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Now one with the show!

Face was busy making sure their hotel reservations were in place, then he notified the rest of the group to bring their bags in.

Murdock brought them a poster. "Look! An Elvis tribute night! Oh can we go?"

Charissa looked at the poster and then glanced to the others, "Sounds like fun to me…" She eyed Face, "Unless you had other plans made."

B.A. glanced over her shoulder at the poster she had taken from Murdock, "I'm game, Elvis made alright music for a white dude." He fingered the lei he had around his neck and grinned as he remembered the lovely woman who had given it to him.

"You know he was only popular because he stole the black man's music and gyrated his hips, Bosco." Murdock taped the poster up over the bathroom mirror and grabbed his wallet. "I'm gonna go buy some black hair dye an' a suit...back in a flash!"

B.A. shook his head, "You crazy fool." This seemed like a very bad idea to him, but he knew there was little to no stopping Murdock once he had an idea in mind. He glanced at Face and Charissa with a frown and folded arms wondering what they were thinking.

Face was stretched out on the bed, relaxing and watching out the window. "I say we have dinner soon, after Murdock comes back." he was looking at the poster. "Then, he can get back and get changed and we can go to the show with plenty of time."

Charissa was busy with unpacking and putting things away and going from room to room, "Sounds good to me." It felt odd to have summery clothing out and in use when it was the middle of Fall going on Winter but she wasn't complaining. This was a nice getaway, something they needed, "I'm going to freshen up then." She grabbed something from a drawer and disappeared in the bathroom.

"Someone's gonna hafta help the fool dye his hair when he gets back." B.A. looked pointedly at Face.

Face gave B.A. a look. "No way," he said, "forget it. He can dye his own hair, I'm not touching that. He's a wolverine. I'm too afraid he'll bite me if I try to curb that."

"Ya know he's gonna ask." B.A. chuckled and settled into a chair then glanced at the bathroom door, "Maybe he'll ask her." He gave a nod to the door, "She should have experience in all that kinda stuff." He smirked, "We could suggest it to the Crazy Man."

While she was in the bathroom, she made a small call to check in with work, making sure the shower was on before she did so. She didn't need them knowing this was actually a working vacation for her. Once the call was made she slipped into the warm water and washed the smell and icky feel of travel away.

"If Murdock wants someone to help him, he'll ask." Face pointed out, pulling out a complimentary newspaper from the table. He browsed the sections, disinterested, and focused on the comics.

"You're no fun." B.A. shook his head and kicked back.

Charissa emerged from the bathroom fresh and ready for the evening out as she settled on the foot of the bed and slipped on a pair of sandals, "I was thinking we could do some hiking tomorrow around Diamondhead." She glanced at them.

Face sort of blinked at her for a moment. "I don't know what planet you're from," he said, incredulous, "but I plan on being on the beach and relaxing with a drink in my hand most days."

"Apparently a different one." She arched a brow at him, "You don't want to explore? You can still work on your tan." She teased him.

"I'm with Faceman, I just wanna relax. Maybe hit a club or two." B.A. arched a brow at her, "You should do the same Girl."

"You always want to work," Face joked. "It's like you're never on a real vacation, even when you are!" he laughed, crossing his legs the other way to get the kink out of one knee.

She rolled her eyes and lightly smacked his foot, "Fine. I'll try it your way for once. But I make no promises, you know I have a hard time staying still for too long."

B.A. ignored them for the most part and eyed his watch, "How much longer is Murdock gonna be… we might have to run a search an' rescue mission and we haven't even been here five hours!"

Murdock returned a few minutes later, with a white rhinestone jumpsuit and black hair dye. He was sporting a large pair of sunglasses. "Aloha! I'm back!"

"Oh this'll be good." B.A. snickered and shook his head, "Well get to it, we're all waitin' on you… kinda weird, usually we're all waitin' on Face." He mused with a small chuckle.

Charissa arched a brow as she leaned back on the bed and watched Murdock curiously, "Do we even want to know how you found all of that, especially the jumpsuit?" She did but didn't want to know.

Murdock only smiled. "Face isn't the only one who can get everything we need." he gave her a little wink then went to the bathroom. "I'm gonna dye my hair...what time we goin' for dinner, Faceman?"

"Six o'clock." Face was setting his watch to the time zone. "The show is at nine, so as long as we're done by eight pm, you'll have plenty of time to come back and get into your costume."

"Oh I know that well enough by now." Charissa remarked amused, "I'm trying to picture him with black hair…" She said after he had gone into the bathroom, "and I just can't, it's going to be weird."

"Everything he does is weird." B.A. chimed in and watched the bathroom door almost more curious than Face and Charissa to see the end result look.

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