Author's note: This idea just popped into my head, probably because I happen to be practically paralyzed from the waist down myself. (Although I was born this way, it's not because of an accident.) Also I almost have another chapter done for the other story I'm working on, No Matter What, and should have the next chapter up in the next few days.

Paralyzed from the waist down, Finn knows what that means: He'll never walk again. He'll be stuck in a damn wheelchair for the rest of his life.

The second the doctor leaves the room, Finn breaks down crying.

"Sweetheart, it's going to be okay," Carole says trying to comfort her son.

"Yeah, Finn we're here for you," Burt says.

"You guys can stop lying to me because I know everything's not going to be okay," Finn exclaims. "You heard the doctor, I'm a freaking cripple! I'll never play football again, hell I'll never even walk again so I'll be stuck in a damn wheelchair the rest of my life! I don't even know when I have to take a piss so I'm stuck wearing a freaking diaper like some baby!"

"Finn, I know its hard sweetie, but just calm down, okay?" Carole says trying to cry.

"No, stop telling me to calm down! You guys don't have any idea what the hell I'm going through!"

"I'm sorry, I just…I need a few minutes…" Carole says as she walks out of the room before Finn sees her cry.

"Go ahead and go make sure my Mom's okay and just leave me here all alone," Finn says to Burt bitterly.

"If she's not back in a few minutes I'll go find her, but I want to talk to you first," Burt says.

"Oh great," Finn says sarcastically.

"Finn, look I'm not going to pretend I know what you're going through, because like you said I don't," Burt says. "But lashing out your anger on your mom isn't helping anything."

"It's just not fair. Four days ago I was the quarterback of the football team and then I'm driving home from the game Friday night and some drunk guy hits my car head on and my life changes forever. I'm now paralyzed from the waist down and that guy walks away fine! How the hell is that even fair?"

"It's not fair, Finn, but life isn't always fair."

"I'm never going to be normal again."

"Yeah, you will, it will just be a different kind of normal. I mean look at your friend, Artie, isn't he paralyzed from the waist down too?"

"Yeah," Finn says cringing at the thought of being stuck in a wheelchair just like Artie.

"And he gets around fine, right? And you consider him to be normal?"

"Well, yeah. He needs help like carrying his lunch tray and stuff and we have to carry his wheelchair up and down the steps whenever we're somewhere that doesn't have an elevator, but other than that he can pretty much get around okay."

"And I'm sure that's what it will be like for you eventually. You need to realize though that it may take awhile until you get to that point."

"I know it's just I feel so helpless. It's so embarrassing, I'm 16 years old and a nurse has to come in to change my diapers. This morning a nurse not only had to help me get from my bed into my wheelchair but also from my wheelchair to the shower and back. What was even more embarrassing was that she was kind of hot and I didn't realize I had a boner until after she had helped me transfer from my wheelchair to the shower chair 'cause I don't have feeling down there."

"Finn, she's a nurse I'm sure she's seen guys have that reaction before," Burt says trying not to laugh because he could tell Finn had been really embarrassed by what had happened. "Besides, you'll learn how to transfer yourself from your bed to your wheelchair and how to get in and out of the shower and how to take care of any of your other personal needs."

"I hope so, because I hate feeling like such a baby."

"I know you do," Burt says. "Hey, well I'm going to go make sure your mom's okay and then I'm going to head home for a few hours to check on Kurt. When I get back though your mom and I are going to meet with your doctor about what we can do to help you become as independent as possible."

"Okay," Finn says.

"Hang in there, it's going to take some time but I have no doubt that you will adjust. Just remember that just because you might have to do some things differently doesn't make you any less of a person.

"Thanks," Finn says.

"No problem, like I said I'll go find your mom and then I'll be back in a few hours," Burt says as he walks out the door of Finn's hospital room.

Finn wouldn't admit it out loud but as he's laying in his hospital bed he realizes that talking to Burt actually made him feel a little better, but if this morning's awkward shower situation was any indication of the long road ahead of him learning to become independent, he knows it's probably not going to get any easier (or less embarrassing) any time soon.