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Rogue walked quietly down the long and spacious hall of the mansion, still deep in thought of the dream she had just moments ago. Biting her lower lip, she decided to disregard it all together and focus on the last minute details of her wedding. She still can't believe that she and Remy were getting married. They've gone through so much in their relationship. Being able to finally control her powers has been a huge milestone for her. The thought of never making love, never being touched, or never going through the natural progressions of childbirth, were things she decided she will no longer settle for. The simplicity of love and life was what she wanted to experience, and she wanted to experience these things with Remy, the love of her life. Her insecurities that were there because of the inability to touch were exhausting, but she managed to gain control eventually.

Trying to disregard the dream was not fairing well, as the developing stages of a headache started to creep in. With a heavy sigh, Rogue massaged one of her temples with her fingers as she walked into the kitchen, and was startled to find Hank McCoy humming to himself while searching for ingredients needed for making a sandwich. Noticing her entrance, he gave her a bright smile—a smile that was not fit to have across one's face at one O'clock in the morning.

"Rogue, I wasn't expecting to see you up at this late hour, how are you my dear, you couldn't sleep?" Hank asked.

Rogue shrugged slightly while stifling a yawn, "not really, Ah did more tossin' and turnin' than sleepin." "Ah see ya still up yaself…are you still working on ya x-gene research?"

"I'm afraid so. The process is slow, but I am making progress. Forge is still in the danger room setting up the new training program he implemented with Logan, Scott and Remy's help. The system should be up and running for afternoon sessions by noon tomorrow."

Rogue simply nodded her head in understanding while pouring herself a glass of orange juice. "Ah'd just love tah see what Logan and Remy came up with." Rogue replied dryly before taking a couple of sips of her juice.

Hank reached for his sandwich and was satisfied with his creation. "It's quite fascinating with what they have come up with I assure you. What marvelous things we can create with the Shi'r Empire's technology at our disposal."

"Tell me about it, it cut's my work hours in half in the garage, but sometahmes Ah still like the old fashion way of workin on engines." Rubbing the back of her neck and releasing a yawn that made her body shake slightly; Rogue adjusted the belt to her robe, walked towards the kitchen door. "Ah betta go down there and sees just how much progress they're makin. They're probably down there arguing instead of workin."


…." if you study de layout of de building first, then your plan of completing de simulation will be better," explained Remy in exasperation.

"I know what I'm doin Gumbo, I don't need you're help, me and Forge would've had this done already if you and boy scout here weren't adding you're two cents in the mix, gummin up the works!"

"Look Logan, It's important that we work together on this. The professor wants us to complete this by this afternoon's training session, and our input is equally important." Scott replied in frustration.

Remy pinched the bridge of his nose while sighing heavily and shaking his head. Merde, dis whole process is painful. He thought. It's like being strapped down in a high chair while being forced t' eat raw liver. "Non, non, non homme, y' have to—." Remy's brow furrowed when a mixture of emotions crept in, mingling with his. Worry, confusion, anxiety, stress, lust…lust? He turned around to find Rogue leaning against the doorframe shaking her head with a faint look of disgust and amusement.

"Yall are ridiculous. It's like watchin 4 year-old boys kick sand in each others faces in the sandbox." Remy looked at her and smiled. He couldn't take his eyes off the love of his life.

"What y'doin up chere? What's de matter, y'couldn't sleep wit out me?"

Rolling her eyes, Rogue strolled into the observation room, bent down, gave Remy a soft peck on the lips and whispered, "Are ya bought done with the upgrades sugah? Because the more time you spend down here fussin over tests, upgrades and thangs like that, the more time Ah'll have to adjust to sleepin wit outcha…of course, if you want to wait until our wedding night to…upgrade our systems?" Remy's mouth hung open slightly at what he just heard and at the intoxicating vibe his wife-to-be was giving him.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," growled Logan.

"Rogue, we don't have time for this," replied Scott, "the system isn't finish upgrading Wolverine and Gambit's simulation and there are a lot of kinks to be worked out so—."

"You may not have time for this mon ami, but I do. I always make time for my chere, and besides, mon pere taught me t' never keep a lady waiting. Her emotions radiated profoundly from within her. He was concerned about her sudden mix of feelings, and what part did it play in her not getting a full night sleep. Remy cocked his head slightly to one side, never breaking Rogue's gaze. "Forge, how are we on the diagnostics of de program? Is there any t'n else we need t' run?"

Forge looked at the control panel for a quick observation before answering…"I think we have all that we need here. I'll keep the system running for a few hours, until everything is in place. There really is no need to stay behind here; you guys have done what you needed to do, so the system will take care of itself."

"Fine then…I'm going to Harry's for a beer" grunted Logan.

"I'll come with you", said Scott.

"I didn't ask for any company Boy Scout, so go find someone else to pester. Anyway, won't Jean be wondering where ya are?"

"Yeah she will," interjected Rogue while she straightened to fold her arms over her chest. "She waddled her way into the kitchen just before I came down here. She's having her late night cravings again, so if you're goin anywhere t'night, it'll be to the late night run to the grocery store because we have nothing in the kitchen that will satisfy her gravings."

"What kind of mood was she in? Was she sad, angry, what?" asked Scott. "Was she—", his words were interrupted by the psy-link that he shares with his very pregnant wife. "Never mind, I already know what mood she's in now. Do you guys want anything from the store?" He asked dejectedly. His was answered with snickers and laughter from Remy, Rogue and Forge. Logan just grimaced and stomped out the room towards the garage.

"Looks like I got my late night craving right here." Murmuring in Rogues hair

"Oh God, now I think I'm gonna be sick. Knock it off you two, go get a room." Said Forge.

"Don't worry sugah, we got that covered…night yall." And with a puff of smoke and smell of sulfur, she and Remy were gone.

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