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The rumour of a noble challenging a commoner to a duel had already spread itself through the school only minutes after Guiche's declaration to Zack for a duel. Large crowds of students were already gathered in a circle surrounding the two duelists by the time Louise arrived, some were placing bets on Guiche and quite a few placed their money on 'The commoner'.

"I admire you're courage and bravery for even accepting the duel and coming...For a commoner" Guiche then gave Zack an arrogant grin that made Zack chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Guiche asked as Zack chuckled even louder then before. A few of the students in the crowd were starting to believe that Zack had some serious mental issues.

"I demand an answer from you right now! Commoner!" Guiche demanded as he started to feel nervous, fearing that he might be up against a man who had lost his sanity.

Suddenly stopping his laughter, Zack looked at Guiche smugly with a mischievous smirk."Well, since you demanded an answer, oh high and might noble. The low standing and harmless commoner me, was just laughing at you're choice in opponents" right as Zack finished his sentence he hardened his stare.

Guiche's grin was instantly replaced by a nervous scrowl that tried to find out the hidden meanings behind Zack's words, wondering if Zack was referring to him or his natural choosing ability.

Just as the two duelists were exchanging comments and stares, Louise was still trapped outside the barrier made of students. "Excuse me, please let me through" Louise asked politely as she hopped a few times trying to see what was currently happening between her familiar and Guiche.

She tried to find an opening that could allow her petite frame could sqeeze through, but to no avail because everyone were too engrossed with listening to what the two duelists were saying, they totally ignored what she was uttering.

"..." Louise stopped hopping and tried pushing her way through the crowd, which was a bad idea because the student she was trying to push past retailated by shoving her away with his elbow with a,"Go somewhere else, short stuff"

That insult ignited something in Louise, something that she thought was long gone, something that she thought could only by ignited by her family's rival. What was ignited...was her height complex, which in turn ignited her rage, which finally...Made her want to blow shit up.

"What did you say?..." Louise growled as a tick mark appeared on her head and started to pulse. "You called me short?" She finally snapped and whipped out her wand, muttering the incanation for fireball. She aimed it at the boy who shoved her aside and then all hell broke loose.

"Heh, I probably won't even need to use my sword" Zack taunted Guiche as he unhooked the Buster Sword from his back and stabbed it half-a-metre into the ground next to him.

"Don't try to underestimate me too much commoner...You might get injured, and after I beat the snot out of you, I'll prove that Zero Louise's familiar is a zero like h-" Before Guiche finished his sentence, an explosion came from behind him and he bit his tongue.

"Whath happened?" said Guiche as he quickly turned around to see a pile of students, who were fortunately knocked out cold by Louise's explosion, unfortunately got knocked out by Louise's explosion. "Well at least the crowd isn't that loud now" Zack commented as Louise climbed up the pile and placed one of her foot on the summit of the 'men-made' mountain, while panting.

"Ha,ha,ha, No one calls me short!" Louise yelled from the top of the mountain, 'men-made' mountain, causing Zack and Guiche to sweatdrop at her antics. Finally snapping out of her rage after a few seconds, Louise descended the 'men-made' mountain and finally stood in front of Zack.

"Zack Fair!" said Louise as Zack cringed noticebly at the tone she was using,"You will apologise to Guiche right now!" After she finished her speech, Louise then shifted her sight from Zack to Guiche. "And you!" It was Guiche's turn to cringe at Louise's bellowing voice.

"You will stop this nonsense about dueling my familiar and stop dating so many girls and choose one already-" Guiche then quickly interuppted, "But I am but a rose, to be ad-" "Don't give me the rubbish about you being a rose to be admired by girls!" Louise cut him off again.

"Fine, but I must tell you I will still duel with that commoner familiar of yours no matter what!" Guiche retorted as he went into his stance. "You know the rules that say we cannot duel on school grounds!" said Louise as Guiche gave a stuck-up smirk.

