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Chapter 2

"Dare," Annabeth finally decided.

"I dare you to go spy on the boys," Poppy said.

Annabeth got up and walked out of the room.

"Okay, now Lady Hannah, Truth or Dare?" Poppy asked.

"Truth and just Hannah," Hannah said.

Jez and Rashel both whispered in Poppy's ears.

"Oooh, you guys are mean," Poppy giggled.

Hannah had a look of pure terror on her face.

"Hannah, do you stare at Thierry a lot?" Poppy asked.

"No!" Hannah blushed.

"STALKER!" Jez and Rashel exclaimed at the same time laughing.

"I do not!" Hannah protested.

"You so do, Hannah!" Jez laughed.

"Don't deny it. I mean, it's not like none of the guys is going to hear us," Rashel said.

"Okay, fine I do sometimes," Hannah said.

"So stalkerish Hannah," Rashel giggled.

"I'm going to tell Thierry!" Jez raced for the door, but Hannah had fast reflexes, even for a human, and caught her.

"Okay, Alex, Truth or Dare?" Poppy asked.

That's when Annabeth ran in.

Third Person's Pov (Boys Room)

"I'm not watching them," Thierry said, going to watch the TV.

"Me either," Galen and Nico chorused.

"Okay, fine I do sometimes," Hannah said.

"So stalkerish Hannah," Rashel giggled.

"I'm going to tell Thierry!"

Jez raced for the door.

"Go, go, go, go!" Morgead chanted.

But Hannah caught her leg as she was running.

Morgead started pouting.

"Okay, Alex, Truth or Dare?" Poppy asked.

That's when Annabeth ran in. she started whispering to the other girls.

All the guys leaned in, trying to hear better, but it was no use.

"What's she saying?" Quinn groaned in frustration.

The girls all straightened and they looked MAD.

"So let's talk about the guys," Maggie said.

"Who first?"

"All of them," Amber said.

"All of us?" Ash asked.

"Well, they are pigs," Rashel said.

"Hey!" Almost all the guys said in protest.

"Well, only some of them. Percy, Nico, Galen, and Thierry aren't," Mary-Lynette said.

"Mare," Ash whined.

"Well, what should we do?" Jez asked softly.

"Do? Do? What? No, no, no, no, no, you shouldn't be doing anything," Morgead said, starting to panic.

"We have to leave."

The guys gasped.

"Why do you say that Annabeth? I thought Percy wasn't a pig," Maggie said.

"Oh , he can be a pig when he wants to be. I was planning on leaving anyway," Annabeth said.

Percy's eyes were as wide as plates and his jaw was on the floor.

"So when are you leaving?" Amber asked.


"I'm going with you."

"Rashel, no!" Quinn said.

"Me too!"

"No! Mary-Lynette!" Ash said.

"Count me in!"

"Jez!" Morgead's eyes were wide.

"Wait for me!"

"Maggie!" Delos said.

"Let's go!"

"Poppy?" James asked, not believing what he heard.

The girls all got up and left the tent.

"Oh no you don't."

They all raced outside.

Amber's Pov

"Don't you think this is a little harsh?" I asked Jez.

"No way, they were watching private moments on camera. We got them good," Jez smirked.

"They're coming! Hide!" Poppy hissed.

We all hid. The guys raced outside.

"BOO!" We all screamed.

They jumped and made scared noises too. Then, they all raced towards us.

"We're so sorry!" Quinn yelled.

"Yeah, we knew you had left because we were watching you on a camera and we're sorry!" Ash said.

"Oh, we knew," Rashel said.

They stared at us.

"What do you mean 'We knew'?" Morgead asked, using a bad imitation of Rashel.

"Annabeth caught you guys so we decided to play a little prank," Jez said proudly.

"Don't you ever do anything like that again. Ever," Delos said, holding Maggie in a hug.

"I'll never leave you," She whispered back to him

"Annabeth..." Percy trailed off, looking into hr eyes.

"I was just kidding, Seaweed Brain," Then she kissed him.

We all had our moments with our boyfriends and we went back into our rooms. Of course, after we confiscating all of the boy's electronis devices.


1: I fell into a dreamless sleep.

2: I fell asleep into a dream filled sleep.

Can you guess which one was reality?

The girl walked through the alley, hoping nobody would see her. She had dark brown hair and bright green eyes. She had a bag over her shoulder and she was walking pretty fast. She tripped and fell over. The contents of her bag spilled out. Papers, make-up, and a cell phone.

"Come on, come on, come on," She whispered to herself as she picked up all of her stuff.

"Need some help?"

There was a guy leaning down, starting to help her.

"Thanks," She said.

"No problem. I'm Mason by the way," The guy said, still helping her gather the papers.

"I'm Felicia," The girl said, smiling.

They both reached for the cell phone and their hands touched. They jumped apart. The picked up the last couple of papers and ran off.

"Wait!" Mason yelled after her.

The dream changed.

There was a man with red hair and fierce eyes staring at me.

"You better watch where your dreams take you, little girl," He growled.

I tried to talk, but I couldn't. The guy rollled his eyes.

