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Chapter 1: A New Arrival

Somewhere in a distant land, an academy of mages is holding a summoning ceremony for their second year students. The Academy was most commonly known as the Tristain Academy of Magic, children of the noble were all sent there to study and learn the correct ways of using magic. In one of their courtyards, crowds of teenagers were gathered together in circles and were called out to summon their familiars in the middle of the circle. The variety of familiars that were summoned by the students was endless, ranging from birds to reptiles, mammals and common farm animals. And even for a selected few, creatures that only reside in myths and legends of the Common Era like dragons, griffons and the like.

The ceremony continued until it was a certain pink-haired girl's turn to summon a familiar. Though it was a fact that she was quite short compared to most of the second year students being at least a foot shorter than them and at the same time, a shorter temper too. And to give her a final touch, she sucked at magic. As in she really, really sucked at it. She's gained a nickname with her personality and skills…Louise the Zero, Zero Tolerance, Zero Skills and Zero Charm.

Just like the previous second year students, Louise stood in the middle of the crowd and started to chant the spell required for the summoning ceremony, hoping a secretly in her heart that she wouldn't fail even this spell.

"Hey, do you think Louise the Zero would even succeed in summoning a familiar?" whispered a blond-haired boy as he looked somehow frightful of Louise.

Just as Louise was chanting, somewhere in a distant world...

Flittering around the background in the lifestream were a few streams of green light...Mako, was what it was called. Two figures stood alone in the darkness with one of their back's facing the other. Slowly surrounding them were the seemingly endless streams of mako flowing around them, slowly surrounding them in big clusters only to disperse slowly once again.

"Hey Angeal!" shouted a spiky black-haired male who seemed to be in his twenties. He wore a black sweater, matching trousers, a pair of shoulder protectors, black leather gloves and combat boots, though to most people it would seem to be a company issued uniform. Facing him was the man who was previously called Angeal; he too has black hair and was wearing the same clothes but a size bigger.

"What is it Zack?" Angeal replied, turning around to look at his friend who was almost as tall he was.

"What's this weird green blob that's floating only a few centimeters away from the ground?" the man who was known as Zack asked.

"Huh?" said Angeal as he quickly turned around and stood next to Zack.

'This is? No it can't be…Might this thing be a real?' Angeal thought to himself as he eyed the green blob who a serious gleam in his eyes.

That was until Zack decided to poke the green blob…

"Zack, I'm going to give you three gifts that might help you along the way…" said Angeal, unnoticed to Zack, mako was quickly gathering in one of his boots.

"Whatcha going to give me now huh? I mean you already gave me tons of materia…and what do you mean by 'way'?"Zack questioned as he pointed to the lump of small orbs the size of a hamster in his pockets."

"I'm going to…give you the gift of life, the Buster Sword but the third gift is going to be a secret…"


"Farewell Zack…I hope you live much longer this time"

"Wait, what do you mean Angeal!"


Angeal looked up at Zack with an evil grin and shouted out loud," CHOCOBO KICCCKKK!" as he kicked his friend on the torso, in that instant, the Buster Sword appeared in Angeal's hands and dissolved into Zack before the force of the kick threw him into the portal which disappeared after it took in Zack.

"See you next time…Zack…" was what Angeal said as a single tear rolled down his cheek," We WILL meet again…I promise" Angeal whispered to no one as trails of tears covered his cheeks...

After being kicked through the portal by Angeal, Zack was still recovering from the shock of the attack. When he did, which took a few seconds, he felt weird and saw that his hands looked much younger, like how he looked when he was just a seventeen. Quickly moving his gloved hands to his left cheek, Zack was somehow relieved to know that the scar he had was still there.

But that was when he realized where he was when he felt the wind flowing against his cheeks before screaming in horror, excitement and curiosity as to why he was in the air, will he even survive the fall even though his a SOLDIER member and why did Angeal kick him. But the horror segment took over his brain and he started flailing his arms and screaming like a little girl (even though we didn't know he can).

While he was panicking, Zack materialized the Buster Sword in his right hand from his body, curious as to why there was a sudden yet nostalgic weight in his grasp. Zack turned to his right and laughed loudly at seeing the existence of his mentor's sword; he slowly held it with both hands and brought it towards his head in a prayer. "-your dreams…and always protect your honor, eh Angeal?"

