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"When you're sad and alone ... all you can count on is yourself."
-Zetsu to Hidan

Chapter 11: Arrival in Nami and explanations.

It took a few hours to reach Nami, once there Tazuna led them to his house. As they enters the house, they saw a women preparing lunch, when the women head snapped towards the door her eyes widens, "Tou-san (1)! Your back and I see that you got the help of some shinobis with you as well"

Tazuna nods at this, "Yup. The pink one in the middle is Sakura." She just bowed towards the women, "The raven hair girl is Saki." She nodded, "the blonde one there is Naruto" he just nods as well, "and lastly the one on the behind the blonde is there sensei, Kakashi." Kakashi gave them an eye smile, "Everyone this is my daughter, Tsunami." She gave a small bow to the group, they saw a small boy trying to hide by the stairs, when he saw the group looking at him he ran upstairs and slammed a door shut. "Sorry about that. He is my grandson, Inari; he wasn't always like this… But after…certain incidents involving Gato, his personality changed." They nodded at this, while Naruto just snorted.

"NARUTO! Be polite!" shouted Sakura.

"Well at least he has a family that loves and looks after him…By the way we you got a room where we can stay?"

Tazuna nodded, "I only have 2 spare rooms, so you have to share, one room for Kakashi and Naruto, the other for Saki and Sakura. You alright with this? If not feel free to sleep in the storage room with the creates." They all nodded walked upstairs while everyone follows him.

Once everyone was shown their rooms and got allocated, they all headed into Naruto's room, Sakura asks, "Are you sure you're alright sensei? What happened after the battle with Zabuza?"

"I'm fine Sakura, it's nothing."

"If you say so…?"

This time it was Saki who spoke up, "Kakashi-sensei, where exactly did you get the sharingan?"

"I don't feel like talking about that too much at the moment, also it's a long story, I will tell you next time." Saki nodded accepting the answer. Kakashi looked to Naruto who had a thoughtful expression while staring blankly at the wall, "Naruto, are you alright?" This bought Naruto back into reality, "Truthfully? No, I just keep thinking back to the battle, I feel that I have missed something important…"

"Well it's not like Zabuza is alive, you see that nin kill Zabuza with just three needles? Who was that shinobi anyway?"

"That ninja was a hunter-nin from Kiri (2). Each village have their own division of hunter-nins, they are responsible for hunting down and killing missing-nins and destroying the body after they kill the missing-nin." Kakashi answers, then his eyes widen in realization.

"Zabuza is alive."

"How is that possible Kakashi-sensei? We saw that hunter kill him!"

This time it was Naruto who answered, "What did he used to kill Zabuza?"

"Needles, but he is still dead."

"Exactly, needles, they can be used to put people into an almost dead-state, also why would the hunter-nin shunshin off with Zabuza body. He would have destroyed it there and then and no he wouldn't have cared who seen him destroy the body, also if he needed proof all he needed was his sword or head…"

"Exactly Sakura, those are the reason why I think that Zabuza is alive. That was what you are thinking about wasn't it, Naruto?"

He nodded at this, Saki didn't like being left out so she added her opinion, "If Zabuza is still alive, shouldn't we be out there training to get stronger?" Kakashi nodded at this, "Yes, but there is one problem, Naruto, you are stronger then all Genin and most people your age. I remember when I made jonin when I was 14, but at the time there was a war on, so it was either get strong or die. So what about you Naruto, why did you get so strong?"

Everyone in the room turned their attention to Naruto, Naruto just sighed, "Even if there is no war on Kakashi-sensei, you would have needed to be strong to survive what I been through, it was either that or die."

Kakashi nodded understanding his burden, "True, but with no one to train you, you shouldn't be this strong…Also that ninja-to on your back, it looks familiar in a way…Like I have seen it somewhere before." Kakashi eyes Naruto, "Is there something you're not telling me, Naruto?"

'Kyuubi, you there?'

"Yes, I also heard the conversation, no point in keeping this a secret from them any longer, Kakashi is on the brink of figuring it out, Saki already knows and the banshee there won't betray you. Also the family here is trustworthy enough not to reveal your secret."

Naruto mentally nodded at this, 'Alright, what about you?'

