Title: A drow slave?

Author: Goldeneyed Angel

Rating: M

Summary: Drizzt is found of treason against the Spider Queen and is turned into a slave for the Do'Urden family. But what happens when salvation comes in the shape of a sun elf?

Disclaimer: I don't own Drizzt that right belongs to R.

Chapter: 2

Decades later

Drizzt hung limply in the chains, his toes just brushing against the stone floor if he stretched, but he didn't it hurt too much. He remembered that fateful day to well, it was the last time that he had ever saw Zak, the man had simply vanished from his life. Not once did he contact him, and during those first few years he held his hope that his mentor was merely biding his time and he would come and rescue him and take him away from this hell but the man never came. Then one day as if it was a passing thought Briza had told him that Zaknafein was no longer to be found in Menzoberranzan. The drow had packed, taking his weapons and Drizzt's and left, into the Underdark, two days after he was collared. Those words had broken the young drow, all his hope was gone, for three years he held the torment and pain off to only be broken down, from that day on he was nothing more than a broken toy.

Closing his eyes a tear leaked from the side of one and slipped down his cheek, when the door opened of his small room and Briza walked in with Rizzen following. Even through the years Rizzen still remained the patron to the family, but matron Malice hadn't fallen pregnant again.

Briza walked up to the naked slave and stopped in front of him. "Have you learned your lesson slave?"

"I'm sorry, please I am sorry I won't do it again please I am sorry, I won't I promise," Drizzt pleaded his back was still on fire from the whipping from the High priestess yesterday and then the hanging in the chains pulled at his muscles in his arms, shoulders and back.

Briza smiled, "That's a good pet," the drow stepped back and the chains suddenly gave way as Rizzen stepped forward to replace Briza.

Drizzt yelped as the chains were released and he dropped like a stone, falling to the ground, as quick as he could he pushed himself into a kneel at the man's feet his head bowed. A soft whimper crossed his lips, and Briza laughed. "Pleasure your better pet," Briza ordered.

Looking up, Drizzt immediately let his hands undo the patron's belt and pulled the leggings down far enough that the half hard cock could spring free. Leaning forward he sucked the tip into his mouth and began to lick the shaft as he went down, he felt the tip hit the back of his throat and he relaxed his throat and slid the rest of the way and began to suck his cheeks hollowing caressing the sides of the cock. The man above him groaned and began to buck his hips, closing his eyes Drizzt concentrated on being able to grab the small amounts of oxygen he could as the cock slid in and out of his throat. Slowly time slipped by and the familiar groan above told him the man was ready to come and soon enough the salty taste filled his throat. Swallowing all of the cum Drizzt cleaned the cock of any residue of semen and tucked the now limp penis back into the pants and belted the belt back up.

"Very good pet, like usual." Rizzen patted the top of his head and he stepped back and Briza took his place again.

"Follow slave," Briza ordered and started to walk from the room, Rizzen following. Quickly Drizzt followed, he had not been granted permission to stand so he crawled keeping up with the drows. His hands and knees bled, but he did not slow he knew if he slowed he would be punished, and he would not be able to take another punishment after last night at least not for another few days. He did not question were they were going, merely followed. Shivering at the cold that played along his naked skin, he was not permitted to wear clothes whilst he was inside the Do'Urden house and was only permitted to wear clothes outside IF Matron Malice wished it, which was hardly ever, not that he had ever really saw the outside of the world.

Finally Briza slowed and entered a room and Drizzt realised he was in the throne room.

Seeing Matron Malice on the throne he crawled to the steps of the throne and pressed his head against the stone floor his back open to anything she wished to throw at him.

Drizzt didn't move or speak as the Matron addressed Briza and the others over him, when Malice suddenly turned onto him.

"Slave, do you know why you have been brought here?"

"No Mistress," Drizzt answered still not sitting up.

"You may sit," and Drizzt sat up relief crossing his features as the pressure was taken from his back. Once he would have punished for letting his expressions show so easily across his face, now they preferred it, anything hidden from them was punished.

"I have arranged another raid to be taken up on the surface another group of elves has been found and Firstboy Dinin will be commanding the group, Maya will be going with the group to aid in getting to the surface. Do you know why I tell you this slave?" Malice asked.

Drizzt sat staring at the feet of the Matron, "No mistress I do not understand."

Cackling laughter filled the room. "You are to be going with the troops, you will be the pleasure on the way up and back, we do not wish for our soldiers to be bored."

Drizzt froze, he would be servicing a group of warriors, he was going to be in pain and a lot of it. His breathing picked up as his eyes widened and a soft whimper fell before he could stop it.

"The raid will leave as soon as Dinin is ready. Go my son and bring us the pleasure of dead elves and the pleasure of Lolth. "

Dinin bowed to his mother and turned, "Come slave," he ordered.

Quickly Drizzt bowed to the Matron and backed up, he learned he was never to turn away from the Matron ever. Exiting the room he spotted Dinin waiting for him. "You may stand and walk slave, I don't want you slowing us down" the drow turned and quickly Drizzt stood and walked after the man always several feet behind the man.

"You are to service any drow that comes to you, when we rest for the nights. During the trips you are to stick to my side." Turning Dinin attached a leather leash to the collar, "This will ensure that you don't leave my side.

