her knife, and Jason and Nico their swords

"I guess," Nico rolled his eyes. "Where are we?"


I didn't mind splitting up from the girls all that much when Abasi let us into our room. When I heard the lock click behind us- that's when I regretted it. Nico must've heard it too, and ran back to the door.

"It's locked!" he cried.

"No, really?" Jason rolled his eyes. "But this is really not good."


*Abasi actually means stern

**Eshe, life, both from Egyptian origin,

***'les prendre à leur propere dortoirs, puis les bloquer dans' translates to 'take them to their own dorms, then lock them in', but I'm hoping that you knew that….