HAI GUYS! Yes, it's me, Cel! You may know me from my popular 9 story, 9: The Savior Returns. Well, I don't just write about those awesome stitchpunks. My friend Invader Daxx demanded a Toy Story 3 crossover fanfic from me. I don't know why he did. But I HAD been wanting to write one for awhile, to play around with the Toy Story characters, and finally saw Toy Story 3!

So here is my weird crossover fanfic, which will be a multi chapter, I think. XD See you all soon, and review!


Stitchpunks! Battery Not Included…

Chapter 1: Bonnie's Rather Unexpected Gift

It was all quiet that one bright, warm summer, all-around typical California morning. The sun was shining cheerfully into the room of little Bonnie Anderson. Bonnie was a young girl of four years of age. She had bright brown eyes that had a little twinkle of innocence in them as she smiled at you. Her dark hair was always neatly combed and often put into cute pink barrettes. In this fine, tranquil morning, Bonnie sitting in the middle of her room, with a quite charming green play-dress on, and she was playing "Kingdom" with her toys.

"N-n-neig-g-hh! Giddyup, Buttercup!" She squealed, prancing her white unicorn plush around in the air, with the one and only Buzz Lightyear on Buttercup's back. "The evil Dr. Pock Chop is coming to destroy the entire kingdom with his lasers! Pow, Pew-Pow-Pow!" She said in an imitation of lasers, setting down Buttercup and Buzz as she lifted a cardboard box, with scribbled windows and such, with Hamm the piggybank placed within it, shooting lasers at all the cringing and cowering toy below in the kingdom…

"Boooonnnieee!" Her mother's resonating voice called. "Time to go to Sunnyside!" Bonnie's face lit up, and she threw the box to the ground (but left Hamm unhurt) as she leapt to her feet and grabbed her backpack off the end of a chair.

"Time for Sunnyside, time for Sunnyside!" She sang as she opened the door, but paused and looked over her shoulder.

"I'll be back, and we'll save the kingdom!" She announced to her currently inert toys before running out of the room, singing joyfully. She pranced to the kitchen, where her mother was kissing her father goodbye on his way to work.

"See-ya, kiddo." Mr. Anderson said, kissing Bonnie on top of the head before he turned and strode out to the garage. Bonnie waved bye-bye, before turning to her mother, who was quickly packing her purse.

"Oh! Bonnie, dear, before we leave, take this box to your room. I think it's the special something I ordered!" Her mother said with a crafty wink. Bonnie's fifth birthday was that Saturday, and Bonnie was very, very excited to be turning a whole five years old. Bonnie squealed and took the exceptionally large, but light box in her hands, turning away and walking back to her room. Pushing open her door with a foot, she sat on her knees and looked at the box. She scanned the card pasted on the top, which read "To 1225 Sycamore Street, from London, England." Bonnie cocked her head curiously, knowing that London was a far away place. She was just about to tear the box apart looking for her present when her mother called, "Bonnie, don't you go poking in that box! Not until your birthday!"

Bonnie crossed her arms and pouted for a moment, her lower lip sticking out, before getting to her feet in submission to her mother. With one more longing glance at the box, she closed the door behind her and went to join her mother. Once the room was quiet, and there was the sound of Bonnie's car backing out of the driveway, it became the toys' time of the day…

"Well, that was fun." The cowboy said with a grin, dusting off his arms and straightening his hat before getting to his feet and looking around his room to watch his fellow toys get to their feet, hooves, and toes as well, shaking themselves off and all wearing brilliant smiles.

"I believe my Bonnie has a rather brilliant sense of imagination and storyline. I ponder if one day she will become a studio director of the theatre." The stuffed thespian hedgehog, Mr. Pricklepants, said with a smile, his bright hazel eyes glittering in the sunlight as he brushed off his front.

"You said it, Prickly." Buttercup agreed with a laugh as he and Buzz got to their feet. The toys bustled about, chattering with one another, when Rex the kind, green Tyrannosaurus noticed the box, sitting there beside the door.

"Hey, look everyone, a new box!" He exclaimed happily, pointing with one small finger. Everyone's heads turned to see the box, silent, and inert.

"Hmmm. I wonder if it's an early birthday present." Dolly, the cute fleece doll said, rubbing her chin (well, the underside of her face). The group of toys all walked up to the box, examining it.