Grabbing the end of the leash he pulled and Drizzt stumbled along behind him. "You will also be given clothing as you can't be walking through the underdark without any clothes. You will bring to much attention to yourself." Reaching the entrance to the home of Do'Urdon, Dinin turned and grabbed Drizzt by the back of his neck and they began to levitate down to the ground below. Drizzt was no longer able to do this, for not only did the collar symbolise the fact Drizzt was slave but it also sealed the innate abilities of the drow. Reaching the lower level Dinin pulled him along to group of drow warriors waiting, all eyes were fixed to Drizzt.

Nodding to one of the elves the man walked forward in his arms was a tunic, leggings and a simple cloak. Opening his arms at the nod from Dinin Drizzt accepted the clothing. "Get dressed," Dinin snapped as he watched Maya come floating out of the house. Quickly Drizzt dressed, loving the feel of the cloth on his skin again.

"Okay let's go," Maya ordered and the troops fell into double lines and they marched from the Do'Urdon home and straight into the underdark. For hours they travelled silently only using sign language. Until Dinin called the group to a halt when one of the scouts found a cave with a small opening just big enough for a drow to fit through. Calling an end to the day they drow entered the cave and Dinin set two sentries on the door. Turning to Drizzt he looked over the slave, the young drows shoulder's drooped, sweat covered his body, he was clearly exhausted from the long day.

Reaching over he unclipped the leash, "My men have access to you now, they aren't to do anything to you that will make you unable to keep up with us tomorrow." Pulling a gag out of his pocket he presented it to Drizzt, opening his mouth the ball filled his mouth. Taking the straps, Dinin clipped them together behind the slaves head, "Now you won't scream loudly enough to draw any attention to us.

Turning away Dinin moved over to his sister and they began to talk, he had always been able to talk with Maya more easily than his other sisters.

Drizzt trembled as he looked around and a warrior gestured for him to join him and rest of the troops that watched him hungrily. Fear pulsed through his body as he stumbled over to the warriors.

"Strip," the man that gestured to him ordered.

Quickly the drow stripped away his clothes and immediately began to shiver in the cold air. Setting the clothes on the side in a place he would be able to find again he turned to the drow.

"Put your hands against the wall and spread your legs like the whore you are."

Tears filled his eyes, but he did as he was told, silent sobs shaking his shoulders. He gave a slight jump when he felt fingers penetrate him spreading lube quickly around his channel. Suddenly a cock was forced inside him. A soft grunt was forced from Drizzt's lips but it was swallowed by the gag. Closing his eyes he concentrated on standing as the drow slipped in and out, the initial penetration hurt. But nothing more, he was used to being used this way now, but he knew after a while the drow cocks that would soon be pounding into him would begin to hurt. Behind him the elf began to pound faster and Drizzt could feel cum enter his body, quickly the elf pulled out and another replaced him entering swiftly. Drow after drow came inside him and by the eleventh, his body felt like it was on fire, his rectum burned and each pump of the drow behind him felt like it was tearing him inside out, and his back was in knots. Slowly he did the math in his head, there were seventeen in the group and eleven had already taken him, Maya and Dinin showed no interest in joining them and there were two sentries on post and they would not join them, so it left two more to have their way with him. The grunt above him signalled the end of the one inside him. The last two were quick and hard. Finally Drizzt was allowed to fall onto the floor. Closing his eyes he shivered, his exhausted body twitching. After several minutes he crawled over to his clothes and dragged them on. Even in the darkness of the cave Drizzt could see his thighs were covered in blood and cum. Tears running down his face he pulled his leggings up and crawled over to Dinin and Maya, he had no energy to stand.

Reaching the pair he collapsed.

Dinin merely glanced at him and turned away, "Sleep slave you will need energy for tomorrow." Nodding Drizzt curled up on the spot and immediately fell into the darkness of exhausted sleep.

The following three days were the same, the long tiring walk during the day and the sex followed at night. By the end of the four days, Drizzt was exhausted, his body no longer wanting to move, his eyes dull and his stomach growling endlessly for not once was he fed. Not once was the gag removed from his mouth the moment it had passed his lips. Stumbling behind Dinin he moaned as he tripped going down onto his hands and knees.

"Stupid slave, get up," Dinin snarled pulling on the leash. Groaning Drizzt started to push himself up when a call from the rear guard sudden call echoed through the cavern. "GNOMES."

Dinin turned and dropped the leash. "Form up," he called. Suddenly all the elves formed a semi-circle their backs to the wall behind them, Drizzt in the middle of them. Silence fell over the group and there was sudden roar and small grey humanoids flooded the chamber and rushed at the drow. Suddenly swords, yells and screams was all that could be heard.

Slowly the drow moved tighter together and away from Drizzt, shivering and whimpering softly the young drow tried to keep up but his legs failed to stay under him. Slowly the drow warriors moved away from him the distance between them extending further and further.

"And what do we have here?" a hand clasped around the back of Drizzt's neck. The hand forced him around and he came face to face with a thin drawn out grey gnome. He began to tremble as the gnome closed in and peered more closely.

"A slave, a drow slave, the irony of it all." The gnome leered at him. "A hand suddenly smashed the side of his head blackness enveloped his eyes and he collapsed.