Friends...Till the end!

Okay, so here goes nothing, my first ever fan fiction. Hope you enjoy this, let me know! (AN - I've done a little adapting since writing this so I'll say right now. If you see any mention through here of Alan being 15 then please let me know. I've changed his age to 16 and I think I got all the references but if there are any then let me know)

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters or anything linked to the thunder birds, this is based on the 1960's TV show and all information is used without profit to the authour.

When an arguement gets out of hand a life long friendship is destroyed, and this is just the beginning...

"Fermat! Will you just leave it!" Alan screamed as he turned away from watching Gordon swimming in the pool, his outburst causing the entire family to look over. He could see the hurt on Fermat's face and felt a little guilty, deciding quickly to back track. "Look, I'm sorry for yelling but...I wasn't ignoring you, I made a decision and followed through. I didn't agree with what you were suggesting, I could see what I thought to be a better course of action so I took it."

"Wait. You're angry about the rescue?" John questioned, his eyes never leaving the big book he'd spent the last hour ploughing through.

"What happened on the rescue?"Jeff asked as his eyes moved between his sons, pleading for an explanation as to why the two best friends were at each other's throats. He could tell there was something wrong, Alan and Fermat argued but...whilst it was true his youngest had a temper he never ever took it out on Fermat. Never.

"Fermat told Alan to fall back and move through the western hallways to reach the survivors when the fire took hold of the south wing. Alan realised he could get there faster and easier through the eastern hallways so he did it." Scott slipped easily into commander mode, although he could see Fermat was upset – hell he himself hated being ignored- Alan had made the right decision. "Fermat, as much as I hate it when someone doesn't listen to me, believe me I know it's a real pain, I gotta agree with Alan here, he made a decision which was better than what you were suggesting. I know it's hard not to be right all the time but sometimes others can make a more informed decision than you, especially when they're on the ground and can see things that we can't."

"Scott's right, look Fermat maybe Alan should have explained more but there isn't always time in the heat of a rescue. From up in the air you've got a great vantage point, you can see a lot but not the whole picture, when Gordon and Alan are on the ground they have a view you don't. They can see things much closer than you, sometimes that means they can see a better path way." Jeff tried to calm the situation down, seeing the warning signs emanating from his youngest. Although it was true that Alan had definitely calmed down since the Hood incident last year he still had a hell of a temper and god help anyone who got on the wrong side of it.

Jeff felt a surge of pride as he saw Alan take a deep breath; he could see he was trying hard to keep his temper in check. Even still Jeff could tell his baby was having the hardest time swallowing his temper, but somehow he managed to put it behind him.

"Look, can we just forget it?" Alan asked, swallowing his temper once more. He really didn't want to explode at his best friend but right now the younger teen was being ridiculous. So what if Fermat was wrong about something, who cares? The right decision got made in the end and everyone was okay. "I'm sorry I ignored you Ferm. Really. I's like my dad said, I could see something you couldn't. Let's just put it behind us okay?"

"NO!" Fermat exploded, he'd finally had enough. "The decision I made was fine, you should have stuck to that instead of going off on your own. My job is to make sure that you stick to orders...well then again you wouldn't have ignored the order if Scott had given it."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Alan spat through gritted teeth. Why was Fermat acting like this? What was his problem?

"It means you would have followed the order if it wasn't mine, that's why you ignored me! You just couldn't stand that I might be right, you couldn't handle it could you. I mean I don't blame you for being jealous." Fermat released a breath he didn't realise he'd been holding, boy keeping his stutter in check was hard.

"Jealous? Jealous of what?" Alan laughed as he said this, surely this had to be a dream, surely his best friend couldn't actually be suggesting...

"You're jealous of the fact that I'm smarter than you, of the f-fact that you just can't match up to me!" He smiled inwardly to himself, knowing his words would spark the perfect reaction from his 'friend'.

"WHAT!" Stopping he forced himself to take a steadying breath, forcing his hands to uncurl and stop shaking. "I'm jealous right...alright...alright; you know what yeah yeah you're right, you are smarter than me. But let me tell you something, book smarts aren't all that you know! So you can get straight A's, I get by just fine with B's. When you're out in the field book smarts will only take you so far. Getting an A in calculus doesn't mean you can walk through a burning building that's about to collapse. Getting an A in science doesn't mean you can hold a jet straight with the edges of a hurricane battering down on you, books don't teach you that stuff. That's instinct, that's stuff you can feel. It's something that's buried way down deep inside of you, a... intuition that wakes up just at that right moment. Let me tell you books can't teach you that! You either got it...or you don't!"

It was at this moment that Jeff finally took a good look at each of his sons. Gordon had stopped swimming and was leant on the side of the pool; though Jeff couldn't see his face he knew the family prankster was shooting the family friends daggers. His two youngest had always had a strangely close relationship; they'd been together throughout everything. He could almost feel the hate radiating from him right now.

Turning his attention to John he was surprised to see him on his feet, his book long since forgotten on the floor. The family stargazer rarely showed any form of anger, he was so slow to anger that by the time something really got to him it wasn't worth arguing about. But Jeff could see the anger building behind those cobalt eyes, he could see the rage beginning to show.

Scott on the other hand was the polar opposite to John. Quick to anger and not afraid to show it, not that he often had to. Having been a big brother for so long he knew how to intimidate people into backing down, it was something of a talent. That's why he made a good commander, he knew how to get people to do what was needed but he also knew when to back down. It was a trait he and Virgil shared...God Virgil! He was going to go crazy when he found out, thankfully he was far away on five right now.

Hearing a frustrated groan Jeff turned his attention back to his youngest. He had to give him credit, so far he'd managed to keep his temper in check. Unlike his brothers Alan had always had a problem reigning his temper in. At first Jeff had thought it was just the way he was, only after the Hood had he realised where that temper stemmed from. He'd never noticed just how bad his brothers teased him before, just how much they tried to get to him, to get a reaction. Of course they never meant for it to go too far, unfortunately for Alan it often did. It was now, looking at his son shaking with suppressed rage that he realised how much he'd matured.

"Yeah it's an instinct...something you don't have!" The venom laced in Fermat's words surprised everyone standing by the pool that day, never had they heard anything like it coming from the youngster.

"WHAT?" Alan roared at the top of his voice. "That's what you think! Oh my god, why didn't I see it? You're not mad that I ignored you, you don't care that I made a're mad that my decision was the right one, you're mad that you were wrong. You're jealous that your dumb friend was right, that I was better than you at something. You just can't handle the face that you were outsmarted by an idiot like me!" The anger that raged within his chest was far more than anything he'd ever experienced before; it was like a volcano had just erupted within him.

Before anyone could stop it Fermat had moved shoving Alan backwards as hard as he could, since he wasn't expecting it Alan flew straight into the ocean. Jeff's heart pounded as he saw what happened, everything seemed to move in slow motion. Everyone reacted, Gordon reacted quickest though. When it came to water his instincts were second to none, before Jeff was even three feet off his chair Gordon had already leapt from the pool.

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