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Rose's POV

Ring, Ring.

Argh... dumb phone..

Ring, Ring.

Stop ringing.. let me sleep...

Ring, Ring.

Argh! Shut up!

I finally opened my eyes, picked up my phone that was still ringing and threw it at the wall. I heard the phone fall onto the ground and the ringing had stopped. Thank you!

But now I couldn't go back to sleep. I closed my eyes again and heard a voice inside my head.

Rose get up and come to my room. We're going shopping for the ball! It was Lissa. St. Vladimir was holding a ball that was happening in like 3 days time, which is on Saturday night. And my best friend takes any opportunity to go shopping. She is the same best friend who I have a bond with ever since after the car accident. I died along with the rest of her family and she brought me back. We both found out that she specialized in an element called Spirit and I was Shadow-Kissed. There aren't a lot of people that specialize in spirit so it's very rare to find people who specialize in it. Through the bond I can feel her emotions and see through her eyes sometimes. It's pretty weird.

I got up from bed, stretched for a few seconds and went to the bathroom to get ready.

When I was done getting ready, I went over to my phone that was on the ground. Then I picked it up. Huh, it didn't break. That's good. I looked at the time on my phone.

It was.. 9am! 9am! What! I looked out the blinds of my window and sure enough that the sun was up and shining brightly.

I groaned again and made my way to Lissa's room, which was in the Moroi dorms. I knocked on her door and she instantly opened it.

"Hey Rose!" she said happily.

"Hey" I said.

"Let's go!" and with that she dragged my by the arm to Kirova's office.

When we got there, there were two guardians. They were Stan and Alberta. I groaned on the inside because I really hated Stan and he really hated me too.

"Be safe, Princess" Kirova said. We then left and made our way to the SUV.

On the way to the SUV, we ran into someone.

"Hey Little Dhampir"

Of course it just had to be him. Adrian Ivashkov.

Out of all the people we had to run into, it had to be him. He is a royal Moroi, like Lissa. He has brown messy but stylish hair, emerald green eyes, and high cheekbones. His height is around 6'2 to 6'4 tall. Like Lissa, he specializes in Spirit. Lissa can heal and he can see people's auras and can walk dreams. I found that he can walk dreams because he dream walks with me a lot. It kinda gets annoying. I also know that he is a player and he has a slight crush on me.

"What do you want?" I asked him coldly.

He had a mocked hurt expression and said, "Can't I just say hi to my favorite Dhampir?"

I just decided to ignore him and continued to make my way to the SUV with Lissa next to me.

He then started to walk with us and asked, "Where are you going?"

Before I could tell him that it was none of his business, Lissa answered him.

"We're going to go shopping, would you like to come?"

I stopped walking and looked at her. She also stopped walking and looked at me.

What? It's called being nice. She said through the bond.

I looked away and looked at Adrian, hoping he would say that he was busy or something.

He looked at me, smirked and said, "Sure, I would love to come. But I just gotta go get my best friend." Then he turned around and began to walk to the Moroi dorms.

I looked back to Lissa and said, "Lissa, why did you have to invite him along!"

"Come on, he can't be that bad." she said.

I just groaned and we continued to walk to the SUV.

When we got to the SUV, I told Alberta that two more people were going to come with us. She just nodded her head.

We waited for around 5 minutes until I saw Adrian, a Dhampir guy that I didn't know and two more guardians walking towards us.

While they were walking towards us, I looked at the guy. He was hot. He has brown eyes, shoulder length hair a few shades lighter than my dark brown hair, and tanned skin. He was also tall. He looked like about 6'7".

When I was looking at him, we locked eyes for a few seconds until I broke the eye contact to look somewhere else.

They had finally stopped walking and now they were standing in front of Lissa and me, Stan and Alberta were already in the SUV.

Adrian spoke first, "Dimitri Belikov meet Vasilisa Dragomir and her best friend Rosemarie Hathaway, Vasilisa Dragomir and Rosemarie Hathaway meet my best friend, Dimitri Belikov."

