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very short one-shot, so please don't ask for more; I believe it works best this way

Just A Face In The Crowd

The first time Anna saw him was in Tokyo, half-glimpsed out of the corner of her eye. Two days later he was in Cairo, then followed her to Moscow too fast for any known human mode of transport, and she was beginning to doubt what she had seen.

That was until London, when their eyes had made contact for the very first time, and she felt something she hadn't experienced in a very long time, something she never expected to feel ever again. She felt fear, the kind that can only come from instantly know that all your plans, schemas and plotting had been for nothing. Knowing that, at any moment, everything you had spent a life time building up could be brought crashing down around you until it lay broken at your feet. Because for all her power and authority, even Anna knew that there were things in the universe bigger, darker and more terrible than she could ever possible imagine, and she knew that there was only one thing they were afraid of.

As soon as she had gotten back to her own ship, she locked herself in her office and called up every file her people had on the man she had seen. Most was little more than myths and legends, old stories passed down among her people, spoken of in hushed tones, since the dawn of their recorded history. She quickly cross-referenced with the knowledge they had taken from other worlds, other spices, and the seance of foreboding crew until it felt like the gravitational pull of a black hole had settled in her stomach. She tried to calm herself, remembering that they were all gone, lost when their world burned in a war that had raged across the length and breath of the cosmos. By all rights, he should have been little more than a footnote in the history of the universe.

But then Anna felt the unmistakable sensation of someone watching her, and span around. He stood by the door, his hands in his pockets as he just looked at her. She felt like she should have been turned into a smear on the deck, then the deck itself turned into a cauldron of boiling metal. The eyes looking into the very core of her being weren't the eyes of a human, or even her people. They were the eyes of the one who had stood, a bulwark against the darkness, and dared the universe to defy his will. They were the eyes of the one known by many names; He Who Stands Alone, Builder Of Dreams, The Trickster, The Lonely God, The Oncoming Storm, The Last of the Time Lords. But more often than not, simply The Doctor. And he didn't look at all happy.

"I know what you're planning." He never raised his voice and never looked away, that was the worst thing; the fury of the Time Lord, "But, what you're going to do is keep your promise; you're going to give this world everything you promised, and then you're going to leave them, in peace. Just you you said you would." For all it's softness, his voice carried the ultimate authority and offered no possibility of argument or refusal, "You will leave this world and never, ever, come back." He turned and started to walk away into the shadows, "One chance; that's all you get."

It was dawn before Anna could bring herself to do anything more than breath, to pass world that they would not be going ahead as planned. Earth was protected, and she wasn't willing to risk angering it's guardian, no matter what the cost.

The End