"Of course, you can't speak. You're frozen in fear. Just tell them that they should come and meet my son," He said.

Then, he lunged at me.

I sat up so fast I hit Nico in the head.

"Sorry, I was just about to wake you up," He said.

"That's okay I guess," I said.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah. Where is everyone?" I asked.

"Eating breakfast. Come on," Nico helped me up.

He took me into the kitchen where there was a table. Everyone was sitting down, laughing, talking, and eating.

"Okay, now it's time to discuss the prophecies!" Thierry announced, noticing us come in.

I got some food and sat down at one of the two remaining seats.

"Okay, so we'll start with the first line:

One from the land of kings long forgotten."

"Easy, that's Delos," Maggie said.

"Next line:

One from the hearth that still holds the spark."

"Iliana," Keller said.

"One from the Day World where two eyes are watching."

"Guilty," Jez muttered, raising a hand.


One from the twilight to be one with the dark."

No one said anything.

"Any clues in that?" I asked.

"The one from the twilight... that's got to be a witch from Circle Twilight," Thea said.

"The one from the dark must be a vampire," Ash said, his face scrunched up in thought.

Looks like he might blow up. Ash glared at me. Oops. Forgot he could read minds.

"Okay, so is everyone ready for traveling?" Hannah asked.

There was a chorus of "Yes"'s.

Then, the door opened and people walked in.

"Okay, we're here! And look who dropped by!" Thea said.

Thea, Eric, Gillian, David, Katie, Erica, Travis, and a girl I don't know walked in. The girl as petite and pretty with bright violet eyes.

"Iliana!" Keller and Galen said.

"Keller! Galen! I missed you guys!" Iliana said.

Keller hugged her while Galen just said hi. Keller introduced all of us.

"So, are we ready now?" Jez asked.

To me, it seemed that Jez didn't exactly like Iliana as much as Keller did. We all grabbed our stuff, packed it up, and started on our way. Since we could all fit in one tent, we ditched the ones that Alex didn't use magic on.


"So, um, who wants to go first?" Luna asked, looking into the cave.

"We have to send in an innocent. They might think it would be a sacrafice and they would let their guard down," Morgead said.

"An innocent?" Erica asked.

Everyone turned to her.

"Oh no! No, no, no, no, no!" Erica chanted.

Erica's Pov

I can't believe they made me do it. Oh, if I survive this, Luna is in so much trouble. I shivered.

"Why is it so cold?" I asked no one in particular.


"Luna?" I asked, turning around.

Someone grabbed my shoulders and covered my mouth. I tried to scream, but it didn't work. I elbowed them with all my might, and the person released me, yelping. I ran deeper into the tunnel and screamed. That would let them know that they should come save me. I heard footsteps behind me and I turned to see a boy my age. He had blondish hair and brown eyes. he lunged at me and caught me. Before he knocked me out, I thought something very important.

Luna, you so owe me those new boots I want for Christmas.

Amber's Pov

"She screamed! Go in! Go!" Luna called.

We went into the cave and saw Erica fighting some guy until he knocked her out. He saw us and left Erica. He ran deeper into the tunnel.

"Humans stay here and watch Erica," I yelled as we chased the guy.

We came to a room where there was a girl and the guy.

"Maya," Thierry said.

"Thierry, my dear, how are you?" The girl, Maya asked.

Thierry didn't answer.

"Open that door, Christopher," Maya said to her vampire buddy.

He opened a door and about twenty vampires came out.

"Everybody get one!" Percy shouted.

I charged one and we fought until my sword flew across the room. The vampire smiled. He threw me across the room and I hit a wall. The vampire came over to me.

"Time's up," He said.

"Get away from my sister!"

A sword went right through him. He fell to the ground. I scrambled for my sword. The vampires were starting to go out the tunnel.

"The humans!" I cried out.

The boy vampires looked up and turned to me in horror. We all raced out into the tunnel. Maya was holding Hannah by her hair in one hand and Erica by her hair in the other hand.

"Maya, drop them now!" Thierry ordered.

Maya smirked and let go of Hannah, who crawled over to us.

"Let go of my cousin!" Luna said, standing in front of us.

"Fine," Maya said.

She basically threw Erica at us.

"Luna!" Ash warned.

Maya lunged.

"No!" I yelled.

I jumped at Maya and wrestled her away from Luna. I punched her in the face and she bit my hand.

"Ow ****!" I yelled, shaking my arm.

She got up with lightning speed and kicked me. She raced out of the tunnel. I used all of my strength and some to get up and follow her. She went through the woods to a cliff and jumped off. My feet flew in front of me and tried to skid to a stop but I fell off. Knoing that I wouldn't be able to go back up, I dove for Maya.

"It's not over yet," I whispered.

Alex's Pov

They flew into a fist fight, flying through the tunnel.

"Amber!" I yelled.

She still fought. We all ran after them, but there were still some of the vampires we had to fight. We finally killed them after about five minutes.

"Look!" Annabeth pointed a pretty plant.

"That's it!" Thea said.

She grabbed the plant and out it in her bag.

"I'm going to go back to the house with Eric, Gillian, and David, alright?" She asked.

