I don't not own Kingdom hearts

Tama: yea neither dose she own Disney

Me thanks for telling Tama

Tama: Kingdom hearts is own by Disney and square Enix

Me: Review but knows I new t this so please be nice

This is for my friend her b day

Sorry its is so late

Tama : on with the story

"We final get our hearts back." Said Axel he never knew that it would be that easy to get his heart back. He could not that all it took was asking Sora and telling him and his friends his true intentions he would help the.

"I knew he would help us Axel I just knew it." Said Demyx it is so cool how one simple answer got us here.

" hearts thank you Sora' Said Axel

One day i will meet Roxas again but for now my heart is the one thing that matters to me