Jean sat at the kitchen table with her eyes focused on her daughter while she nursed from the bottle. Lately her daughter has been the only thing that has been keeping her together. Her condition was not getting better and the medication she was taking was non-effective. It has become a common thing now to use her powers to maintain her health and longevity. To say that she was not tired was an understatement indeed. She thought back on Rogue and Remy's relationship and was truly happy for them, yet jealous of them too.

Jean chuckled as felt her baby squirm before making a mess in her diaper. "Okay baby girl." She propped her baby on her shoulder to look into her diaper. "You get everything out okay?"


Jean turned her body to the sound of the voice. Scott stood in the doorway in pajama pants that hung lower than to be expected and a fitted tank top. His hair was ruffled, making him look sexy as hell; something that jean did not want to think about. She was still mad at him for being such a cheating asshole. How could she possibly still be attracted to him?

"Ugh, I'm so disgusted with myself" she whispered to herself.

"Why?" asked Scott as he walked further into the kitchen. Clearly she didn't want to discuss her deep thoughts with him. Come to think about it, she really never told her husband her deepest secrets. A girl had to have some things to herself.

"It doesn't matter."

She heard their baby burb, so she stood up to leave the kitchen. She wanted to be as far away from Scott has she can. It has been a while since the start of their separation, but she still did not feel comfortable in his presence because she couldn't tell if he was show sympathy for her illness or for her looking so damn pitiful because of their marriage crashing and burning.

Without saying another word, Jean stood up from the table and walked over to the stove to put the pot in the dishwasher. That was when she felt Scott standing closer to her. So close she could smell the faint smell of alcohol. Bouncing their baby a little, she slowly turned to face him.

"Why are you running away from me Jean? Why can't you look at me?"

She opened her mouth to say something hurtful, but decided against it. "I'm not running from you"—she looked in in the eye—"I can look at you just fine."

Scott ran a frustrated hand through his hair. his frustration was growing with every encounter with his wife and he wondered if it will be back to the way things used to be before he made the biggest mistake of his life. "I know how I must seem to you."

"Do you" she said while rubbing the top of her daughter's hair. "How do you think I see you Scott?"

Was that a rhetorical question? he thought, but he soon found through silence that she actually wanted an answer. He hung is head low and tiredly sighed out "a cheating bastard."

Jean adjusted Rachel in her arms and nodded her head in agreement. Nowadays she has learned to think about what she wanted to say to Scott before speaking it. Hank told her repeatedly to take it easy and to not get too stressed out. She found it hard to do when she thought about Scott. She was thinking about him a lot and it wasn't something that she wanted to admit, much less confront. she had hoped that living in the guest house on the other side of the estate would be enough for her to manage, but it seems that she would see him more now than when she did when they lived under the same roof—in the same bedroom. It was becoming to be too much so she had to do something about it, because she couldn't avoid him forever. She had her health to think about.

Jean finally lifted her head to look him. He looked a mess. His hair disheveled and he looked as if he has not shaved in a few days. She could understand the messy hair because it was three in the morning, but the beard spoke volumes about his lack of caring especially since he was known for having a straight laced appearance.

"That's not all what I see. I see a man who is indecisive; who is looking for something that I can't give—if I was able to give in the first place. I see a man who is looking for a change and he made it without my input in the matter. But of course, that's all cheating is anyway otherwise it wouldn't be called cheating."

She stood up and walked over to him and placed their sleeping daughter in his arms. "Rachel needs to be changed. She made a mess in her diaper. You have enough diapers and clothes at your place?"

"Yes, but…can we talk someplace else? Maybe we can-."

"You broke us Scott. Broken to the point where the pieces cant be put back together again because I don't have the energy to do so. Do I still love you—yes. Do I trust you—no, and in that lay the problem. It takes to much mental power for me to work on trust issues with you because I need my strength for me and our daughter."

"I-I don't know what to say." He looked down at Rachel and shook his head. "I wish I can take it all back."

"Why would you do that? It's what you want right? She'll be so disappointed that you won't be there to screw her brains out right? And I'm sure you miss that thing she does right?"

"Why—what, how" then he realized. "You read my thoughts. So you know who she is."

"Of course I read your thoughts. I know that the professor taught you how to put up shields to protect yourself from mind reading mutants like us, but really Scott, I have ways around that kind of stuff."

Scott became annoyed.

"Of course you won't take some of the blame in this."

This was made Jean look at him incredulously. "Oh, so now it's my fault?"

"Not totally no, but Jean come on, you have to." He cut himself off with a sigh. "When's the last time we did anything together as a couple? When's the last time you touched me?"

"I touch you, I-"

"Jean, it's been a long time since you laid a hand on me."

Jean folded her arms and leaned back against the counter with her legs crossed. Her silence encouraged Scott to continue.

"You don't laugh anymore—we don't laugh anymore. Everything between us is so serious."

"Really? This coming from the most uptight, straight forward, stick-up-the-ass leader of the X-men?" She calmed herself down before her condition would be made worse. She thought he had surely lost his mind after accusing her of the reason why he could not keep his hands to himself and his dick in his pants.

Jean slowly nodded her head up and down as to try and understand his rationale for being a cheating jerk, but she could not seem to wrap her head around that theory. She was willing to see where she played a part in all of this, but she refused to let him get away with such foolishness. She pushed herself from the counter and went to the refrigerator for something to drink.