Zack then strapped the Buster Sword at its rightful place, his back.

He finally calmed down, and started to plan his landing site.

What's that small pentagon shaped thing over there? Seems like I'm falling towards one of its sections…Guess I'll just shoot down and pray my SOLDIER abilities actually save my life this time...Since I've done worst…

-rab my hand!

I can't reach it!

Try again!


Shaking away the depressive aura, Zack straightened his now-much-more-younger body, and dove straight for the Magic Academy, his speed increasing drastically. In a much deeper part of his heart, Zack secretly hoped his second life could much better then the previous. That was when he suddenly remembered what he wanted really badly when he was a fugitive escaping from Shinra.

Those white wings that Angeal had...I wanted th-
He was suddenly broken from his thoughts when, a pair of pure white feathery wings suddenly sprouted from his back. As though totally by instinct, the wings flapped itself slowly but with strength and pride as Zack's falling speed slowed down as he took the time to turned around. WINGS! I GREW WINGS? Zack exclaimed in his mind as he slowly descended while looking around himself.

Though he covered quite alot of distance, he still had another few hundred or so, metres to cover before he touches land. That was when he had a sudden urge to just crash land and try to get used to his wings.

But then again, I know nothing about this town, the country or continent here. Most of all I don't even have a clue what language they might be speaking in and hell, they might even think I'm somekind of a higher being beyond normal reasonings, or just a plain monster that's out to destroy them all.
A monster...That was when Zack remembered what he told Genesis a few years back, the first time when Genesis showed Zack his wings...

I...am a MONSTER...


Say what you like...for the morrow is barren of promises...We shall meet again...


Though now that I think of it, it DID sound weird. At least a little to me now. Zack then mentally reprimanded himself to NOT bring up past issues. Slowly retracting his wings, he decided the only possible choice with the minimum risk, is to just crash land. That was when one of the students in the academy saw a figure plummeting down from the sky, before it accelerated fast enough to catch fire and become a mini-meteorite.

Just as Louise finally finish her chanting, a figure smashed into the ground in front of Louise faster than an untrained eye to be able to follow.

As the dust slowly cleared, Zack opened his eyes and talked to himself," Ugh…rough landing…WHERE AM I!" to see himself surrounded by a crowd of teenagers with some of the females blushing at him for some reason. But the most nonsensical thing was that a pink-haired girl was looking at him with a slight blush before running to a bald middle-aged man and speaking real quickly in an unknown language…Looking up in the sky, he saw two moons. One was pink and the other was blue...both were in the sky even though it was the middle of the day.

Ohhh boy...This is going to be a rough start in this new world for me...

Louise thought that she might summon a griffon, a manticore or maybe a dragon if it was possible…

But never in her life has she thought that about the possibility in summoning a human, more specifically a black-haired teenager wearing weird clothes, carries an oversized sword on his back and speaks in a weird language that sounded like "Mgh…Laugh Manding…LAIR HAM EYE" to her. She quickly consulted Colbert-sensei who was the teacher in-charge of the summoning ceremony and asked him if such a thing happened before in the history of the school as she could not believe she summoned a commoner...or at least a handsome looking one that made her blush…

"Well Miss Valliere, from what I know…no such event has taken place before in the entire history of the academy so I'm afraid…I can't help you."

"But we don't know the effects of turning a human into a familiar!"

Just as she finished her sentence, the crowd started whispering among themselves and started getting rowdy.

"We know that you probably roped in that commoner over there to help you because you can't even summon a familiar!" shouted the blond-haired boy from before while he was hugging a giant mole. "That's not true!" Louise retorted although she knew it was probably futile since they wouldn't believe her. "If it isn't true then hurry up and finish the ritual already!" another voice from the crowd demanded.

"Lorry fart eye doh undinestand huat uo kais mare rocking a pout" A tick-mark appeared above Louise as she thought whoever said that tried to insult her so she chanted a silence spell and fired it at the direction of the voice…only to hit her familiar and blast him off his feet by surprise leaving a small cloud of smoke.

Still wide-eyed at what she done, Louise ran next to her familiar-to-be and checked his body for any wounds. (and staring at his well-toned body while she was at it, that includes the girls the in the crowd too, some of them had nosebleeds and fainted while the guys just stared in jealousy) After Louise tucked her familiar-to-be's shirt back in, she looked at Zack's face just seconds before he opened his sky-blue eyes and stood up.

