Chapter 1: Where it all begins


Who knew that giving birth is one of the hardest things a woman has to do? Well every woman who gives birth does, but they should count themselves lucky. They should imagine giving birth to twin... wait for it, so you're imagining them giving birth to twins, now imagine that those twins are half vampires. Now see how painful it is. Can you imagine having to go through it? It's… words cant describe it.

It all started when I was walking back from school, my truck was broken and it was taking a while to fix even though I had sent it to Jacob. It was winter and it was getting dark, if you've ever been to forks you can imagine why that was such a bad thing. I know, I know... you're asking why I just didn't get a ride with some of my friends, well the answer is simple. They annoyed me, well most of them did, they were…how to explain them? Well mike reminded me of a golden retriever and he constantly asked me out on dates but I didn't like him like that so I kept telling him no. then there was Jessica, she and her mother were the town gossip. You know that saying: the apple never falls far from the tree? Well that explains Jessica and her mom so perfectly. The others weren't so bad but I didn't really want to ride with them. The only one that I thought of as an actual friend was Angela but she was at home sick but whatever, only a couple of miles to walk right? So there I was walking home and trying not to slip and some guy called Joham came up to me. What I mostly remembered was that he was astoundingly beautiful. His skin was so pale it was almost white, he looked so graceful even when he wasn't moving. His eyes were a scarlet red, at the time I thought that it was because he was wearing contacts but even then they looked really realistic. He was wearing jogging bottoms and a shirt which probably led me to believe he was just out for a run but that was odd, why would he go for a run when it was almost poring down with rain? Oh well whatever rocks his boat. He started walking up to me and was soon close enough for me to hear him speak.

"Hello there." He said, his voice was almost like velvet if that were even possible. It was smooth, bell like and had a hint of an accent I couldn't place.

"Umm, hi." I shouldn't have even said that, me talking back invited him into a conversation that would lead to what would happen. I should have just walked on and ignored him but this was Forks. Nothing ever happened there and I guess I just wasn't thinking properly because everyone I had met while I had been there had been nice to me.

"Why are you walking out in the rain?" he asked, I remembered that that was a very odd thing to say. By that time my instincts were telling me to run. I should have listened to them. I should have done a lot of things that day, then maybe what happened wouldn't have happened... but then again he had a look of determination in his eyes and looking back it seemed he would have done it even if I had run.

"Well my truck broke down." I answered truthfully thinking nothing of the question he had asked me. I started walking faster, by that time I was about 20 minutes away from my house and I wanted to get in it as quickly as possible and forget about this weird encounter.

"What a shame." Was all he said. Stupidly I carried on talking thinking he would leave soon and I would be able to get home in peace.

"Yeh well... who are you?" I asked.

"My name is Joham."

"Well Joham, it was nice to meet you but I really have to get home now." I said I was contemplating running; there was the gut feeling telling me I needed to run but that would have been pointless. I fall a lot when I run always have done and especially when I am trying to get away from someone.

"Well Isabella, I'm sorry but that will not be that case." That was when I started to run. I ran as fast as I could, I looked back to see him still standing there but when I looked forward again I saw him standing in front of me. He caught me, his hands felt ice-cold and as hard as rock. I started to struggle but he held me tighter, tight enough that it was actually starting to hurt but I didn't stop trying to get away from the man.

"You will make a good carrier." He said smirking and I tried to push him off me.

"The hell I will." I told him and spat in his face. He just laughed saying and gripped me even tighter. It felt like my arms would fall off.

"You are strong too. That will help you." Was the last thing I heard before I felt something hit me on the back of my head.

When I woke up again the first thing I noticed was that I wasn't at home. I could smell disinfectant and it was everywhere making me feel a little nauseous. I sat up and looked around and realised that I was in a hospital and there were tubes coming out of my arm. I groaned and someone sat up. I looked in it's direction and I saw Charlie, he must have been asleep because his eyes were bloodshot and it looked like he had been crying.

"Bella, you woke up. How are you feeling? Does anything hurt? I'm going to call a nurse to come and check on you." He got up and pressed a button on the side of my bed that I guessed called a nurse.

"Dad why am I in a hospital? Did I break something again?" I asked trying to lighten the mood but it didn't work. Charlie looked just as bad as he did before, probably worse.

"Bella, you were found at the side of a road about 20 minuets from the house unconscious." He said. I didn't say anything and the nurse came in and checked up on me asking the usual questions that I got when I came here. I came here a lot. I looked at Charlie and it seemed like he was holding something back from me.

"What aren't you telling me dad?" I asked. Tears started leaking from his eyes.

"There were traces of…" he seemed like he couldn't continue but he did and with the words he said next everything changed. "You were raped Bella." I almost didn't hear him because he whispered it but I did and all I felt was anger.

"Is there anything else dad?" I asked. I new there was because Charlie still couldn't look me in the eyes. He nodded but was reluctant to say so I waited.

"You were comatose for 4 days because it seemed like you had been hit on the back of the head pretty hard. Because of that the doctors said it was unwise for you to take anything in case it messed with the pills you had to take for your head and so you weren't given any contraceptive things." Charlie said. I gasped and couldn't hold it together anymore. Charlie saw this and tried to comfort me. "Oh Bella don't cry please. The doctors said that it there would be a very small chance that you would get pregnant." That didn't help much. It still meant that I could be pregnant with that monsters spawn but I tried to pull myself together for Charlie. "Oh Bella please don't cry. Were trying to find the guy but it would help if you could give us some information or maybe some detail to how he looked." I tried as hard as I could to remember something but I couldn't. That blow to my head must have been hard because I couldn't remember a single thing except…

"He had red eyes." I said to Charlie. "I'm sorry but that's all I can remember dad." I said crying again. Charlie pulled me into a hug and stroked my hair.

"It's okay Bells, at least it's something to go by." I took a deep breath to try and calm myself. Charlie however had other plans. He broke out into sobs crying. "Bella I am so sorry this is-"

"NO it's not dad." I practically screamed. Charlie flinched back from the volume of my voice so I brought my voice back to normal volume. "it's not your fault dad, it's mine if anyone's because I didn't want to ride with any of the guys from school and only because I was annoyed with them today." I said. Charlie seemed to feel a little better so I let him go from the hug. "When can I be let out of here?" I asked. I really hated hospitals and Charlie knew that.

"As soon as I sign the release papers you can go. Oh and your clothes are over there on the table." He said pointing me in the direction of the said table. As soon as he left I started to get dressed and the suddenly I got a flash of inhuman speed and red eyes. I gasped and fell. That was not normal; I never had anything like that before. I took a deep breath and finished getting ready. I wouldn't say anything to Charlie; I didn't want to worry him more. I went out to find Charlie and we got in the cruiser, it was a silent ride home and I was happy for the quiet. I didn't say anything when I got home, only went straight to bed.

I woke up with sweat dripping down my face. I had, had a dream about the rapist; I remembered everything, from his blood red eyes to how fast he was. I sat up and went to the laptop that I had gotten for my 18th birthday; I typed in the words and waited for the results. As I looked at the website I was struck with everything. That man was not human, he was a vampire and now I had this half vampire baby growing inside me. As I thought of that I sat there shocked at the discovery. There was a half vampire baby growing inside me, I was the carrier whatever that meant.

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