"That is your choice when to tell them; even I don't know how they will react when they find out, though I am sure that your sensei knows about me being sealed inside you."

Meanwhile Naruto was pondering whether to tell or not, everyone looked at Naruto as he stares off into nothing. Everyone, excluding Saki, as she recognizes the 'Naruto is talking to Kyuubi' look wondered what he was thinking about. Then Naruto sighed then looked at Kakashi, then he took off his cloak and white jacket underneath his cloak, revealing a skin tight muscle shirt showing the tone to his muscle, the girls in the room blushed slightly at this, then he pulled up the left sleeve up a bit, revealing his ANBU tattoo near his shoulder.

Kakashi eyes widened, Sakura seeing this ask, "Sensei, what so special about that black spiral tattoo?"

"That tattoo Sakura, shows that you are part of ANBU…" Sakura eyes widen in shock, "Impossible! Naruto was dead last at the academy; he couldn't have been in ANBU, could he?"

Naruto sighed after he heard this, "Sakura, if you haven't figured it out by now, the orange, happy-go-lucky kid was my mask I used at the academy. The council wouldn't like it too much if I became too strong, I hig-" Naruto mouth snapped shut as he caught himself, he was about to reveal Kyuubi.

"Why would the council hate you?"

"When is my birthday, Sakura?"

"October 10th."

"Correct, when did the Kyuubi attacked Konoha?" Sakura eyes widen in shock, "They hate you because you were born on the day of the Kyuubi attack."

"In a way you are correct." She looked at Naruto with a guilty expression; after all she was one of the people that didn't like him too much before he took off his mask.

"Naruto, how long were you in ANBU? Also that ninja-to looks familiar…can't remember to where I have seen it before…"

Naruto smirks at this, "I have been in ANBU since six years old, I also recall you meeting an ANBU with a fox mask around 4 years ago." Kakashi looked towards Naruto in shock, 'Naruto is kitsune, the very one that saved the lives of my squad, should of realize when I saw the blonde hair, after all how many people in Konoha had hair like his, other than his father…Also that ninja-to… I remember now! That blade was his mothers.' he saw her use it in some of the spars between her and Minato.'

-Flashback no jutsu-

It was a rainy day, Kakashi was still in ANBU. He was about to retreat when a mission his squad was on turned sour and one of his squad mate was killed.

They were infiltrating a bandit camp, it should of been easy enough, but the Intel was off and there were around 3 jonin level and 7 chunin missing-nins there that ambushed them, the ambush itself took out one of his squad mate and injured another one, the place was hectic, they were slowly retreating, when one of the jonin was about to stab ryu, his other un-injured teammate in the back, a kitsune masked ANBU jumped out from nowhere a took out the attacker. Everyone there froze as said ANBU looked around, "Inu (3), looks like you and your team needs some help here." Kakashi, known as Inu then nodded, judging from his voice he couldn't be older than 8 or 9, "We are retreating because of a wounded teammate, but where did you come from, I didn't remember sending out a request for reinforcements. I'm not saying that I don't want you here, but how did you know we are in need of help kitsune?"

The ANBU known as kitsune nodded at this and pulled out his ninja-to the one that looked like the one Kushina had, "Well, I was on a solo assassination mission and was passing through the area on my way back to Konoha, when I heard fighting and decided to check it out. Luckily for you I did. So where you need me Inu-san?"

"Unless you can take them all out at once, I we need you to cover me with ryu as I take Neko (4) here to safety."

"Wait you just need me to take out those nins right? Judging from the bandit camp I saw earlier on my way here, I'll say your mission was to take out the camp, before you were ambushed by the ninjas there. Right?"

Kakashi nodded at this "Well unless you can take most of them out in one go we will all die."

"Easy enough… Kage bunshin no jutsu!" 10 clones popped into existence, surrounding the missing-nins, seven of the clones began going through hand seals while the other 3 plus the original began going through another set, the seven finished first and shouted "Fūton: Kamikaze (5)" around 14 miniature tornado heading towards the missing-nin, before they could react the other four finish their hand signs and shouted "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu". kitsune spat a ball of fire towards the tornados supercharging the fire technique and before the ninjas could react they were burned to death by multiple mini fire typhoons.