"So what you're saying is that I drove you to do it." She reached for a small bottle of carrot and orange juice to mix together. "You're saying that because I didn't touch you enough, or that I didn't spend enough 'couple time' with you, that's the reason why you're cheating—"

"No, cheated. I'm not cheating on you anymore—"

"Oh well thanks Scott" she said with dripping sarcasm. "I am so grateful for you that you've come to realize the error of your awful ways, and that I am eternally in your debt that you chose to stay with me."


"I'm so grateful that you finally picked the woman you truly want to be with. But here's the thing Scott. You already made your decision the day that you decided to sleep with her. You chose then, you were just too chicken shit to man up with your decision out of fear of hurting me, which you should have known that it would be inevitable. I mean, didn't you know we would eventually end up here? I mean we're here because of your choices, not mine and please don't insult me by those ridiculous excuses as to the reason why you chose to screw another woman. And look at what you're holding Scott. You're holding your daughter—our daughter, so the excuse of me not touching you is sad because you and I both know we do and did a whole lot of touching before and during my pregnancy.

Scott shook his head in disagreement. "No, I mean yes, we did—we were intimate, but come on Jean, you haven't noticed me in a long time and you know it."

"I've noticed you Scott. But you're not the only thing for me to notice. I've noticed my own health deteriorating every day. I've noticed that I can't regulate my health anymore with my powers. I've noticed that everyday my concentration is on keeping myself from collapsing on the floor like a ton of bricks with our daughter in our arms, or concerned if my heart will finally give out from exhaustion, I've noticed that my husband has stopped noticing me because he wants to go and touch and be a new man with a new woman, because she is someone that can make you forget about all of this" she raised her arms out to her sides and did a 360 degree turn, then she slowly placed her hand on her chest "and forget about me. Because all of this—all of me represents work, duty, responsibility."

"That's not true, and you know it Jean."

"Do I? Do you know what the truth is Scott?"

"I know that I made a mistake. I know that I love you and I made an awful mistake, and I want to make this right. I want my wife back." he looked down at Rachel then back at her. I want my family back. It's you that I want to be with Jean." he advanced on her slowly, only to be disappointed when she walked out of his personal space, making sure to keep a considerable amount of distance between them.

"Please don't walk away from me Jean….Please, please forgive me."

"No," she said.

She started to speak again but heard Remy, Rogue and Laura coming through the kitchen door. The three of them came in fast but slowed down considerably when they noticed the tension in the kitchen was as thick as a hot, humid summer day.

This did not avert Scott's eyes from looking at his wife. He did not care who was in the room, he was determined to get through to her somehow, and being interrupted by family members meant nothing to him, for he acted as if they didn't exist in his present world right now in time. He noticed jean's eyes were locked in with his.

"You have to forgive me sweetheart…Please" he asked mentally to keep the conversation between them. Jean just stared at him emotionless. She was now tired of the conversation. She blinked, picked up her glass, drained the rest of her juice and placed it in the sink. She then went to Rogue and placed her hands on her swollen belly before she spoke.

"Fuck you Scott Summers, you made your choice and I've made mine. She felt Rogue's child move and she smiled at Rogue and Remy because she knew what it took for them to come to this point and what they were doing to keep their marriage and love strong. They were working on it for what seem like an hour before they came down here. The smile on her face was not congruent with what came out of her mouth next. "You can continue to live your life the way you want, because I will be doing the same, so tell Emma I said congratulations and give her a big kiss on the mouth for me because I think she just did me a favor."

Jean looked at the three faces in the room and they all appeared shocked. Rogue looked at her then Scott before she finally wobbled over to the kitchen table. Jean noticed Laura was fully dressed, looking as if she was going out.

Laura, realizing what must have been a huge marital dispute tentatively walked to the refrigerator to make her a sandwich before going to the casino. The one thing she was not about to do it get caught up on the crossfire of disgruntled marriage folk. Remy helped her gather the fixings needed to make a hearty sandwich. They tried like hell not to act like they did not know what is going on, so they continued to mind their business and keep making the sandwiches. Once Laura's was made, she walked to the pantry, grabbed a bag of chips and placed a jar of pickles in front of Rogue before heading out the kitchen. "I'll see you guys later on today okay?"

"Ya sure ya gotta be runnin off at this time of night."

"Yeah, I haven't been there in a couple of days, and I want to make sure my business is still intact." she looked at Jean as she kissed her baby on the head, and walked out of the kitchen, leaving Scott there in bewilderment. She turned back to Remy and Rogue. She noticed Rogue eyeballing her sandwich, so she held on to it a little tighter, turning her body way slightly as to guard it from the pregnant woman, causing Remy to laugh.

"Chere, y' can't have lunchmeat. I'll fix y' sometin else. Let Laura eat her sandwich without fear of y' snatchin it from her."

Laura looked at Rogue as she took a big bite of her sandwich, taunting her with it while laughing. She pushed the food to one side before speaking.

"I'll see you guys later."

"Bye," said Rogue before she reached into the potato chip bag with Remy shaking his head at her.

Remy then looked over at Laura. "Bye chere, se y'soon."