Chapter 20


I opened my eyes and sat up, yawning. Alex was sleeping soundly in the bed next to mine and Percy was snoring in a few beds down. Jez was missing, obviously in the same cabin Morgead was in, but Rashel hadn't gone anywhere. Quinn was sleeping right next to her on the small bed, his arms around her. I got up and changed before I exited the cabin, going out into the camp about an hour and a half before everyone else got up.

I went down to the beach and sat in the sand, taking off my shoes so I could feel it between my toes.

"Careful, or a sea monster might sneak up on you."

I looked up, startled at the sudden voice. He was standing in the water, a slight grin on his face that reminded me too much like Percy's.

"Dad," I greeted.

"How's it been?" Poseidon asked, coming to sit next to me on the sand.

It surprised me. I looked over at him with a weird look before he turned and watched me too. I blinked and then opened my mouth to answer.

"Okay. I've been training a lot lately. Alex is going crazy because she can't seem to beat Percy. She's trying to learn archery—you know how bad we are at it—but you know Alex. She's too stubborn to give up that easily. Well…you might know her. Not too sure. Being a god must be really busy."

"I know you and your sister plenty, Amber. Never think that I never cared about you two or you mother. The Fates…" Poseidon paused and looked out to the sea. "The Fates had their own plans for her."

"Did you ever visit us?" I asked suddenly, remembering how Percy had told us that he had been visited by Poseidon when he was a baby.

"As much as I could without being caught," Poseidon admitted. "It was tough."

"Why didn't you bring us to camp earlier? We could have helped during the war. I'm…I'm…"

"You're sixteen today," Poseidon nodded. "I know."

"Then why didn't you let us help?"

"I was trying to keep you two safe. I promised that to your mother when she died. Percy…Percy was a different case. He was destined to save the world as my child. You two have your own destiny now."

"That doesn't make sense," I told him.

"I know."

There was an awkward silence in which we both just sat there. Then, he sighed.

"It was hard, Amber. Bringing you and your sister in would have made things much more difficult. Kronos could have used you as pawns—"

I snorted, "Right. As if that mattered at the time. He could have used Thalia or Nico. Alex and I would have been way lower on the list."

"You were younger…more vulnerable. He could have tried to taint your minds and—"

"Tainted our minds?" I raised an eyebrow. "Now I think your head is the one filled with seaweed."

For a moment, I believed I had gone too far, but Poseidon just sighed again and then looked out to the water.

"How do you know it's my birthday?"

"You're my daughter," He replied. "It would be good to know my own children's birthdays."

"Mom was supposed to buy me and Alex a car to share today. We were going to come in on this exact morning. We had it planned since we were eleven."

"You want a car?"

I laughed, "No. Just remembering."

"Reminiscing can be good."

"It can be sad."

"It can," He agreed.

"Did you…did you ever…" I trailed off.

Did my father ever love my mother? I was positive that he loved Sally…but had my mother just been a fling? Was it possible to love another person so quickly? I swallowed my question and traced random patterns in the sand.

"This Hades boy…" Poseidon started uncomfortably. "You two are…involved?"

"Yes," I looked back up. "We have been."

"And you…have you ever…" He cleared his throat.

"No!" My eyes widened and I jumped slightly. "Gods, no! Oh gods."

I buried my face in my hands and tried not to laugh. Now he was asking me about my relationship stages?

"Good," He grunted. "Do you know about it?"

"Yes," I dragged out the word. "I know about—you know—and I don't really think either of us wants to talk about it."

Poseidon nodded and looked relieved for not having to talk about it. Since when had the Gods wanted to have 'the talk' with their kids? Ew. He stood and held out a hand, which I accepted and stood as well.

"So this was just to say hello or is there a catch?" I asked.

"It was a Happy Birthday."

"What about Alex?"

"There's a part you don't know about yet, but I'll be there. I'll talk to her then."

I nodded then I said, "You know, Alex needs to be looked after more, right?"

He gave a small grin, "Yes. Your sister has a bit more rebellion in her than you do."

"I have my moments."

"Happy Birthday Amber," He said.

Then, he turned and walked into the ocean until he was torso deep. He turned back to me and smiled.

"And to your earlier question: Yes."

And he disappeared into the water.


Nico was standing there, watching me. I walked back up to him and greeted with a small kiss.

"How much of that did you catch?"

"From Rebellious Alex and on," Nico replied. "Happy Birthday, by the way."

He pulled something from out of his pocket and put it in my hand. I looked down at it and grinned.

"My very own iPod."