Shaking his head in pain, Zack mumbled to himself as to why and how did he get into his situation again before saying, "Man…that hurts" to Louise just as she apologized. "Eh? Wait, you understand what I'm saying?" Zack asked Louise as he looked at her causing her to blush (again) and look away. "Of course I understand you, although I couldn't previously due to some reasons…My name is Louise Francoise De La Valliere and you are?"

"You can call me Zack." giving another one of his themed goofy grin, he kind of noticed that some of the girls surrounding him, mostly which are still in the crowd, have hearts in their eyes and he swore he saw one girl drool all over her mouth.

"Now, let use finish the ritual" said Louise with a blush as she moved in for the kill.

"Wha-" was the only thing Zack could say before Louise closed in for a quick peck on his lips and after that, she finished her chant and Zack felt his whole body warm up, it felt real nice…that was what Zack thought, until he suddenly felt pain on the back of his left hand and saw symbols being inscribed into his flesh with each passing second. "NNGGRRHHH" Zack grunted with a frown. He had to give it his all just to not yell in pain and destroy his image, so he held it all in with only short deep grunts.

Seconds later, the pain seemed to have stopped and looking at his left hand, Zack saw that in its place were a line of weird symbols. Just as Louise approached Zack to see if he was alright, Colbert quickly took hold of Zack's hand to study the symbol. The symbols formed letters for the 'word', 'ἄγγελος'. without noticing it was a little disturbing for Zack to let his hand be held by another male in the presence of girls.

This symbol...first time I have ever seen this! I need to go to the libary later and search for information regarding these symbols. They might have some hidden meaning behind it... Colbert thought to himself as he looked intently at Zack's hand once again. Thinking his reputation as a man might be ruined, Zack casted his head down and sighed. "Um…Excuse me?" Zack asked Colbert as he looked intent to not give Zack his hand back.

"Yes?" Colbert asked as he looked up at Zack with a professor's gleam in his eyes, which kind of scared him for a second cause it reminded him of Hojo, glancing at his own hand Zack then glanced at Colbert, then back to his own hand hoping Colbert would get what he then followed Zack's glance and saw what he meant, as he quickly released Zack's hands to his relief he immediately introduced himself. "I apologize for my rudeness, my name is Colbert Jean, and you can call me Colbert-sensei."

"Zack, Zack Fair, you can just call me Zack" said Zack as he flashed Colbert another one of his trademark, friendly grins. Colbert then extended his hand just as he noticed Zack's eyes, as blue as the sky itself, but has seen horrors beyond the understanding of normal humans…The eyes that have seen death, seen betrayal and hope. Colbert wanted to know the story of one who is almost the same as himself.

Just as Colbert was thinking to himself again, Zack took Colbert's hand and gave him a friendly handshake, before noticing Colbert was spacing out again while staring into Zack's eyes, ok…this is getting REAL creepy…It's like his interested in my life story and wants to hear about it to do experiments…and why is it that only now I realize that everyone are in weird clothes…said Zack as he facepalmed himself. I mean robes? Maybe it's the culture of this world…But isn't it a little too primitive? But then, this world might still be developing, Zack finally snapped out of it when he saw Colbert return to his senses too and after both of them shook hands.

After that, Colbert decided to dismiss the students and proceeded to the library living only Zack and Louise in the courtyard.

"So...Zack, are you a warrior of sorts?" Louise asked Zack as she glanced at the Buster Sword. "Well, Yeah I suppose you CAN call me a warrior since I've been trained in swordsmanship...I think?" said Zack as he scratched the back of his head as Louise fired another one at him. "Do you know the difference between an aristocrat and a plebian?"

"Not, really..."

"Do I have to teach you, a commoner, better known as a plebian, how to talk to a noble?"

"Well,since I don't really know how this world works, Fine by me, please teach me about this world! I mean, my world didn't have a system like this." Zack finished off by clapping his hands together in a prayer and bowed down trying to please Louise.

"It's fine I guess, since a commoner like you actually bowed to me just for questions. And what do you mean you came from another world?" Louise asked Zack as she furrowed her brow, thinking that a mere plebian was trying to make fun of her, but she held it in with her short amount of patience.