We nodded and the four went one way while we went after Amber and Maya.

Amber's Pov

I put my feet out and they were on Maya's back. She looked back at me.

"How did you follow me?" She asked.

"I don't give up," I answered.

She hissed and tried to go for my feet. I moved right before she would've caught me. We were now about twenty feet above the ground. Fifteen feet. Ten feet. I closed my eyes and concentrated. I stopped falling and was... flying.

"Well, it's about time," I muttered.

I flew towards Maya. She was frozen in shock. I got so close before putting my feet in front and hit her hard. It sent her flying back into a branch sticking out of a tree. She slumped to the ground, unconcious. I slowly floated back down to the ground. I landed and staggered. I clicked my sword to life and walked over to Maya. I held it above her heart and hesitated.

She's just wanted her love, Thierry... A little voice in my head whispered.

But she tried to kill us! I argued.

She just wanted Thierry... The voice protested.

But he belongs with Hannah!

Hannah stole him from me! The voice yelled.

The voice said me...I blocked out Maya and stabbed down. She screeched and went limp. I went and sat next to a tree.

Alex's Pov

We ran until we saw my sister.

"Amber, are you okay?" I asked.

"Let's see...I was bitten, kicked, and punched. Yup, I'm perfectly fine, Alex," She said sarcastically.

"Oh, fine! I love you too sis," I muttered, handing her some Ambrosia.

She ate it and she healed a little. She got up.

"Where's Maya?" Hannah asked.

Amber pointed at a tree. Maya was sitting there with a gash where her heart was and was slumped on a tree branch.

"You killed her?" Ash asked.

"Why don't you go ask her, Ash," Jez said sarcastically, pointing to Maya's body.

He glared at her.

"Okay, let's get back to see how Aurora's doing," Annabeth said.

Everyone agreed and we started towards the house.


We all rushed into the mansion to see Aurora looking mad.

"Thea told me you guys chased a bad guy without me!" She whined.

I rolled my eyes and everyone else smiled.

"Okay, so now. Buisness. We need to save the Cullens and the Goddesses," Nico said.

I sighed. Back to work.

"What's wrong?" Alex asked/whispered.

"I just want to take a break," I whispered back.

"We all do," Alex whispered.

"Okay, so we have great news! Our spy says that the prisoners are actually here, in Los Vegas," Thalia said, hanging up her phone.

"That means hunting parties," Ash said.

"Three demigods, one vampire or witch, and one human per group," Annabeth said.

"Remember to balnce the groups too!"

The groups ended up being me, Alex, and Luna, Jez, and Morgead; Nico, Connor, Thalia, Seth, and Erica; Percy, Annabeth, Aurora, Quinn, and Rashel; Katie, Travis, Kimberly, Rowan, and Kestrel; Ash, Mary-Lynette, Delos, and Maggie; Jade, Thierry, Hannah, Poppy, and James; Iliana, Keller, Galen, Thea, Eric, Gillian, and David. The last couple groups with just vampires were the 'Elite' groups.

"So, see you in a couple days?" I asked Nico.


Everybody went their seperate ways.


"So any smells yet?" Alex asked Morgead.

"I'm not a dog," Morgead said.

"Just asking, jeez," Alex muttered.

Morgead and Jez stiffened.

"What's wrong?" Luna asked.

"There's a made vampire running this way," Morgead said, taking a fighting posture.

We all hid, except for Morgead and Jez. Bella ran into view. She was crying and she was stumbling.

'Bella!" Alex and I yelled, coming out of hiding.

"Oh thank god! I've been running for days! Edward and the others told me to find you and... and..." She didn't finish.

"A friend of yours?" Jez asked, lifting one eyebrow.

"Is Nessie alright? Where is she?" Bella asked.

"Nessie is staying at camp with Carlisle. They're both safe," I said.

She let out a relieved breath.

"Where are the others?" I asked.

"I don't remember! They did something to us. It's like they made us all confused and drowsy! I jus kept running!" Bella exclaimed.

"Okay, so you have no idea where they are?" Alex asked.

"No," Bella said.

"Perfect," Luna muttered.

I shot her a look.

"Okay, well, let's go in the direction you came from," Morgead said.

"I didn't come from that way. I came from that way! I kept circling this area," Bella said.

"Fantastic," Luna said, sarcastically.

"Can you get a read off of her?" I asked Morgead.

"Nothing," He said.

"Well, we need to keep moving. Come on," I said.


"Alex, you did charm the other tents before we left right?" I asked.

Her face blanked.

"Oh, wait! Yeah, I did," She said.

"Let's set up camp. Bella, if you hear anything, anything at all, wake us up, okay?" I told Bella.

"Okay," She said, nodding.

"Anber?" Alex asked.


"We are never going camping. Ever. Camping is crappy," She said.

I rolled my eyes.


We set up the tent and ate while Bella hunted close by. Once she got back, Alex, Jez, Luna, and I went into the room for girls and each took a different bed while Morgead went to his room. Bella took a seat in the kitchen. I fell asleep to a dreamless sleep, something I haven't had in a long time.

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