Naruto: Path of a shinobi.

This fic will follow major canon events at the beginning but may or may not change with time. I also began this fic a while ago, before the fact that Naruto's mother was Kyuubi jinchūriki was revealed, I didn't change because I couldn't be bothered doing that and I didn't publish it because I didn't have the story thought out too much when I began. I know this chapter is a bit short, but it's just a prologue I promise chapters will be longer in the future. Pairing will be Naru/FEM!Sasu. Won't be harem no matter what, not because I hate it, I'm just not a very experienced writer. Don't like don't read and please don't hunt me down it's my first time. ^.^

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto or anything related to Naruto, though OCs and any technique I come up with are mine!


Lightning flashed in the sky as you see a blond haired man rushing through the woods wearing a trench coat with flame designs on the bottom carrying a new born baby in his arms, his name Minato Namikaze. As he neared the area where kyuubi is at the moment, he could hear the roars and screams of his dying men trying to keep the fox at bay, 'what happened to kyuubi, why is it attacking a village that he protected since the day it was built…'.

"Hold the line! Wa-"was the shout of an ANBU captain before he was crushed by one of kyuubi tails, then a few seconds later another shout can be heard "Kuchiyose no Jutsu (1)", as the giant toad boss appeared out of nowhere with their yondaime on the head "You have done well, retreat back to Konoha I'll handle the rest here" as the shinobis in the area headed back to Konohagakure, with shouts of triumph.

While this was happening on the ground it was another story with Minato and Gamabunta, what they saw on kyuubi's head shocked them, there was someone leaning on one of his ears looking down on the battle field with a gesture that told them he was bored, as Minato began doing seals to begin the sealing said man looked up and disappeared, and after that kyuubi regained his senses, but by then the sealing was already completed, "Naruto, my son, I am sorry that I have to do this to you, but you were to only choice I had. Gamabunta, when Naruto is ready would you accept Naruto as fox and toad summoner?"

"Very well, Minato, for you I'll even ask if he can sign his mother's contract after he has signed our ones."

"Thank you, Gamabunta, make me proud Naruto…" with those words the Yondaime, strongest hokage, died that night. As Gamabunta carried Naruto backed to Konoha one thought was going through his mind 'Why did you attack Konoha Kyuubi? You were mines and Minato's friend, and who was the man on top of your head?'. As the Sandaime and a few ANBUs took Minato's body and a crying Naruto from his head, he gave one final glance at Naruto and gave a knowing nod to Hiruzen (Sandaime hokage for those who don't know his name) before disappearing. After Gamabunta 'poofed' back to his own world Hiruzen took Naruto to his office and laid him down in his crib and fed him. After Naruto fell asleep he couldn't help but wonder what the future will hold for him. He will have a hard life for sure as a jinchūriki that's for sure, as no one liked jinchūrikis much anyway, with both of Naruto's parents dead, he will have to protect him, 'How can I protect him from the village? Make sure he has a normal childhood without Danzo getting his hands on him and turning him to into an emotionless weapon like one of his ANBU ROOTS' were the last thought of Hiruzen before falling asleep after a long day.


Kuchiyose no Jutsu (1): Summoning technique.

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