Continuation of my story: Demigods and Vampires.

For this story to make sense, you must read the first one!

Characters that are focus right now:

Percy Jackson: Son of Poseidon

Annabeth Chase: Daughter of Athena

Thalia Grace: Daughter of Zeus

Amber Garcia: Daughter of Poseidon

Alex Garcia: Daughter of Poseidon

Nico di Angelo: Son of Hades

Luna (No last name): Daughter of Artemis

Aurora: Daughter of Athena.

Katie Gardner: Daughter of Demeter

Travis Stoll: Son of Hermes

Connor Stoll: Son of Hermes

Kimberly Johnson: Daughter of Hades

Seth Clearwater: Werewolf

Rowan Redfern: Vampire

Kestrel Redfern: Vampire

Jade Redfern: Vampire

Tiggy: Jade's kitten

Ash Redfern: Vampire

Mary-Lynette: Ash's human soulmate

More Night World Characters. (If you don't know the rest, you need to read the books!)

Chapter 1: The Arrival will be up before (Not today) Sunday!