Characters: Ages

Kyo: 20

Tohru: 20

Yuki: 20

Shigure: 31

Haru: 19

Rin: 21

Hana: 20

Uo: 20

Kureno: 31

Akito: 23(possibly)

Momiji: 19

Kagura: 22

Hatori: 31

Ayame: 31

Machi: 19

Kisa: 16

Hiro: 15

Ritsu: 24

Kazuma: about 41 maybe

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What? More Cats?


Tohru's POV

Hello, my name is Tohru Honda. I am now 20 years old. And yes, I'm still living with Kyo. Sometimes Machi-san comes over for a bit with Kakeru-san. A lot has happened since Mom died. I still think of her but now I 'm not in need of her as I once did because I have Hana-chan, Uo-chan, Yuki, Kyo and everyone else to be there for me. When the curse broke things happened. Uo-chan and Kureno moved away. Momiji started to take violin lessons with Momo, she's happy. Shiraki-sensei is now dating Hatori-san. They make a good couple. After Yuki said good-bye to The Rat he asked Machi out. Shigure moved in with Akito-san. And Kyo and I are engaged. Uo just called me and told me she and Kureno are coming back. I think Kazuma-san is dating Hana-chan too.

Chapter 1: The Plans

General POV

Footsteps rushed down the hall. The door slammed open as a young man with bright orange hair and red eyes stood there. His eyes where wide in fear, shock, anger, and lots of other emotions.

"TOHRU!" he yelled suddenly. A girl, with long brown hair and turquoise eyes, had jumped up from the kotatsu(A/N a Japaneselow, wooden table covered by a heavy blanket with is a heat source) where she had been sitting right before he came in.

"Oh K-Kyo, w-what's wrong?" The girl asked startled. The boy answered "Why the hell is Shishou(A/N Shishou is Kazuma also referred to as master Kyo's foster father) and Hanajima doing here!"

"Oh yeah, Kyo I forgot to tell you Kazuma-san and Hana-chan are getting married," Tohru answered, "isn't that wonderful?"

Oh, great. Kyo thought now her eyes are shinning.T_TIII

Shaking his head he said, "there is no way in HELL Hanajima is going to be my foster mom!"

"that reminds me Kyo, when should, we have our wedding be?" Tohru asked.

"How 'bout now?" he replied.

Hours Passed

They finally decided to have it at 1p.m. August 4th. One month to go.

Time skip: 10 days before the wedding

"Tohru-chan!" the brunette sang. She had twin tails and was wearing her maid outfit.

"Mine-san thank you so much for doing this for me," Tohru thanked her for the thousandth time. Mine, Ayame's assistant was going to measure her for her custom made wedding dress, for free.

"Don't worry about it Tohru-chan. Now let's get started." Mine said with a glint in her eyes.



"Let go of me! The only reason I came was for Kyo to get his tux. Not to hangout!"

"Oh right. Well then." Pause. "Yuki… where exactly is Kyo?" Ayame asked.

"What are you talking about he's right he—" Yuki stopped as he turned around to find no one there. "Damn it Kyo!" Yuki growled. "Where the hell'd you go?" Damn it I knew I should have watched him more closely. Yuki thought. After hours of searching they finally found the cat in the back storage room.

"Now then," Ayame said while Yuki held on to Kyo. "Let's get started shall we?"

"No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no! D-don't come any closer! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

To be continued…

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