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He took in a short breath, turning his head to claim her mouth in a fierce kiss, pushing her down on the bed, animalistic. His hands moved them up, pinning her down, smoothing across her heated skin, feeling little shocks of pleasure as she continued to stroke him into passion.

She let him take possession of her mouth, the hunger of the kiss almost making her forget what she was doing with her hand. Her body trembled in anticipation, want and need. Her hand shook as she touched and pleasured him, the fingers of her other hand digging into the curve of his ass.

He growled into her mouth, posessive, pulling her further up and pushing off what was left of her clothing. He needed skin-on-skin contact, now. Pressed against her with flaming desire, biting kisses down the column of her throat and laving at the hollow in her throat as he lifted one leg up.

The urgency was maddening; her body was tight and wet. She gasped as he practically tore her clothing from her body, making her arch with each movement. She pressed against him, her back bowing fingers flexing through his hair, her head thrown back, eyes closed as she let him do as he pleased. Her body shuddered as he paid attention to her neck, for some reason that was just a spot for her, one amongst many.

"Need you..." he was pushing, biting against her lips, body flush with hers on top of the now-mussed blankets. The heat was pouring off of him in waves, and he felt as though he was going to be consumed in flames.

She smirked and flipped them with a little bit of force and filled his plea slowly easing herself down over him, very slowly… torturously so, making her moan as she drove them both towards the brink of insanity by the desire to tease him. Her head fell back, her hair falling around and across her face as she stared up at the ceiling lips parted in a silent moan which became not so silent as she finally felt her end and his tip meet.

"Yess..." it was a hiss of desire, melting into a moan of pleasure as she moved on him, his arms up to hold her hips, pulling her closer as though he meant to push every bit inside of her. "God yes..." he began to rock, holding her both tightly and moving, kissing any part of her he could reach.

Her control was only seconds before he took it back from her even though she was on top. Her nails bit lightly into his skin as he tried to seemingly push everything he hand into her, "Fuck yes." Her voice shook and was breathy as her body moved in time with his, letting him set the pace at which they coupled. Her eyes rolling back at the strength the pleasure was already between them.

B.A. had actually found it fun to shop with Murdock… even though a few times he had wanted to smack him for being too silly, but all in all it had been eventful. He left the elevator with the crazy Pilot and approached the door of Face and Charissa's room and paused just as he was about to touch the handle and looked at Murdock, "I think we need too… go… elsewhere…" He stated backing away from the door like it had turned into a monster or something.

"Why, Bosco, what's the matter?" Murdock said cheerfully, earbuds still in and unable to hear anything. He'd bought himself a blue pageboy-style wig to hide the black hair and pink heart-shaped sunglasses. He looked like some kind of weird raver, especially with the glittery shirt he had on.

When he opened the door, he realized what B.A. was talking about. With a muffled cry of ...something, he slammed the door again and put his back to it. "Outside." he croaked.

"Crazy ass fool, I told ya." B.A. had to laugh, "Come on we'll hit the pool side bar." He offered and pulled zany Pilot away from the door and back towards the elevator, "It'll be okay, promise Crazy man." He was still laughing however and wondered if he should tell Face or not later on.

Charissa noticed nothing, all she knew was Face and nothing else. The fire alarm could go off and she'd never hear it. She was caught up in him, his body, his body inside of hers. She sought his mouth with hers and let the kiss mimic the movements of their bodies.

Likewise, Face was oblivious to anything but the moment and Charissa's body entwined with his. He rocked up against her, hands sliding up and down her back, hungry for touch and the sensation of her heated skin.

She felt that edge looming closer and closer with each thrust. She left his mouth and kissed and nipped his jaw line finding her way to his ear and whispering in a heated fashion, "Harder." Her hips pressing down at his roughly to put the point across even more as she moaned his name.

Face grinned, panting an agreement and adjusting, pushing harder and faster, as much as he could, pulling her legs closer to get a better angle.

Her body tightened and then there was that glorious white light that rose from her very core and spread through her body as a trembling and hot wave. She cried out as the orgasm took over her body, her hands flexing against his skin, her nails leaving red marks behind. She collapsed against him as she came down from the extreme high though she still trembled and shook every so often with aftershocks.

It pushed him over the edge as well and he growled his pleasure as he came, arms tightening around her back and pulling her close, giving her languid kisses and laying still until they cooled and he grew too sleepy to continue.

She drifted off as he did, a satisfied smile across her lips as she curled into him and rested her head so she could hear his heartbeat as it slowed to a normal pace. Some would mistake the fact that their relationship was based slowly around sex, but it wasn't… it was just a common need they shared, but it was a need that was best satisfied by each other.

The next morning, B.A. was happily tucked in his hotel bed, still amused by the look on Murdock's face after he had opened the door to Face and Charissa's room when suddenly an odd noise began to disrupt his currently half awake slumber causing him to wake completely, " Th' hell izzat?" He questioned sleepily trying to wrestle his way out of the covers and silence whatever was making that annoying sound, "Did you set the alarm Crazy Man?" He questioned making more sense now.

"Nope." Murdock shook his head, climbing out to reach for the table. "It's the phone." he picked it up and flipped it open. "You realize what time it is here?"

"Get back here now." It was Hannibal. And he didn't sound happy. "We've got trouble with a capital L."

Poor Murdock. He won't be able to get that imagine out of his head for a while I bet.

Anyhow that's all for now, I should have the first chapter of the next part up soon. Sorry everything is moving so slowly, Drowsy and I are busy this month.