It was the summer after senior year, John had graduated third, behind Draco and Hermione. He may not have been drawn by the academics, but he had played quidditch there, and been on the duelling team as well. John had surprised many when he decided on his career path, not an auror as he once considered, but a healer. He had the marks, and thanks to his original plans to be an auror, the classes too. He and the other two were remaining in France, they had decided to at least finish school here, before considering a move back to the UK. John knew it was home to Lucius too, and he could come visit his dad all of the time, and was not opposed to moving back to the UK later. But in the Fall he started two years healer training, and the other two law school, in Paris. Harry would be in the woods often, not only for his dad, but with Helen. Like Fleur, who was now a healer and engaged to Bill again, he knew he could learn a lot from the veela.

That summer started with a happy event, one few full humans got to witness, but the Malfoys and Hermione got invited to. Remus had finally moved on, and seeing his son done school and a man, he was ready to take the next step. With his son by his side, and his full support, he was bonding with Fenrir. The ceremony was small, with both wolves and veela, but beautiful. John could not have been happier for his dad.

He kissed his dad at the end of the ceremony. "I am so happy for you. I know Papa would have been too."

Remus had some tears. "I know, and he is with me, in you. I am happy you are not running off too far too soon."

Fenrir accepted his own hug. "You know your little sisters and brothers will want their big brother to chase after."

John laughed. "At least I got my form down, I can wrestle with them."

He was looking to go into paediatrics, he loved the idea of working with kids, and hopefully having some of his own one day. He loved Lucius, and he knew the man would marry him tomorrow, but he said no. He wanted to be at least twenty, done not only his normal school, but his career training as well. Lucius had assured him he was happy to wait, but had been heard to say, the day John became a healer, he planned to propose. John could not deny he liked the sounds of that.

Hermione and Draco were happy to have come. They both spent a lot of time before they started at Beuxbautons, with the pack, after they left the UK. Hermione was spending much of the summer with her parents, and then her and Draco would be living with John, in the Delacaur townhouse in Paris.

Lucius drew John into his arms for long dance when the music began. "I could see getting married like this, unless you want a big wedding. It is your first."

John smiled and shook his head. "A few more guests, but something like this, would be amazing. And my last wedding I have every intention."

Draco shook his head. "You never know my dad is such a cradle robber. And I have told him to see about you signing a pre-nup as well."

Lucius shook his head and whispered to John. "He may beat us to the punch. I see those two married not too far down the road."

Watching his future step son and his best friend dance, John knew he was wrong, if Hermione had her way. It may be a race to the alter, Hermione made it clear, she wanted to wait until done law school to consider marriage. Both her and John reminded their blondes they would be the carriers, and though they could marry and wait to have kids, they knew they would not. Lucius could be the carrier, but there was no doubt John would be, Lucius pregnant was a laugh to all.

Bill was happy to be there, he and Fleur were among the guests, John and Remus still so close to her family. Her parents had offered the three their townhouse, for them to live in, neither the Malfoys' or John's estates had one in Paris. Their wedding was the one to come next.

Fleur saw the worried look on Bill's face. "Thinking about your mum and brother?"

Bill sighed and nodded. "Charlie said Ron got arrested recently, just community service, for a brawl while drunk. He still has a grudge against John."

Fleur looked over at the kid they both thought of as a brother. "He is happy here in France, and neither your mum or your brother can leave the UK."

Bill knew but was still worried. "He has intentions to move back to the UK when done school. And I worry how long they can hold a grudge."

Fleur pulled him onto the dance floor. "No good worrying about that now. I for one plan to enjoy this wedding, and think of ours in a month's time."

It took time, but the two had become engaged again last fall, but chose to wait till summer to wed. He and the twins, and even John, had some contact with the Burrow. Arthur was recently promoted at work, and was happier, less stress at work and home. Charlie was close to them, but Percy and Ginny were civil as well. Molly and Ron were still in their one room flat, and Albus was still alive, but as of last reports likely no more then for a year or so. But Fleur was right, today was a happy occasion, and they should focus on the grooms and their wedding. There was two years to worry about what might come.

John smiled as he watched his dad and Fenrir later. "I am so happy our lives finally seem to be going right."

An: So as you can see I am doing a sequel, it will be a mix of fluff, and some angst. We have not seen the last of the two red heads. The story will only continue with support, or I will move on to a new story.