"So you won't keep stealing mine," He whispered. "I've had to delete some."

"Oh, come on!" I giggled. "Avril Lavigne isn't that bad."

"I was more worried about the Taylor Swift."

I laughed as we walked back towards camp. We made it into the pavilion, where some of the campers were awake and spaced out, eating and chatting with their siblings. Both Percy and Alex were up now, sitting at the Poseidon table and talking. Kimberly sat at the Hades table by herself, so Nico went to go sit with her while I joined my Twin and my brother.

"Why, dear brother, can you tell what today is?"

"Maybe it's Pegasus day?" Alex mused. "What do you think, Percy?"

"I…uh, no?" Percy was giving us an odd look. "That's like in February."

"He actually knew that?" Alex whispered. "Wow, I'm really loving his priorities right now."

"Are you being serious?" I asked him.

"'Course not. Happy Birthday, oh, confusing sisters of mine."

Alex and I both grinned at him. When Percy went back to eating, Alex's grin turned upside down instantly and she gave him an expectant look.

"Alex, we shouldn't—"

"He's our brother!" Alex protested. "He's supposed to."

"Supposed to what?" Percy asked, his mouth full of food.

My nose scrunched in distaste and Alex leaned forward, looking around to make sure no one else could listen.

Then she whispered, "Where's my present?"

"Ahem. Our present," I glared at her.

"Fine. Our present."

"Isn't my presence enough?"

Alex whacked him on the back of his head with her hand. Suddenly, a brightly colored package was dropped onto the table and all three of us turned to see Jenny standing there with a grin on her face.

"Happy Birthday!"

Alex looked at the present, then back at Jenny, then to me. I nodded and she jumped forward, ripping at the paper.

"I get to open the next one!" I told her.

Alex was finished unwrapping it and she laughed when she saw what it was. I leaned around the box to see that it was a piece of paper. Written in neat writing was:

Alex and Amber Garcia, you are hereby invited to a super-fun day including water sports, fun games, friendly competitions, and a party showing the day of your birth. All brought together by Jenny, Luna, Annabeth, Aurora, and Ryan.

I looked back up at Jenny with a raised eyebrow and she laughed. Then, she danced off to join Troy and Ryan at the table that had been made for the demititans. Alex turned to me with a grin.

"You realize we're going to dominate this, right?"

"If we're on the same team," I said. "Then yes."

"And if we're not?" Alex asked.

"Then you're going down.


I ran through the forest running as fast as I could, my breathing coming quick. I almost tripped over a tree root sticking out, but I steadied myself and dashed behind a tree. I peeked out, making sure my breathing was quiet.


I gasped as Nico came out of a shadow and he cracked a wicked grin. I smacked his arm and gestured in the other direction.

"You just gave my position away!"

"They couldn't have possibly heard tha—"


I laughed and pushed Nico in front of me, taking off running again. I only stopped when a familiar figure stopped me dead in my tracks. Alex stood there, holding two guns aimed at me.

"Hello, sister."

My eyes widened, "Alex, please. You don't want to do this."

"Why not? You're going to lose anyway. I might as well just kill you now and save myself from the trouble of dealing with you later."

"Alex…I'm your sister," I pleaded.

She pulled the trigger and I took off to the side while she tried to pelt me with water from the water guns she had. I heard her laughing and chasing after me.

"Now, Percy!" She shouted.

"Percy?" I demanded, turning around. "You made allies! Not fair!"

"Totally fair," My brother's voice said behind me.

"Nico, help!"

I looked up and watched in horror as Percy brought a wave towards me. Apparently, it was bigger than Alex had anticipated.

"Percy, you're going to hit me too…"

"I know."

"Hey!" Alex took a few steps forward so she could stand next to me. "That's not fair."

He simply let go of the wave. As it came crashing down, Alex and I raised our hands and the water twisted around, going right back after Percy. He held his hands out too, and concentrated. It was difficult, but there was two of us and one of him. The wave crashed down on him and he shook his hair and automatically dried off.

"Traitor," He accused Alex.

"Meanie!" She stuck her tongue out. "Besides, you betrayed me first!"

Then, Alex's guns were knocked out of her hands and picked up by something invisible.

"Annabeth," I frowned. "Alex, run!"

But it was too late. Alex gasped as her back was soaked with water from the gun and she fell to the ground, her arm outstretched towards me.

"Go on without me!" She cried.


"Wait, I didn't mean that! Amber! Hey!"

I laughed to myself as I ran. Time slowed down and I felt myself desperately trying to go faster, but I was practically running through syrup. That's when my mind processed what happened and I saw her.

