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Ehrye was making another delivery and humming to himself when he ran into Toa Kopaka.

Literally, ran into. A being with white armor is difficult to see in a village of snow and ice. "S-sorry, Toa," he stuttered, standing up.

Kopaka looked down at him with that icy gaze of his, and Ehrye gulped. The Ice Toa could be really scary without even trying sometimes.

Finally, Ko-Koro's protector spoke. "Kopeke. Arktinen. Jaa. Lumi. Matoro. What do these names mean to you?"

Ehrye searched his memory, then shrugged. "They're all Ko-Matoran. Why?"

Suddenly he was lifted into the air by hands under his arms. "He-hey!" he yelped. Soon he was mask to mask with Kopaka. Even though his eyes were icy, they blazed with fury. The Matoran gulped again.

"They are also just a few of the Matoran who have come to me with complaints that you are harassing them about various things," he said with quiet anger in his voice. "Be warned, Ehrye—the next time you speak to anyone with maliciousness without good cause, intended or not, I will find out, and you will be exiled. Understood?"

Ehrye's eyes widened. Exiled! But only idiots like that useless Chronicler got exiled! Not wanting to anger the Toa, he nodded. "Good," Kopaka said, setting him down none to gently. "Now back to work with you." Ehrye scurried off. He was no longer humming.

Kopaka glanced at the doorway which he knew Nuju was hiding in, watching the little scene. A brief, barely noticeable smirk flashed across his mask before he turned and walked in the opposite direction that Ehrye had gone. The Turaga nodded and went in search of his translator. In truth, he'd been the one who'd gotten the complaints, but what Ehrye didn't know wouldn't hurt him. He wasn't sure using names was a good idea, but somehow Nuju didn't think he'd be getting any more complaints about Ehrye.

"Turaga!" It was Matoro. "I'm back! Is it time to go to the meeting?"

Nuju smiled and nodded. "Let's go," he said, leading the way out of the village.

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