Hello, is anybody still out there?

Its me. I'm alive. And I've been neglectful.

Im sorry ? life happened, in big ways but finally, everything is once again on track after a 5+ year battle with my mental and physical search for happiness.

Its no excuse I know.

but can I say how shocked I've been that not a week has gonna by in that time that I haven't received some sort of notification about this story, so thank you.

okay so ramble over, I just wanted to let you know I'm currently rereading through this story and hunting down my notes to remind myself where I was going with this ? I don't whether you'll be interested to know but I am currently editing this story as I post it on AO3. It occurred to me as I was rereading that there were whole plot parts that kept disappearing. No major changes just the merging of some chapters and making of sense!

If if you're interested, chapters 1-3 are up on there (originally chapters 1-4) and I will hopefully be finished all edits and have a new original chapter up by Saturday evening (if you want I'll post it to both pages, let me know in the comments)

if you search by username on AO3 it's the exact same as this acct: gosteadyonme

thanks again for your support. I hope you enjoy the fixes and the new chapters to come...

V x