"Yes it did, but only between nobles. What is happening now is a duel between a noble and a familiar" Louise was taken aback by what he said, quickly mentally reviewing the rules again,'He's right! The school rules don't allow nobles to duel against each other, but it doesn't say that nobles can't duel against familiars!'

"Heh, don't worry about it Louise. He won't even put a scratch on me and if I won, it will raise you're reputation as a master of a familiar who defeated a noble" Zack whispered the last part to Louise as she started contemplating. A few seconds later, she looked up with a worried expression, "Ok, I allow you to duel. But if it gets too hard then give up, pride isn't more important then you're health"

"What? My cute and beautiful master is worried about me? I'm flattered, thank you very much" said Zack as he did an exaggerated bow in front of Louise which caused her to blush a little. "Y-y-you stupid familiar I'm j-just worried about safety b-b-because it'll be troublesome for me when you get injured too badly!"

Looking at Louise with a small smile, he shook his head to clear out the unnecessary thoughts and wiped the smile off his face. Facing Guiche, Zack tugged on his leather gloves to tighten them and crouched down low.

"Well, seems like the match is gonna start soon, could you please leave the arena now?" Zack asked Louise as Guiche swung his rose-like wand and a petal detached from it, floating in the air gracefully for a few seconds before glowing and in a flash, it was replaced by a female warrior-like figure.

"What is that?" Zack raised an eyebrow as the 'female warrior' brandished a bronze spear and went into stance almost instantly after Louise entered the crowd to watch the duel

"Oh, I forgot to mention it didn't I? My runic name is Guiche the Bronze, and that is Valkyrie. A golem made of bronze and incidentally, it will be you're opponent!" Just as he finished his declaration, the golem rushed forward in a burst of speed towards Zack, who quickly redirected the incoming bronze fist with his left hand.

Not wasting anytime, Zack quickly smashed the lower abdomen of the golem with a bone-crushing punch, before freezing up in pain,"Ow ow ow ow ow! Damn this thing's armor is hard!" Zack exclaimed as he clutched his right hand while miraculously avoiding contact with the Valkyrie's spear and hook-punches.

"Ohhh yeah...It's payback time!" Zack yelled as he lunged himself at the golem created a cloud of dust large enough to cover both of them.




Something suddenly flew out of the dust cloud and hit Guiche in the chest,"GAHH!" Guiche exclaimed as he realized he was holding the decapitated head of his Valkyire. "Whew, it almost had me there. Though I'm almost super human, that doesn't mean I can go against something that isn't human"

The cloud of dust subsided and Zack stood there letting out a sigh of relieve, while the decapitated bronze head rolled off Guiche and he stood up red-faced.

"You...How dare you do this to my lovely Valkyire! Let's see how you'll do against five of them!" Guiche yelled he conjured another five more Valkyires in front of him. "Show him his place!" Guiche pointed his wand in Zack's general direction and the Valkyries charged full force at his adversary.

"Well, I'll take back my word about not needing to use the Buster Sword, but I have to admit. You're still as cocky as ever!" Zack sprinted to his sword and tugged the Buster Sword out of the ground just as the first of the Valkyries reached him. Parrying the lance with his right hand wielding the sword, Zack increased his strength for an instant, pushing back the Valkyire.

When that happened, he sprung forth and landed a haymaker on it's face which dented it in, while kicking off from it's chest and going for the second Valkyire that has already prepared to engage Zack in combat. "I'm gonna finish you tin-cans off!" Zack pounced at the golem, swinging the Buster Sword at it's chest level. Right as he cleaved through the chest of the bronze golem like butter, the remaining three Valkyires gathered up and charged at Zack together.

In that split second, Zack's brain went into overdrive mode and thought about his current options, use a spell and make up a lie about me being some kind of a 'special' mage...Or use a materia that enhances or dishes out physical attacks?...Weapon effect materias I guess? And I had already equipped Firaga Blade before this, so alls well...