I shot a glare at Adrian for using my full name because I really hated it when people called me Rosemarie.

I smiled, stuck my hand out and said, "Just call me Rose"

He smiled, shook my hand and said, "Call me Dimitri"

Then Lissa put her hand out and said, "Just call me Lissa."she then smiled.

He shook her hand as well and then they made their way to the other SUV because we weren't all going to fit in one.

Lissa and I got into the SUV, Stan started the SUV and we made our way to the mall.

We finally arrived at the mall and we began to go into dress shops. We needed dresses for the ball.

We went in and we were followed by Adrian and Dimitri. The guardians were somewhere watching us and looking out for any strigoi. I doubt there would be any strigoi because it was day time. But you can never be too sure.

I looked at the guys and asked, "And what are you guys doing here?"

"We're just going to give our opinion on the dresses that you and Lissa would be trying on" Adrian answered.

"Oh really? That would be great if you could tell us how we look" Lissa said.

I sighed and we went to look around. After a few minutes of looking, we didn't find any dresses that suited us so we went to a different store.

We got hungry so we went to the food court. I looked at my phone, it was 1pm. We had been shopping for 4 hours and we still haven't bought anything.

After we were done eating we continued to search for dresses.

We entered another store, Lissa had found a dress and went to try it on.

While we waited for her to come back out, Adrian asked, "So do you have dates for the ball?"

"Nope" I told him.

After I had said nope, Lissa walked out.

We all looked at her and she looked beautiful.

The dress she was wearing was really beautiful on her. (Lissa's dress on profile)

"Wow, you look very beautiful." I told her.

Dimitri and Adrian said, "Yeah"

She smiled at us and went to change.

When she was done changing, she bought the dress and continued to look for a dress for me.

While walking, Adrian said, "Well... since you guys don't have dates, why don't Dimitri and I be your dates?"

Before Lissa could say anything I dragged her away from the guys and said, "No Liss, no way am I going to the school ball with Adrian."

"Fine, fine" She then made her way back to the guys with me behind her.

"Okay you can be our dates." Lissa told them.

"Yes!" Adrian exclaimed.

"But Adrian you're going to be my date and Dimitri you're going to be Rose's date" Lissa said.

My eyes widened and before I could say anything, Dimitri said, "Okay.."

"So now that that's settled let's continue looking for Rose's dress and you guys need to find tuxedo's" Lissa then grabbed my arm and pulled me into a store.

I was sitting down on a chair when Lissa threw a dress at me.

"Try it" she said.

I got up and went to the change room. I got changed and looked at myself in the full length mirror. The dress looked so beautiful. (Rose's dress on profile)

I went out and looked at everyone's faces.

Adrian's and Dimitri's jaw had opened. And Lissa's face was so happy.

"Rose you look so beautiful!" she exclaimed.

The guys then closed their mouths and muttered agreements.

I smirked at them and went to change into my normal clothes.

We had bought the dress and now the guys went to look for tuxedos.

They had told us to wait at the food court because they didn't want us to see the tuxedos that they would buy.

So now, we were sitting on chairs doing nothing. I looked at my phone and the time was 4pm. I looked out the window and the sun was still up but it looked like it was about to set. We have to get back to the Academy soon where it would be safe.

15 minutes later the guys came back with two bags. I guess those were their tuxedo's.

"Come on you guys we have to get back to the Academy before it gets dark." I told them. They nodded their heads and we walked outside, towards where the SUV's were parked. By now the guardians were next to us.

We were so near the SUV, but then a strigoi's surrounded us. Everyone was surprised, but we recovered quickly. The guardians, Dimitri and I took our stakes out. I always took a stake with me. I looked around us, there was at least 15 strigoi surrounding us. I pushed Lissa behind me and Dimitri did the same with Adrian.

I was still looking around and thinking that we were so screwed. But then I stopped thinking when a strigoi made it's way to attack me.

When that strigoi went to attack me, the rest of the strigoi started to attack any guardian they could get their hands on.

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