"So Inu, do you want me to take out the bandit camp as well?" Recovering from the shock when he saw the ease that the blonde took out those nin, he dumbly nodded. With that the blonde just nods and head out to the direction of the, 10 minutes later when ryu was healing a now awake Neko, they heard a huge explosion in the direction of the bandit camp, "So is that the ANBU that saved our asses?" Ask Neko as ryu told her the story. Inu nods, then kitsune came out of the clearing, "Sorry for the wait. It took longer than I thought to get the clones in place. Anyway there are no survivors, lets head back."

The other three just nodded, as Inu lifted Neko onto her back as she was still not capable of walking yet, the four headed back to Konoha. 'Hmmm…. The hair that kitsune has looks like Minato also his ninja-to looks exactly like Kushina's one…Could it be?...No…I saw Naruto the other day running through the street shouting random things about being hokage, also Naruto doesn't know about his linage yet…No this could not be Naruto…Could it?' Were the last of Kakashi's thoughts of the fox masked ANBU before him until they reached Konoha and went their separate ways.

-Flashback Kai-

"So the fox mask ANBU was you…Guess I have to thank you for saving me and my squad's life…But what was your mission that night?"

"That was my first solo assassination mission; it was considered A-rank. My target was Gato, at the time he was in control of a village near the borders of fire country and tea country. So when the village somehow got a messenger out from Gato's watch, he headed to Konoha and informed the hokage and paid for an A-rank mission. I was sent because there were no available ANBUs at the time, and being my first solo and inexperienced and all Gato escaped me while one of his ninjas and forty nine of his hired bandits fought me. The mission wasn't a total failure though; you know the missing-nin Aoi Rokushō?"

Everyone but Kakashi gave Naruto a confuse look, while Naruto just sighed. "Aoi Rokushō was a missing-nin of Konoha, was responsible for stealing a very important item of Konoha, the Sword of the Thunder God, the sword itself belonged to the Nidaime hokage, anyway he had no ken jutsu skills and basically relied on the sword ability to cut other weapons to win battles. I killed him and managed to recover the sword and return it to Konoha. But like I said Gato got away and I'm here to kill him, well at least try if he has hired anyone else like Zabuza. So any more questions?"

"So you basically killed one of Konoha most wanted missing-nin that no-one was able to find, managed to recover an ancient artifact, return it to Konoha and saved me and my squads lives on the way back. But how did you know it was me under that dog mask?"

"I didn't, but once I saw you enter that room as our sensei, well there not much people in Konoha with hair like you." Kakashi nods at this, "Naruto who taught you?"

"Well two people called Anko and Yamato."

"I see they taught you well if you managed to join ANBU…How long did they teach you for anyway, before you got in?"

"Around a year, you learn stuff pretty fast if you can create 5000 clones in a training session, also even after I joined ANBU I trained with them for two more years before stopping."

"So you are basically on par with me now?"

"In a way, I have more chakra, but you have more experience and techniques, which reminds me, I could have gotten the bells of you in the first five minutes during your little test."

"I see…Saki you don't seem surprise at all." Saki looks at Naruto and sighs, "because I have known for the past two years, it was him who fought Itachi and saved me from whatever he was going to do to me." Everyone turns to look at her surprised by the revelation, then a memory hit Sakura, "Wait, the fox masked ANBU with blonde hair walking with you two years ago was Naruto!"


"Why didn't you tell us sooner?"

"Sakura, there is a reason why ANBUs wear masks you know." This time it was Naruto who answered, "Also like I said the council particularly the civilian council hates my guts, if they even got a whisper to that I am in ANBU, well things will get ugly and fast. By the way all of this you are hearing now is an S-rank secret punishable by death, said from the Hokage's mouth to the other that knows about me." Everyone in the room nods in understanding, "If no one has any more questions, and staring at me with shock and awe is not very productive, I'm going to be...doing something other then sitting on my ass."

Everyone nodded and left leaving both Kakashi and Naruto in the room. With a nod to Kakashi, Naruto headed downstairs as well.


Tou-san (1): Father/dad.

Kiri (2): Mist/fog.

Inu (3): Dog.

Neko (4): Cat.

Fūton: Kamikaze (5): Wind Release: Divine Wind.

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