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Several minutes later, Quinn sees Finn's nurse, Sarah, walk out of his room, so she figures it's safe for her to go back in. "Hey, is everything okay?" she says as she walks in and goes to sit down in the chair right beside his bed.

"Uh, yeah, she just, uh, yeah" Finn says blushing slightly. There's no way I'm going to tell what Sarah was helping me cath and change my diaper.

Quinn notices he seems a little embarrassed and uncomfortable and figures it's best to drop the subject. She knows there are effects of his injury that he's still not ready to talk about and she realizes its better not to push him, but to just let him tell her on his own time. "Hey, you look great today, by the way. I'm sure wearing regular clothes instead of that hospital gown is a lot more comfortable too."

"Yeah, that's for sure. My OT, Pete, helped me shower and get dressed; that definitely made me feel better. Hey, wait a minute," Finn says, noticing she's wearing a cute blue and yellow dress instead of her Cheerios uniform. "How come you're not wearing your Cheerios uniform?"

"Yeah, uh, about that; I kind of quit today" she says quietly.

"Wait, what? You quit the Cheerios? I thought you loved being a Cheerio. I mean, you're finally Head Cheerio again, so why the hell would quit when you're finally getting everything back? "

"Because Coach Sylvester told me if I missed practice today she'd kick me off the squad since I skipped yesterday's practice. Being here with you is more important to me than being on the Cheerios, so I quit before she could kick me off the squad."

"You quit the Cheerios because of me?" he asks, feeling slightly guilty for being the reason why Quinn gave up something she loves.

"Yeah," she says softly.

"But, Quinn-"

"Finn, it's okay. I was already pretty set on quitting on Friday since Coach Sylvester gave us an ultimatum-"

"Huh?" Finn says interrupting Quinn because he had no idea what the heck she just said.

"She told us we had to choose between the Cheerios and Glee Club once and for all since we're performing during halftime for the championship game Friday night, which happens to be at the exact same time as the Cheerio competition," Quinn says smiling and trying not to laugh at him. Well, he's still as clueless as ever when it come to understanding big words; he really is still the same Finn Christopher Hudson I've known since freshman year.

"Oh, yeah, that's right," he says. "Sorry, I kind of forgot about that."

"That's understandable, you've only had a few other things to worry about and deal with the last few days," she says laughing and trying to make light of the situation.

"True," he says laughing. "What about Brittany and Santana though? Are they quitting the Cheerios too?"

"I don't know, but I honestly don't even really care. I've made my decision and I don't regret it for even a second," she says.

At that moment, Finn realizes just how much Quinn really cares about him; it shows him that he's more important to her than anything, including the Cheerios and even her popularity.

"Thank you," he says, as he pulls her closer to him and kisses her.


A few hours later, with only an hour until visiting hours end, Puck stands outside Finn's hospital room trying to prepare himself for what he's about to see. He knows he has to be stronger then he was when he came the other night with Sam and Mike. Not only had that been awkward for him and the guys, but he knew it had been awkward for Finn too. You can do this, Puck thinks to himself "Hey, man, what's up?" he says as he walks in the door. He sees Finn sitting up in his bed; he's no longer hooked up to a bunch of scary-looking machines, but he still can't help but notice how lifeless his legs look as they lie perfectly still underneath his blankets.

"Well, you know, for the last two days, my nurses, and now my physical and occupational therapists are keeping me busy trying to teach my how to care of myself; not exactly fun stuff that's for sure," Finn says laughing, trying to make light of the situation because he can tell that Puck is uncomfortable. He motions for Puck to sit in the chair beside his bed, Puck though remains standing. "So how's Sam been doing taking over as quarterback this week? Think you guys will be ready for the championship game on Friday?"

"Uh, I hope so; Sam's doing the best he can," Puck says as he continues to stand there awkwardly.

"Dude, my eyes are up here, so why the hell do you keep staring at the floor?" Finn asks, realizing that Puck seems to be struggling to even look at him while he's talking and instead seems to be going back and forth between staring at the floor and the wall.

"What are you talking about?" Puck asks a little too defensively.

"It's like you can't even look at me" he says. "You did the exact same thing when you were here the other night with Sam and Mike. I mean, I know I probably looked like crap then and was hooked up to a bunch of machines, not to mention I was kinda out of it, but I look almost normal now."

"Finn, look, I'm sorry, I'm trying, I'm really trying-"

"You're trying? What do you mean you're trying?" Finn says, no longer able to hide the disappointment and bitterness in his voice. "You think this is hard for you; oh yeah, I'm sure it's real hard to stand here and try to have a normal conversation with me. I don't get to 'try', I don't have a choice; I have to deal with this every single day for the rest my life!"

"I know , it's just with all of the shit I put you through this last year or so, with getting Quinn pregnant, making out with Rachel last month, and now this-"

"Puck, you had absolutely nothing to do with this; the reason I'm paralyzed is because some middle-aged man was driving drunk and his car hit mine head on."

"I know, it's just; it's just not fair," Puck says, as he tries to keep himself from crying, but a few stray tears fall from his eyes. "It doesn't make sense; you don't deserve this, man. I mean, this is something that should've happened to me; I'm the screw up. But you, you don't deserve this; you're the good guy."

"Puck, don't say that; I would never wish this on anyone; especially someone I consider to be my best friend. But you are right about one thing, it isn't fair and it really, really sucks. And to be honest I'm struggling to accept this new reality. I know my life now depends on things like wheelchairs, anti-spasticity medicine, and catheters. I know this, but it's still so hard because I'm still me," Finn says, his voice cracking as he finally gives in and allows himself to cry. "I'm still the same the person I was before my world was turned upside down, but no one seems to see that, except my parents, Quinn and Mercedes. Well, and of course Artie and Sean. But don't you see that too, Puck? I'm still me! I still dream of being the quarterback for Ohio State, even though I know it's impossible. Every time I can't do something or need help with something I remember that that's never gonna happen. Like this morning my occupational therapist had to help me take a shower and get myself dressed because I can't even lift my ass off this bed. But I'm still the same guy you've known since preschool."

"Yeah, I know, man," Puck says, pulling himself together as goes to sit down in the chair beside Finn's bed.

"You do?" Finn asks. "You really believe that I'm still me?"

"Yeah, I do" Puck says as he makes sure to look right at Finn as he says this since that was what had brought the issue in the first place.

"Okay, good because in the back of mind I know it's true, and my Mom and Burt keep telling me that too, but when my own stepbrother and my best friend can't even look at me and struggle to have even a basic conversation with me; well, it's kind of hard at times to believe I am still me since so much has changed in the last several days."

"Look, I'm sorry about the other night, obviously I was the worst out of Sam, Mike, and I. I'm guessing that's because I've known you the longest. I know though, as hard as it is for me to see you here like this, to accept that you're paralyzed, that it's a whole hell of a lot harder for you. I should've come back here sooner or at least texted you or something. From this point on, though, I'm here for you; whenever you need me, I'm here. And I'll be sure to visit you as often as I can; I'll try to see if I can get Mike and Sam to come with me here in the next day or two."

"Thanks, man" Finn says.

"Anyway," Puck says changing the subject because it's obvious they're both a little embarrassed about letting their emotions get the best of them. "You think you can give me some to tips on how to help Sam improve his throws before the championship game on Friday."

"Yeah, I sure," Finn says laughing. They then spend the rest of the time laughing and talking about football and Glee club until Puck's kicked out by Finn's nurse because visiting hours are over. As Puck walks out of Finn's room, he realizes that Finn's right, He really is the same Finn Hudson, I've known forever.

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