"Well, nice duel-flex cardboard, almost the finest quality off of eBay, and…well, well, well, looks like it came all the way from London, folks!" Hamm announced to the rest of the toys, looking over the box and climbing on top and looking over the tag.

"London? Well, must be pretty darn special!" Jessie said, her green eyes lighting up as Bullseye nodded beside her in agreement, blinking and smiling. Everything was quiet for a moment…before, suddenly, everything erupted into chaos inside of the box.

"Get your foot out of my eye!" A muffled, grizzled old voice, not unlike that of an old man yelled angrily, and there was a muffled grunt of pain.

"Hey, it's not my fault, I can't see well in the dark! One eye, remember?" Another voice shouted back, this one deep and having a soothing air to it.

"That's not an excuse!"

"Please, my brother, my son, we must not fight," another old voice said pleadingly, although softer and lighter than the first voice.

"Ouch! 8 that was my arm! Watch where you're going!" A sharp, young voice – female, this time, snarled. An irritated, deep grunt was heard in reply.

"Guys, please, don't fight. We don't know where we are; we need to figure out what's going on." A male voice said, young and a bit high-pitched, like that of a teenager.

"Oh, 9, please. The big oaf needs to watch where he is going!" The female voice retorted. The toys on the outside of the box all stepped back, startled at the angry and desperate voices within the box. The toys all shared looks with one another, before Woody took a step towards the box and pressed his ear to the side, before knocking on it with his knuckles.

"H-Hello? Anyone there?" He said hesitantly, and the voices inside froze, before Woody was hit with a flurry of different voices at once.

"Hello? Hey, is there anyone there?"

"Let us out!"

"We're trapped! Help!"

"I demand to be let out! Now!"

"Is there anyone there?"

"Okay, okay, we'll get you out, just hang on!" Woody called to the beings inside of the box. Turning to his family, he waved forward some of them.

"Okay, Hamm, Bullseye, Rex, tip over the box when I say. Buzz, fetch that letter opener in the kitchen coffee cup." He instructed his friends, who all nodded and went into action. Buzz sprang up and opened the door with obvious, practiced skill, and ran out towards the kitchen, returning in record time with the letter opener. Leaping atop the box, he carefully ran the blade along the masking tape sealing the box. As soon as it was opened, Woody shouted, "Hamm, Rex, Bullseye, now!"

The three toys pushed on the back of the box with all their might, ignoring Woody as he said, "CAREFULLY!"

The box suddenly tilted forward and onto its side, its inhabitants spilling out onto the soft rug of Bonnie's room. The toys all took a step away, cringing slightly…

Woody stood awestruck, his mouth gaping open, for these were the downright strangest toys he'd ever seen. He made a quick headcount and counted out nine of the little things – well, as little as he was. They were all made of fabric, but had obvious mechanical features to them. Their eyes were all large and black, but looked like Dolly's. They were tumbling over one another, and some were shouting out in anger and sharp pain from feet and fingers digging into their back. They were all still bickering and trying to sort themselves out.

The toys watched in awe and shock, watching the new arrivals beginning to sit up and stand, rubbing the back of their necks. One of them, a burlap male-looking one, stooped down and helped another that looked very much like himself, up. This one, however, was a bit darker in color; his face was a bit rounder, as was his belly. The two looked like brothers, however, the thinner one looking younger. He whispered something incoherently to the other, who nodded, and the rubbed the back of his head.

Woody managed to hold back a gasp as he looked upon the older of the set – his left eye was missing, and it was replaced by a large, dark brown leather plate. On his front, were two large buttons, and his other, a large zipper upon his chest. A moonstone white, slender being, the female one, walked up to them, a green button on her chest, and a bird skull, with two long feathers attached, sitting upon her head. She walked to the two boys and looked them over.

There were two old men – one with a long, gaunt face and a red cape and a pearl crown upon his head. His eyes were sinister, and he carried himself proudly. The other, with much softer features, was shorter and made of leather. He looked like he was wearing a vest. One of the males seemed very nervous. He was shorter than the other males. He looked rather young, and he was striped. His wild array of rope hair looked like it was covered in ink, and his mismatched eyes studied Woody with an air of fright. He held to a black key around his neck tightly. The largest, fattest one looked mean. He looked around, his brow furrowed over his beady eyes. The two smallest, a set of twins it looked like, with dark blue hoods on their heads, their faces a pale white, and their bodies a blue-grey, were hiding behind the female and the zippered male. They, too, looked male.

