When you ride a shooting star.

Chapter 4: First catch

"Lar" the Larvitar chirped as he walked towards the white egg of Chris' and hug it before the blue eyed trainer took the egg back.

"Sorry little guy, this is my egg but thanks for saving it" he said as he gave the pokemon the rest of his mint ice cream, "think of this as a thank you present. See you around".

And then he was gone. Larvitar, slightly crestfallen started eating the ice cream.

Chris went back to the pokemon centre, only to find Grace absolutely seething with rage. Seriously, one guy at the pool area of the centre had a Garydos and even he was scared when he saw her eyes.

"Grace, are you feeling alright?" Chris asked.

"Oh I will be as soon as I get my hands on professor Elm" she replied with gritted teeth, "mum asked him to get us to go on our journeys together so he made us get the eggs"

"Oh, okay" Chris blinked, "we still get to keep the eggs right"?

"Well yeah" Grace said as she pulled out a medium sized book titled "Pokemon eggs of the world", "You see I've been trying to find out what my egg's gonna hatch into but for the life of me I can't find anything on it. You wanna read it and see what you're expecting"?

"First that sounds weird" Chris replied as he looked at the egg, "and anyway I want it to be a surprise when this little fellah hatches."

"Oh well suit yourself" she sighed as she quickly bought some lotions and potions, "let's go. The quicker this journey is the less time I have to spend with you"

"That makes two of us" Chris thought to himself as he was dragged down route thirty towards Violet city. However, something else was following them.

Half an hour later...

"Grace for the last time Violet city is not at the end of Dark cave!" Chris said.

"Well have you ever been? Didn't think so" his sister retorted, "My decision is final"

It was then that Nick walked into a signpost that pointed to Violet city. Grace looked at it with Chris smiling and giving her the 'I told you so' look.

"Shut up" she muttered as she stormed off in the direction of Violet city when they heard a


"What?" Grace asked when she realized that she had trodden on a Spearow's foot. The angry bird then rose up into the air with a flock of its mates, "now look what you made me do"!

"Can we just wait until we get out of this mess?" Chris asked as he called out James and Lance, both were using their attacks at the flock along with Nick and Claudia but no matter how many they attacked the numbers just kept coming. That was until a mass of rocks fell on most of the Spearow, causing them to faint.

"W-what was that?" Grace asked as she and Chris realised that they had been hugging each other and so quickly pulled away to see their saviour. A Larvitar that was carrying the remains of a mint ice cream cone, "hey, who's this little guy"?

Larvitar simply waddled to Chris and gave him the cone.

"Wait, you're that little guy from before" Chris said to the Larvitar as he stroked the rock kid's head, "and I must say I owe you double so you want to come with me"?

At those words Larvitar nodded and started doing a happy dance before Chris threw a pokeball at him which jiggled three times before successful capture.

"Welcome to the team, Kyo" Chris smiled as he picked the ball up.

"Well that's nice and all but we've got places to go and people to never see again" Grace said as she stormed down the road to Violet city, "I mean it's great you got a new pokemon but seriously I wants to get going. It's getting dark soon and I don't want to be the one that's sleeping on dirt"

To Grace Violet city wasn't her idea of old fashioned. Where were the tea rooms? The mansions? Where were the old post offices? All she had was old Japanese style houses and a tower, some journey this turned out to be.

Her brother on the other hand was really excited to be in Violet city. It just had so much history about it with the ruins of Alph so close by and Sprout tower just around the corner he was glad he packed a camera.

"Can we go to the next city please?" Grace asked, "I mean there isn't much going on here"
"Well I guess you don't mind missing the contest then" Chris said as he pointed to a poster which displayed the information for a pokemon contest that was being held five days from now.

"Five days?" Grace asked, "it's a disaster! I can't get anything to wear by then"!

"We'll think of something" her older brother replied as they went into an old fashioned looking pokemon centre filled with coordinators and other trainers with battles going on in a separate training area.

"Oh hello would you like me to heal your pokemon?" the nurse Joy asked.

"Yes please" Chris replied as he and his sister gave the nurse their pokeballs.

"I'll call for you when they're done" she said as she and her Chansey went over to the healing machines.

An hour later...

"Keep it up Lance" Chris said as the Ralts used confusion on the dust around him, concentration really hard to shape it. First the stem, then the two leaves, then a bud and just as it was about to 'open' the dust flower collapsed on itself as Ralts knelt down from exhaustion.

""It's okay little guy" Chris reassured his friend, "you got it almost completed in only two attempts. You just need to get a little stronger. Okay James we need to see your performance".

The cyndaquil nodded as it went to the middle of the training grounds and began.

"James, use swift" Chris said as the fire mouse fired a large star and rode on it high into the air.

"Now use ember!"

"Quil" James replied as he fired tiny balls of fire from his mouth as he flew by, leaving a trail of shimmering orange sparks as he went and where he went was smack bang into a torrent of mud which made him lose his balance and fall flat on his little face.

"James!" Chris shouted as he and Lance ran towards the fire mouse who was lying right next to the pokemon which caused him to fall. It was a Mudkip with a nasty mudshot, "are you okay little guy"?

"Cynda" the fire mouse replied with a dazed expression.

"Omigosh I am like so sorry" a girl shouted as she ran over. She was a few inches shorter than Chris, had a pale complexion with jade eyes, waist length brown hair and wore a bright orange sleeveless top, bright pink skirt and pink converses, "I'm so sorry. Clara and I were just practicing for the contest and I can't believe we hit that Cyndaquil"

"Um, it's alright, these things happen" Chris blinked, "I'm Chris and this is James. At least this happened in a pokemon centre. I mean it's convenient that I can heal this little guy up. Excuse me a minute".

Five minutes later...

"So you're entering the contest too?" Sadie asked with her pokemon Clara and an Oddish called Bloom eating their lunch, "Wow that is pretty awesome. It's my second actual contest coming up but it's nice I get to meet some of the people".

"I think so too" Chris smiled as he remembered that out of his three pokemon one was still in his ball, "oh almost forgot, Kyo, come on out"!

"Lar" Kyo said as he appeared from his ball and hugged Lance and James, both pretty excited about meeting the rock type.

"So what do you thinks' gonna come out of your egg?" Sadie asked.

"I'm keeping it a surprise" Chris said in reply, "hopefully my sister and I get awesome baby pokemon. Speaking of my sister, where is she"?

Meanwhile, at the Sprout tower...

"This is so boring" Grace sighed as she exited the tower with a slightly tired Claudia and Nick, "That place had nothing but Bellsprout in it. Take about unoriginal- what is it Nick"?

"Char char!" Nick replied, pointing at the Gastly behind his trainer who looked around and screamed before a beam of red light followed by a flying bone club chased the ghost types away.

"Well this got interesting" Grace said as she looked at the Cubone who looked eager to battle.

Sorry about the wait. Had exams to do. Well it looks like Chris may have a rival with Sadie and we have Kyo the Larvitar making his non cameo debut. Next time we see Grace battling a Cubone- arguably the sweetest ground type ever. Until next time read and review folks!