Looking at Louise who had a worried expression, Zack gave a smirk to reassure her that he was doing fine and quickly changed his stance. Moving his legs apart, Zack held the Buster Sword with both of his hands in a batting position before letting out a battle cry and rushing towards the three incoming golems.

An instant before they made contact, Zack activated his materia Firaga Blade and swung the almighty Buster Sword with it making contact with the left shoulder of the Valkyire closest to him before slicing through it's torso and breaking the remaining Valkyies' lances and melting the bronze materials that made contact with Zack's sword.

Using pure physical strength, Zack redirected the Buster Sword's path and in less then a second it had already passed through both of the remaining bronze golems and only left melted bronze in it's path. Seeing as the golems were obvlously dealt with, Zack glanced at Guiche and gave him a mischievious smirk.

"So, do you want to give up willingly, or do you want ME to go over there personally and 'help' you?" Zack asked as his face split into a sadistic grin at the word 'help'.

Guiche was sweating bullets as he looked at Zack, long gone was the smug and prideful him. Replaced now was a scared young noble who was willing to change sides just to save his own hide. Pride or Safety? Guiche would definately choose the latter. "I-I Yield..." And so he did

Swinging the Buster Sword, Zack spun it around a few times with his hands before returning the sword back to it's rightful spot, but not before he deactivated the materia, stopping the sharp edge of the Buster Sword from glowing red and emitting heat.

The crowd that was surrounding Zack and Guiche broke into cheers that praised Zack of his courage, bravery and skill. While moments after they stopped cheering, all of them gathered in a line standing in front of Brown-haired boy and started claiming the money they won when Zack won. Going up to the brunette, Zack wiped off a little of his sweat before grinning,"Hey Randall, how much do I get?"

The brunette, now named Randall turned towards Zack and gave him a thumbs up,"Zack, you helped me cover about three months worth of're gonna get 5% of the share!" said Randall as he started searching the large sack he had next to him for the bag of gold that was reserved for Zack.

"Eeehhh, Only 5%? Come on Randall, you know you can give me mo-" before Zack finished his sentence, Randall lugged out bag full of gold and placed it at Zack's feet. The bag was was five-times the size of Zack's fist, and before he could even continue where he left off, Randall decided to tell him how much was 5%.

After a brief declaration and explanation of how much money could buy him specifics stuffs...

"So you're telling me that I earned 650 new gold which could let me easily buy a mount or a small shop to sell things?...Wait, why is it that a mount is almost as expensive as a small shop?" Zack asked confused while thinking what kind of similarities that mounts and shops have

"Now that you mention it...I don't know, it had always been that way for uhh...years?" Randall replied before both of them shrugged and Louise approached Zack. "How did you do that thing with you're sword?" Louise asked, her eyes sparkling with admiration. "

"Yes, how did YOU do it, Zack?" Randall decided to take the chance to ask Zack and the reply both of them got was,"Trade secret" Zack finished it off with a wink. Making Louise blush a little from embarressment and Randall sweatdropping before Zack decided to get back to the dorms with Louise.

Some distances away from the pink-haired mage and her familiar, there was a red head who smirked to herself mischieviously as she looked at Zack just as he disappeared around the corner , Hmm...Zack Fair...

Meanwhile inside the restricted area of the libary that was only for teachers, Colbert was searching for information that was related to Zack's familiar runes. Let's see, ancient legends of lore. No, the legend of Windalf? Doesn't look like it, neither does the Gandalf's runes match this. Next section I guess?

Putting the book back into the self, Colbert lowered himself down to ground level and went to the next shelf, seeing a book entitled 'The founder's legend', looking at the book again, he shrugged and retrieved it before going to a nearby table for some reading.

A few hours later when Colbert reached the page that had the description of the founder's companions, he found out that one of them only had a brief description without any details of how the founder met him. Only that he was the first to join the founder on his journey but Colbet's eyes widened at the sketch of the runes that were said to be on the companion's left hand right before he quickly scanned the rest of the page and had to hold back a gasp.