"Er, hi." Woody spoke up, and the nine all turned to look at him. Their eyes all blinked curiously, and the room was silent, before Woody cleared his throat and spoke again.

"I'm Woody, and I'm leader here. Welcome to Bonnie's room." He swept his long arms around them all, while the others behind him gave tentative waves. They all just blinked at them, before the zippered male walked forward to Woody. They were the same height, and he gave Woody a kind, disarming smile.

"Hey. My name is 9, and I'm the leader of, well, us." He turned and swept a hand along his coven, it seemed, who didn't wave, but looked at the others suspiciously. Woody cocked a brow.

"You're name is 'nine'? That's a number." He said. The zippered ragdoll gave him a funny look.

"Yeah. My name is 9. I know it's really a number, but that's my name. All of us. Look." The one called 9 said, turning around to show Woody his back. Upon it, was a jet black, inked number. The number nine. The others were copying him. The numbers were one through nine, although the one called 8 had his number upon his shoulder, the twins, 3 and 4, had it upon their chests, and the female had a large scar patch covering most of hers, but Woody could guess that she was named 7.

"Well, then, welcome, 9." Woody said as he turned around, holding out his hand. 9 looked down at it for a moment, before tentatively holding out his own and shaking Woody's. His hand was clearly made out of wood and copper, but it was warm and kindly. The other ragdolls behind him walked up at this, seeing that the others were going to do them no harm. The toys were all walking up as well to greet the new arrivals.

"Well, hey there!" Jessie said, skipping cheerfully up to 7, who took a step back, giving the cowgirl a suspicious look. She then seemed to relent, for she gave a smile and replied, "Hey, there, cowgirl."

Chuckles, the downtrodden clown, who had recently acquired some of his happiness back, approached the elder called 1, and they both exchanged nods of acknowledgement to one another. The toys then surged forward, and began to examine the nine ragdolls closely and curiously. The twin ragdolls, 3 and 4, lost some of their shyness and raced forward, their eyes flashing and their faces alit with curiosity. They rushed up to Trixie and Rex first, and they began to take turns examining the Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus.

"Heh, heh, heh! Oooh, they tickle!" Trixie squealed as 4 looked all over her, his eyes flashing as he and his brother took multiple pictures.

"Hey, little guy! What's your name?" Rex managed to say through his giggles, but 3 could only look up and tap his chest, where his number lay, before going back to cataloguing. Rex's brows furrowed slightly, confused on why 3 wouldn't talk to him. He looked up to 9 and Woody, who were nearby, watching with smiles on their faces, and asked, "What's wrong with them? Are they okay?"

9 blinked, pondering the question, when Woody added, "Yeah. They haven't spoken since they've gotten here. Are they too shy?" 9 finally realized what they were asking, and he shook his head.

"No, they won't be shy once they get to know you. And they are speaking to him. They can't talk, they're both mutes. They talk to each other with their eyes. See?" He said, pointing to the twins, who were flashing to each other as they obviously chattered excitedly while looking over the two dinosaurs. 9 looked back to Woody, "They communicate with us differently, like through touch and expression."

"So, they really can't talk?" He asked. 9 shook his head again.

"Not a word."

"Poor little guys!" Woody said sympathetically, looking to the brothers, but 9 laughed, his voice high and young.

"No, they prefer it actually! They like having their own way with each other. They are brothers, after all." 9 said, smiling again. Woody smiled back, beginning to like this young ragdoll.

5 was standing alone, by himself, wringing his hands nervously. His single eye darted around nervously, and he gave a startled gasp when he turned and suddenly saw Buzz standing beside him.

"Hello, there." Buzz said, holding up a hand and parting his fingers in a peculiar fashion. 5 blinked, cringing, afraid of being hurt.

"5! 5, its okay, bud. They're not going to hurt us." 9 called, running over to 5, and putting an arm around his shoulders. 5 looked up at the teenage ragdoll before looking back to Buzz, and tentatively waved. 9 waved to Buzz as well.

"Hey, I'm 9. This is my brother, and best friend, 5." 9 said, pointing to himself first, then 5. "And you?"

"I am Buzz Lightyear, and we all come in peace." Buzz said, smiling at the two as well as Woody walked up and put an arm around Buzz's shoulders as well.

