When you ride a shooting star.

Chapter 1: Curtain call

Johto, a nice region with all sorts of little mysteries. For a boy on his tenth birthday he may just discover them.

Chris Bryson was always an early riser and today was no exception. HE had a shower, breakfast and got dressed all before 7:30. When he looked in the mirror he tried to remember everything about him in detail before he set off. His 5'3 slim look, the paleness of his complexion with eyes a weird dark shade of emerald green and the thick, short black hair he wore in a very ruffled but organised way. His attire consisted of a long sleeved green top, black jeans, a short brown leather jacket, blue converses and black fingerless gloves. He was just packing his bag when his mum came through the door.

She was nice for a mum, 5'7, slim with brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair wearing her favourite attire of a multicoloured striped top, blue jeans and lilac crogs. "SO, looking forward to your first day as a trainer?" she asked him in a cheerful voice which would have been too early to hear in the morning. Then he noticed a small figure behind her. It was Lance, his pet Ralts. Lance had been Chris' mum's Gardevoir's kid so Chris got him. His sister who was away at the moment got a female one she called Claudia. Lance instinctively teleported into Chris' arms where Chris pulled out a luxury ball ( a pokèball with a black paintjob and small diamond like gems all over) and with a flash of white light withdrew the tiny Ralts. "Actually, I'm a bit nervous but I always know I'll have you on call if I need you" he replied to his mother, then he looked at his room one more time before heading for the door where his mum waved him off onto the path of which many an event will take place.

Professor Elm's lab was a tad on the big side and with all those weird machines in there there was no need of an explanation. He knocked on the door to see a tall man with weird hair and glasses open the door. "Why you must be Chris" Professor Elm welcomed him. "Please follow me" he added to the youngster as they walked into the main lab. Now, we all know what Elm usually gave out as a starter but this time around it was different. There were twelve pens. Each one having a different starter pokèmon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. Chris looked at all of them, some with respect, others with slightly creeped out eyes. He came to two choices. Turtwig, the grass turtle pokèmon or Cyndaquil, the fire mouse. He was in deep thought when he saw the cyndaquil blow out a lage star from its mouth and climb (no I'm serious) up onto it, the star elevated to Chris' face and to add to the shock the mouse jumped off and landed in Chris' arms. "Have you chosen yet?" Professor Elm asked Chris as he came into the room. "Yes", Chris said as he looked down to the little guy in his arms, "I'll call him James".

Five minutes later Chris was on route 29 with James by walking by his side, pokedex in hand and with six new pokeballs he remembered something. He poked around in his bag until he found it. He opened the luxury ball from which Lance popped out. The little Ralts looked at the new addition then at Chris in a "WTF is this guy?" look. "Lance, this is our new buddy James" Chris introduced the psychic to the mouse before adding, "I hope you two can be friends. Cautiously James offered Lance his hand, in response Lance took it and the two of them started showing off their moves. Chris was delighted until James nearly burnt his hair with an ember attack. Yep, this was going to be some journey.

James level 5. Knows ember, pound and swift.

Lance level 8. Knows confusion, growl and pound.

James95: Hey guys, I thought of this story a while back and when I played HeartGold I got a cyndaquil. I also love the warp stars from SSBB and swift is one of my favourite moves so I give you James, the swift rider! Next time a character makes her first appearance and Chris starts training for the life of a coordinator. Till next time, tarrah.