"Jenny," I said, but it came out ''.

"Aaaammmmmbbbeeerrrr," She mocked, laughing. "Having troubles?"

She pulled out her own water gun with a grin and pointed it at me. She pulled the trigger, but a blast of grey fizzled it out through the air and Aurora launched herself at Jenny. The two tussled for a minute, but I had gotten up and grabbed Aurora's arm.

"Come on! Quick!"

She nodded and stood off of Jenny, sprinting off while Jenny chased after us, barely being able to run from laughing too hard.

"Run, run as fast as you can!" Aurora shouted gleefully. "You can't catch me! I'm the gingerbread woman!"

"You wanna bet?"

Troy appeared in front of us with a smirk and we both stopped turning around to see Jenny closing in. Troy had a water balloon in her hand and a water gun strapped back on her shoulders, her blue flamed eyes glinting dangerously.

"Plan fourteen?" Aurora asked.

"Plan fourteen," I agreed. "One…"

"Don't try anything," Troy warned, pulling back her arm to throw the balloon.

"Three!" I screamed, skipping two altogether and lunging to the left side while Aurora went to the right.

I jumped off and flew through the woods at a speed so high, I was stumbling. Everything began to slow down again and I internally groaned. Jenny was back and she had caught me for good.

But she never came out.

"Jenny?" I called after about five minutes.

The air grew colder and time went back to normal. I looked around, holding my water gun at the ready. Jenny must be playing a prank on me, right? That's when they came out.

There were about six of the beasts, looking like they had been the product of a human and a wolf mixed together. It stank horribly and I couldn't help but gag at their presence, knowing at once what they were.

"Werewolves," I sighed. "And to what do I owe this pleasure?"

"We're hungry," The smallest squeaked out. "You're our next meal?"

My eyes narrowed, "Next?"

"We found a girl near the streets. Tasty snack, but not fulfilling enough. You, demigod, will fix our hunger," One of the larger ones growled in a deep voice that didn't sound human at all.

"Do you even know what a demigod is?"

"Of course we know!" The small one squeaked out again. "They're delicious."

"Do you know who I am?" I stalled, mentally calling out for anyone within range to come help me.

Werewolves who want to eat me! Help would be greatly appreciated.

"You're meat," The large one cackled. "And meat is good."

The first one jumped at me and I jumped forward, letting him hop right over me. He hit the ground with a snarl and another leapt at me. I shot through my water gun and lifted one hand, twisting the water through the air like a whip to knock him aside.

"Meat is annoyed," I informed them. "Meat is giving you one last warning."

I blinked. I had been spending way too much time with Alex. Speaking of which, I was wondering where all of my friends were and why they were letting me be mauled by these werewolves when a blur came in.

"Enjoying yourself?"

Jez was standing right next to me with a grin. I raised an eyebrow and gestured to the growling wolfs around us.

"Not really."

"Allow us to help," Jez said. "Morgy! Did you bring those forks?"


"We were hunting," Jez shrugged. "We all have different styles."

The small wolf fell over with a squawk as a silver fork hit him right in the heart. The other wolves howled and jumped at us. Jez fought a few of them off while I used my powers for some of them when I heard Jez curse.

I turned to see her holding her bleeding arm out. She looked up with a glint in her silvery-blue eyes.

"You just made a big mistake."

It ripped out of nowhere, almost blinding me as it curled through the air at lighting speeds and hitting the remaining werewolves. It blew through them and vanished in a second, barely leaving my eyes time to process what had happened.

Jez gave a satisfied smirk and then looked down at her bleeding arm. I lifted my water gun and squirted it at her arm and she gasped, looking over at me in surprise and anger.

"What was that for?"

I rolled my eyes and held my hand above the wound and it healed even quicker. She made a sound of realization and then (grudgingly) thanked me.

"Where's the wolves?" Alex jumped out of the trees.

"A little late there," I said.

She pouted and Morgead came out of the dark too. He went over to Jez and checked her arm before whispering something to her and kissing her.

"Get a room!" Alex called.

"I will when you stop yammering about Connor," Jez shot back.

"You want to go, Redfern?"

"Bring it, Garcia!" Jez laughed.

Alex held up a water balloon and Jez's eyes widened. She took a fighting stance and narrowed her eyes as Morgead looked between the two with wide eyes.

"Wait…you wouldn't…"

"I would," Alex smirked and tossed the balloon.

It flew through the air and hit Jez right in the face. She gasped in shock and Alex's laugh rang out.



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