"And this is my best friend." Woody said, giving Buzz a playful shake. Buzz smiled up at Woody, and the two ragdolls smiled as well, and the four turned to look at their others, mingling with one another.

2 was limping around slowly, looking upon all the toys and the stitchpunks with a large, warm smile upon his face, when he came upon Pricklepants. He blinked, and the old inventor tilted his head in curiosity. The hedgehog held himself high, with an air of confidence, and he saw the old man as he turned. He held out his paw to 2.

"Hello, there, my good chap. My name is Pricklepants. Mr. Pricklepants." The hedgehog said. His British accent almost matched 2's as the old man shook the hedgehog's hand, glad he could have someone to relate with.

"Hello there, my fellow chap! Yes, yes, good to meet you. My name is 2. Just 2." He added with a friendly wink. Pricklepants chuckled at this remark, and 2 examined his paw carefully.

"Ohh…yes, soft fabric. Yes, but very durable. And soft plush hair…what a charming hat! Yes, you look very stylish…" 2 murmured as he closely examined Pricklepants' fabric fur.

"Ahhh, a man of quality! Of detail! And your vest is so very charming, as is your tie! Simply charming." Prickelpants said with a smile, and the two continued to look over each other, with an almost playful fashion.

6 was trotting around, looking at them curiously, before he felt a small nuzzle upon his back. Giving a small cry of surprise, 6 jumped around to see a beautiful brown stallion smiling up at him, his eyes shining. 6 blinked, peering down to the horse, who nuzzled the tips of his large optic with his felt nose. 6 giggled, and reached out with a hand to pat the friendly horse's nose. Bullseye snorted playfully into the large, but warm hand of the striped ragdoll, and 6 giggled quietly again.

"Like Bullseye there, huh?" A female voice said, and 6 turned to see Jessie skipping up to him. He blinked, then looked at the horse as 7 joined Jessie.

"Bullseye." 6 spoke the horse's name softly, and Bullseye smiled at him. Jessie looked to 7.

"Who is this cutie?" She said while reaching forward and ruffling 6's hair. 6 blinked – this gesture was reserved especially for his little sister – 7.

"This is Stripes." 7 teased, calling 6 by his nickname. He smiled at her, recognizing the innocent teasing, and 7 added, "His real name is 6." Jessie giggled at this nickname for the young male stitchpunk. Nearby, the two leaders and their best friends were watching, smiling.

"Well, welcome home." Woody said softly, but 9 jumped with a gasp beside him, his eyes wide.

"Home? No, no, Woody. I'm sorry, but we don't belong here!" 9 exclaimed, true fear showing in his voice. Woody and Buzz gave 9 and 5 strange looks, raising their brows.

"What do you mean? You're Bonnie's birthday present, from London. You're all toys." Woody said, suspicion etched in his voice. Perhaps these ragdolls were not as kind as he had thought.

"We're from London, yes, but we're not toys! We're stitchpunks – we were made by the Scientist to end the war between the humans, us and the Machines. And we have to go home!" 9 cried, and 5 clutched at the sides of his head, obviously about to have a mental breakdown, frightened out of his wits. The other stitchpunks and toys were staring now, attracted by all the commotion.

"But…9, created by a Scientist?" Woody asked, tilting his head to the side a bit, thoroughly confused. 9 sighed, placing his head in his hands.

"Oh…I never thought…okay." He muttered to himself, then tried to speak as calmly as possible. "We're not toys. We're not full of cotton and stuffing. We have hearts, lungs, skeletons, and souls. We're all alive." 9 explained, before reaching forward and taking Woody's hand. Before the cowboy had time to react, he felt something familiar underneath his vinyl fingertips…it was much like a human's, but much smaller.

It was a heartbeat.

"See?" 9 said once he saw the realization upon Woody's face. "That's my heartbeat. We all have one. We're all alive."

Woody looked up in horror. These nine ragdolls needed to go home. They weren't meant to be played with. They weren't toys. He looked over his shoulder to see the twin boys cowering beside 7, crying into her sides. Woody could tell they were homesick – and Woody knew about London. It was chilly and cloudy. This warm weather would obviously make the stitchpunks, so accustomed to their weather back home, uncomfortable. And with Bonnie playing with them? They couldn't stay in the lifeless state, the talent the real toys had. Bonnie would soon find out that they were truly alive…

"We've got to get you home." Woody said urgently.