And here it is. The very last chapter for this tale. I've got to admit that I am sad to see this go. It's been a long time coming but I'm finally at the end. It's mad how long this is considering that I originally intended for it to be ten chapters at most, now there's forty. A massive thank you to everyone who's read, reviewed, followed and favourited this story. Thank you for sticking with it until the end.

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I can't help but smile as I read the most recent email from Fermat. It's been a little over a month since I was discharged from hospital, a little over a month since I was stabbed, Virgil was shot, Fermat was kidnapped and the hood was killed. It's weird but it feels like it was a lifetime ago. It was only a month.

Fermat had decided to stay with his grandparents on the mainland for a while. They've never been that close but judging from his emails he's getting on better over there than he would have over here. Don't get me wrong he's more than welcome to come back here anytime he wants. Nobody judges him for what happened, even if he was angry with me before the hood messed with his mind what happened to me wasn't his fault. Truth is he feels a little awkward around everyone. He has it in his mind that people will be mad at him for everything. As much as I'd love to have him here I can tell that he's much happier away from here. Away from the memories…a laugh draws my attention from the computer.

"Dude just admit that she's your girlfriend already!" Rolling my eyes I almost regret telling Gordon about Scott's 'secret' texts to a certain paramedic who shall remain nameless.

"Number one she is not my girlfriend, she's just a friend. No girlfriend, just friend. Number two, drop it before I make you." Gordon fails to heed the warning and instead continues to poke the bear.

"Scott has a girlfriend, Scott has a girlfriend." His sing song voice continues for another minute before he is firmly dumped into the pool. He somehow manages to glare at Scott whilst coughing up the pool he swallowed. Deciding to save my eldest brother I push my laptop away, forgetting my email to Fermat momentarily, and turn towards the family prankster.

"Gordo I'd lay off if I were you. Scott's not the only one who has a few secret friends, now is he?" He freezes before turning to face me. It takes a second of silent conversation for me to realise that he's calling my bluff. "The name Rachel mean anything to you?"

"How the hell could you possibly know about Rachel?" Gordon yells as he scrambles out of the pool.

"I refuse to reveal my source." His eyes narrow but thankfully I'm saved as Scott enters the conversation.

"So who exactly is Rachel?" The smug grin on Scott's face basically tells the entire story. There's no way in hell Gordon is ever going to live this down.

"She's…no one. She's no one." His weak protests fall flat as he tries to worm his way out the situation he's dug for himself.

"Oh really so I'm not the only one who has a secret girlfriend." Gordon has turned a vibrant shade of red but is refusing to back down since that would be the smart decision.

"Ah ha, so you admit that she's your girlfriend?" As they continue to fall back into their arguing I shake my head and turn my attention back towards the email I had started. It takes less than a minute before I am interrupted once again.

"I wouldn't feel too cocky if I were you sprout." Virgil's voice floats into my ears. So far he'd managed to stay silent whilst attempting to read his book. As he speaks again his eyes never leave his current page. "Once Gordon finds out about you and Tin Tin he's going to have a field day."

His laugh echoes around the pool as my face heats up.

Yep. Things are definitely back to normal.

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