Title: Three Hundred Years
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-13
Disclaimer: NCIS is owned by Bellasario, Hocus Pocus is owned by Disney.
Summary: You never forget the boy who gave you your first kiss. Especially if he's the ghost who saved your life.
Words: 484
A/N: The idea hit me while I was straightening bottles of shampoo and half awake.

Three Hundred Years

The Girl In Question

Danielle Dennison loved living in Salem. She had since they'd moved here when she was a kid. She loved everything about it. She loved the people she'd grown up with, the house she lived in, the old graveyards. Dani took a deep breath of the rich autumn air and sighed. She couldn't imagine ever leaving the town she loved so dearly.

And then she saw him. At first she thought her eyes were playing a trick on her. He was dead, after all. He'd died trying to save her. So there was no possible way he could be standing across the street with a pretty brunette woman and good-looking older man. Besides, he'd been sixteen the last time shed seen him, and that was almost seventeen years ago. But it looked just like him.

She wasn't sure what got her out of her seat at the little coffee place she'd been enjoying the warm autumn afternoon in. Nor could she remember even sprinting across the two-lane road to where he was standing.

And she'd definitely taken all leave of her senses as she politely tapped him on the shoulder. His brows scrunched together adorably as she yanked him forward and planted a proper first kiss on his lips. Her eyes fluttered shut as she felt the rightness in the kiss, her heart thudding in her chest. A voice cleared behind them, jarring the perfect moment.

Dani leaned back slightly, knowing that it wasn't him, but part of her wishing it was Binx. She gave him a small smile, as she slowly pulled back. She wasn't even sure what compelled her to say it.

"Thachery Binx, what took thee so long?" Dani shook her head. "Sorry. You reminded me of - I - I gotta go."

And for not the first time in her life, Dani ran to the old cemetery. Her knees hit the ground as she found herself in front of Binx and Emily's graves. She cried, the first time in years as she remembered the pain of his true death, of that bittersweet kiss he'd laid on her cheek. Binx had been the first boy to kiss her, and when she'd seen the spitting image of him the little girl inside of her had just reacted.

He wasn't Binx. He didn't know her or love her the way Binx had. She was still laying on Binx's grave when her brother Max found her two hours later.

"I thought I might find you here," her older brother smiled down at her, rubbing his hand across her back.

"Max? Is everything okay? Are Mom and Dad - Alison and the babies?" Dani jerked up, panic in her eyes.

"Everybody's fine."

"Then why are you looking for me?" she frowned as he helped her to her feet.

"You wanna tell me why two NCIS agents came looking for you about twenty minutes ago?"

"NCIS? What's that?"