"To answer your question, I have to say my world has only one moon. A single snow white moon that shines by itself only in the night, and not the day. And that I kind of got sucked into an emerald green portal which left me about two-thousand feet in the air." Looking at Zack suspicously, Louise decided to ignore what he had just said and just continue on topic.

He looked up into the sky at the two moons, although he was given a second chance at life. He was having mixed feelings...He thought about the pain angeal might be feeling right now. He remembered all those people he left behind when he was still escaping as a fugitive with his friend, Cloud. Tseng, Kunsel, The lady who created his fanclub, Genesis, Cissnei...and finally the love of his life, Aerith. He left them behind as he swam through the currents of betrayal and torment.

Without realizing it himself, Zack was louise's in a daze and Louise was snapping her fingers trying to get his attention. Zack soon realized he was treading on thin ice just by looking at Louise's facial expression. Which is a strained smile...Albeit a REALLY strained smile and the ice he was treading on just got even thinner.

"Back to topic, the difference between aristocrats and plebians are, their gift and their house." Louise finally continued as she finally felt that Zack's attention was back at him.

"What do you mean by 'gifts' and 'houses'?" Zack asked Louise curiously, not knowing what use they have.
"Well let's start off with explaining 'gifts'"

"Yeah, Im listening."

"It's the ability to use magic, bend the forces of nature to your will, conjure a fireball or something like that."

"Oh...I can do that too!"

"What do you mean 'you can do that'?"

"Well, I mean I can conjure up fireballs and bed the forces of nature."

"Your lying..."

"Nope, it's 100% made of truth."

"Then show me!" Louise demanded as she felt this sudden urge to teach her familiar his place.

"Fine fine...Let's see...Ok, that tree will do." Zack took a few steps away from his target, namely a small pine tree and took a deep breath.
"FIRE!" Zack yelled as he swung his left arm forward and a fireball the size of his skull came out of his palm and floated towards it's target. Once it made contact, what's left of it was a burning tree in which he quickly prepared his next spell to show Louise.

"Blizzard!" Zack swung his left hand this time, doing a quick motion from top to bottom, as though he was slamming his palm down on something irritating, a block of ice suddenly materialized above the burning pine tree and passed the rest of the work to Gravity and Energy. The second the block of ice made contact with the flaming pine tree, it melted and turned into cold water, which took out the fire.

After showing Louise a few of the basic spells that six-year-olds were even able to pull off , He turned around wearing a cheeky grin and looked his master, although it was hard to accept the fact, He had to face the truth. He had nowhere to go. So he hardened his resolve and decided to be her familiar for the time being. Looking at Louise, she had completely lose her marbles and were mumbling inchorent while staring at Zack wide-eyed, and mouth agape.

Though I was given this chance to finally live a second life, I really can't help but feel depressed for leaving everyone behind...espiecially, Her... Maybe I could try to find a way that woud allow me to return to Midgar...And see her again...Zack thought about that happenning and decided to make the best of it in this world before he could even find a way back home.

Author's Notes
Hey guys, thanks for reading this fanfic that im making OuO though I kinda made Zack and Louise OOC right? Though i kind of made up some stuff on the spot...like putting random phrases from Loveless in and well, I don't really know how to describe their personality .

Heck, i don't even know if I got Louise's name correct D:. =.= well, practice makes perfect. Seeing as this is only my first fanfic, I beg for your forgiveness lol XD This story would be updated once a month. The latest being once every 3 months and the earliest being either 2~1 month. Though I hope i can just update once a month for the rest of this story lol XD. And well...I'm going to follow canon, but not entirely. Rate, and review

Omake: What happened after Zack left?

Angeal stood alone on the platform with the traces of mako streaming about. A single tear rolled down his cheek as he remembered, he stashed almost all of his life savings in the cabinet, in his hometown at Banora. Except for the fact that, he actually went back there to get his money, see his mother for one last time, and escape.

But his plan was interrupted, when his mother died from her sickness, he got blamed for killing her, he forgot about his 80,345,5634 Gil and his favourite gravure magazines were also destroyed in the fire when the town got nuked.

He felt this wrenching pain in his heart as he drowned his sorrows in the nearest pub located in the lifestream that he could find.