'The runes match, but what is more surprising is that they both have the same family name. How can that be possible? Is he a descendant?' Colbert thought to himself before he stood up and made his way out of the libary. 'The headmaster needs to know about this'

It was a sunny day when 5 year-old Zack was digging through his family's storeroom to find something interesting just because he was bored. After a few minutes of random digging and shoving, he found an old and musty and he scratched his head as he opened it.

It started from the first page where there was two names linked together, and another line going down from the middle of the connecting lines before dividing into 4 different lines which were linked to 4 different names.

Then he noticed that the next several pages were marked with the 4 names on the top of the pages.

Not understanding what it meant, Zack went to ask his father for more details. "Oh, so this was were the family tree was at all along?" His father finished with a chuckle before flipping to the 9th page with the name 'Brandon Fair' on it. "Hey Dad, am I in this thing?" Looking at his son, before giving a tender smile he pointed at the line and traced it down to the row that was labeled '19th generation'.

"Well, I forgot to add you in when you were born and I left the book some where in the house and...uhh...yep, I forgot it was in the storeroom" Sweatdropping at his father's antics, he started counting the names from the first page as he saw the number of names that were listed under '18th generation' which was on the tenth page he found out he had four uncles and two aunts before they went their seperate ways and lost contact with each other.

"So Zack, do you want to know the family legend of the first Fair who was your great times-fifteen-grandfather?" He smirked mentally already knowing what would Zack's answer be,"What legend does he have?" Zack responded quickly before starting to get hyper like a puppy...

"Well, it was told to me by my grandfather, Ian Fair. So this was how the story was told to me when I was you're age. This story happened a long, long, long time before-" Before he finished his sentence, Zack interuppted. "How long?"

"Before you and I were born"

"Before Shinra was even here?" Zack asked curiously

"Yep, before Shinra was even let's continue with our story...A long long long time ago, in place faraway from gongaga, midgar or even this continent. An infant was picked up one night during a storm and..."

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Omake: What if canon Louise resummoned Saito again and got him, and a random character from the anime universe?

"LOUISE!" Saito cried as he jumped out of the portal cutting down the 'wolf' that was attacking Louise.

" it really? really you?" Louise asked in between sobs, being too joyful of the return of her familiar, she didn't notice another figure exit the portal. At least not until Saito heard a mumur that went,"Where am I? Hng...too troublesome to be figured out" that was when he finally noticed the [erson standing behind him.

"Hey wait, who are you!" Saito asked the pineapple-haired man who was standing behind him, glancing between Louise and Saito before turning on his heels and muttering a loud,"Troublesome" before disappearing into the portal.

"Wait, Japanese? WAIT!" Saito cried out as he reached out to the pineapple-haired man to turn around just as he disappeared back into the portal. "...NNNOOO!" Saito cried out in despair as the surrounding 'wolves' took advantage of the opening and pounced on him...

Omake 2: What if Negi from Mahou Sensei Negima was summoned to Tristain with his whole class

It was just another day of teaching his class of magically aware students, yep, Negi had a class full of students that all(almost) had a pactio with him. It was just like every other day until a large jade-green blob appeared on the ceiling in the middle of the room. Negi, knowing what happens when you go near stuff that magically appear out of thin-air, was about to warn his students before they all got sucked into it. 'I knew this was going to happen!' Negi cried mentally as the class was sucked in with more than a few of the girls screaming.

Needless to say as the members of Ala Rubra landed in the courtyard in Tristain, the plan that would be known as,"Negi-sama's World Domination Harem Plan" was hatched as Haruka put the pieces together and figured out that they were surrounded by a land...filled with mages...that were easily tricked into something...

6 Years later

"Negi-Tousama!" Hundreds of little children chorused as they literally flooded their father with hugs. Needless to say, Haruka manipulated the people and voila, shit happens. Not to mention her plan worked...Too well...