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Paradise, Hawaiian Style

Part 9 of the Not Over Yet Series

What a sight, those exotic scenes of delight are waiting for you and me. - Paradise, Hawaiian Style, Elvis

"Well it's-a one for the money,

Two for the show

Three to get ready

And go go go..."

Murdock was singing as he guided the plane into the small Hawaiian airport with Face, Charissa, and an unconscious B.A. on board. They'd decided - well, Hannibal had told them, really - that they desperately needed a vacation away from the mainland, away from all the messy things happening at home. And so they were off in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, ready to have some fun.

Charissa had watched in fascination as they had tricked B.A. into being drugged. It had been two weeks since the Halloween incident and for the most part everyone had moved on. Though she knew the air between herself and Hannibal would take some time to clear, but she was doing her part. She was glad to get away from the first snow fall in D.C. and somewhere that was sunny all the time and you could still wear short sleeves, dresses and killer shoes. She glanced back at the unconscious B.A. and then back to Face, "He's not going to be happy when he wakes up is he…" She questioned and also wondered when he would wake up exactly.

"No. But hopefully you and I will be on a beach. And Elvis over here will be taking care of the beast." Face teased, opening a bottle of champagne on the small private plane.

B.A. shifted uncomfortably, he felt like he had been in one position for several hours and that meant one thing… "This is gettin' old." He muttered as he blinked his eyes and looked around; sure enough he was on a plane, "Damnit! I knew it! "He went to rise up completely forgetting the fact he was probably strapped in and slammed back into his seat from the force as he tried to undo the restraints, "You chickens! Tying me up! Murdock land this plane now you Crazy Ass Fool!" He kept struggling and growling.

Charissa laughed as she held out the stemmed glass in her hand to be filled with champagne, "Poor Bosco." She mused and jumped a little when he literally barked at her.

"You're on my list now too, Girl. I'm gonna get even! You'll see!" And then he got a look out his window and arched a brow, "Hawaii?" He said in a slightly calmer and curious tone.

"Care for some champagne?" Face offered him a flute glass. He didn't trust B.A. enough to untie him, though. Just one hand free. "On the promise that you don't wring my neck."

B.A. narrowed his eyes and shook his head defiantly, "No way. I don't trust you." He stated matter of factly.

"B.A. I'm drinking the exact same champagne from the exact same bottle, see?" She demonstrated taking a drink of the bubbling liquid.

His dark eyes narrowed further, "Uh huh. They've done this to me before; I can't look at a cheeseburger the same way anymore." He stated then looked pointedly at Face, "Thanks but no thanks Fool." He huffed and gripped his arm rest tighter with his free hand, trying hard to ignore the need to wring Face's neck.

"Aww, Murdock knows what you want." the pilot grinned and tossed them a carton of 2%. "One glass of milk, coming right up!"

Face laughed and opened the carton, pouring a little out to taste. "See? Just fine."

Charissa just sat there amused and chuckling, "This is what happens all the time?"

"It's not funny!" B.A. growled, but his eyes widened at the carton of milk and then sighed, "Fine. Milk would be nice. Thank you." He decided and tentatively held his free hand out for a glass of it, "And untie me, I need to stretch." He grumbled.

"Nuh uh. Not until we land." Murdock shook his finger in the air, circling once more before finding an open spot. "One-niner-niner, do I have clearance to land?"

B.A. frowned, "Not fair!" He stated, but enjoyed his glass of milk anyhow and once he was done he tried again to work himself out of his restraints, it was then he noticed his not free hand was actually handcuffed in place, "Yours?" He asked while looking directly at Sosa.

"I want to say no… but, yes, they are mine." She admitted very amused.

"Just don't tell me where else these have been used an' I'm good." He said with a nod.

"Wasn't planning on it." She agreed with a snicker.

"Many kinky things," Face said lightly, sipping his drink cheekily while Murdock landed the plane with a soft bump. "Oomph! Wanna lighten up on those landings, Murdock?"

"Sorry, Faceman." the pilot shrugged. "It's kinda a small plane."

B.A. just rolled his eyes and let out a groan of annoyance and shook his head.

"Couldn't let it go could you." Charissa eyed Face, laughing a little as they landed. She didn't find it that bumpy of landing considering it was on tarmac and not in the middle of a Sierra Nevadas, now if Face really wanted bumpy landing she was sure Murdock would oblige.

Murdock brought them in smoothly and as he taxied to a stop, he called over the speaker. "We have reached our final destination, folks. Thank you for flyin' Air Murdock, we hope you enjoy your stay in Hawaii. Now let's get out there and have some fun! Yeeeaaahoooo!" he was howling.

Face covered his ears but grinned.

Charissa was amused to say the least, but his howling was a bit loud as she too put her hands over her ears.

"Can I drug him? Come on, it'll be great." B.A. offered.

"But where would the fun be in that?" Charissa questioned, "Murdock is the life of the party after all." She defended the zany pilot a little. She stood once the plane had come to a complete stop and gathered up her things.

Murdock was already off, checking to make sure that they'd landed all right and chatting up the other pilots. They seemed amused by his zanyness and were pleased by his ability to speak the native language.

Face helped carry things off the plane and looked around. "Whew! I'm glad we wore light clothes...it's hotter than I thought!"

B.A. nodded as he followed Face and Charissa off the plane carrying most of their bags, "No kiddin' Faceman." The Sergeant said in agreement, "Sure is beautiful though." He stated as he put some shades on.

"Agreed, B.A." Charissa smiled; glad she too had opted for some lighter clothing, "Be glad you don't have to go home to snow after this." She frowned a little but quickly recovered her smile as they headed inside the terminal and were greeted by the airport welcoming committee that placed leis around each of their necks, "Aloha." Charissa said back to the woman who had gifted her with a lovely lei made of exotic red flowers.

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