Title: Three Hundred Years
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-13
Disclaimer: NCIS is owned by Bellasario, Hocus Pocus is owned by Disney.
Summary: You never forget the boy who gave you your first kiss. Especially if he's the ghost who saved your life.
Words: 1,358
A/N: Final bit. Honest to god. I had to watch the movie three times to get inspiration because I'd sort of forgotten where I was going with this (hey, you try having about fifteen WiP's in your head and uncountable storylines from all the books & movies you've read/seen jammed in there. My brain is no walk in the park, people.)

Three Hundred Years
A Story to Tell

She never called. Not once. Four months of jumping at every unknown number on his phone was finally getting to him. He was losing his mind. She wasn't going to call. His once-in-a-lifetime connection meant nothing. Tim shook his head. Tony would pick on him for eternity if he knew how hung up he was on this girl. It wasn't as if he'd never been kissed by a complete stranger who he'd magically crossed paths with as a child.

He shook his head and struggled to focus on the paperwork that needed to be caught up before he could finally go home for the night. He finished up nearly ten minutes later and shut off his computer. He could finish it in the morning. None of it was pressing. He rubbed at his eyes and gathered his things.

Maybe he should have taken up Abby's offer to go bowling with the nuns tonight. Maybe he should have agreed to go to the shooting range with Ziva. Hell, maybe he should have watched old movies with Tony -


Tim's head jerked up as stopped in front of his car. Her dark blonde hair was up in a ponytail, her bangs crossed over her forehead as she chewed on her lip nervously.


"Oh, good, you didn't forget me," she smiled at him.

"I doubt that would ever happen," Tim returned her smile. "It's not every day strange women come up and kiss me."

"Oh, I'm a strange woman now. Max'll be proud," Dani shook her head. "So, Haverly's not that common of a last name."

"Um, what?"

"You're great-grandmother's name? Haverly?" Dani prodded.

"That's why you're here? My great-grandmother's last name?" Tim couldn't help it, he felt his shoulders droop in disappointment.

"Well, it's why I'm here, tonight. Not why I'm in D.C.," Dani bit at her lip again.

"Then why are you in D.C."

"Because I moved here last month," Dani blurted.

"I think I need coffee to follow this conversation."

"There's this great place about a block and a half away if you want to go there." Tim frowned at her as she fidgeted with her bag. She gave him a weak smile. "I honestly am not stalking you."

"Okay. Let's get some coffee."

Things were definitely not going as she'd planned. They were supposed to be going smoothly. She was supposed to subtly insert the fact that she'd moved to D.C. after she'd told him what she'd found. And then told him why she'd moved there. Without sounding like the nympho-stalker she was looking like more by the second.

They settled down with their coffees and Dani fumbled with the envelope in her bag for a few seconds. She was going to do part of this right, so help her god.

"You remember the whole - well, Max likes to call it my Binx family obsession?"

"Kind of hard to forget," Tim cleared his throat. Oh god, she was so fucking this up.

"Anyway. There were two younger Binx children born in Salem. A boy Andrew who died in 1697 from an influenza outbreak in Virginia; and a girl named Christiana Binx Morley, who died in 1720 in childbirth. Her third child in two years, actually."

"Ah. So you found them? The Binx kids?" Tim frowned.

"Yeah. There was a third daughter. Henrietta. She married a Haverly in Maryland. And thrived. I mean, the family line goes on down to you and your sister Sarah," Dani took a deep breath. "That's why you look like him. And why he came you and Sarah that night."

"Oh, um, thanks. For solving that," Tim's brow furrowed as he studied the documents she'd been pulling out from the envelope.

"But that's not why I moved to D.C.," Dani continued. "The solving the Binx family mystery, I mean."

"Look, Dani, it's been a long day and I - I'm beat, I can't -"

"I didn't flirt with you after the kiss because you looked like him," she blurted out. "You were sweet and understanding, and didn't tell me I was crazy even though I sound completely crazy right now. I - I like you, Tim. I mean, I think you're cute and I wouldn't take back the kiss for anything. But I don't want you to think I'm completely in stalker-mode, which is why I didn't call you for the last four months. Even though I found out all of the Binx stuff about two days after you left town."

Dani felt the heat creeping into her cheeks and decided she'd already blown whatever chances she might have had to explore the possibilities with Tim. This had been a mistake. She should have continued her work in shelter she'd started in three weeks ago and just had Max mail Tim her findings. What the hell was she thinking? That they would magically be drawn together? Stupid, so stupid.

"So, I'm gonna go. It was good to see you again. You look great, by the way. See ya, Tim," Dani grabbed her jacket and her bag and fled. What else could she do? She'd embarrassed herself enough for one night.

Two days later, Tim was still dumbfounded over what had happened in the coffee shop. Dani'd known the Binx solution for nearly four months, and yet she'd waited until she'd been in D.C. for a month before trying to contact him. It hadn't taken much to figure out where she worked and lived, even though it was a teeny bit illegal and probably more stalker-ish than her sitting outside of his office.

The animal shelter was within walking distance of her apartment. And he could see her inside the shelter showing off a little calico kitten to a young family. Her face was animated and she seemed more at ease than he'd ever seen her. Like a little girl.

Tim shook his head at that thought. How weird was that? He'd never seen her as a little girl. How long he'd stood there, watching her, he didn't know. Apparently long enough to draw attention to himself.

"Whatcha doin', Probie?" Tony whistled in his ear.

"Dammit, Tony," Tim winced. "What are you doing here?"

"Lookin' for my Probie. What're you doing here Probie?"

"I'm thinking of adopting a pet," Tim rolled his eyes.

"You normally have to go inside and look at the animals to do that, McNoob."

"I'm weighing the pros and the cons." Tim glared at him.

"Or he's fingering the girl in the window," Ziva stepped up beside them. What was this, a NCIS field trip?

"Uh, I think you mean eyeing. Although, ho, look at that doggie in the window," Tony chuckled. "She look familiar to you, Ziva?"

"Isn't that the Dennison woman?" Ziva squinted.

"Yes, that's Dani. Yes, she moved to D.C.. No, it's not open for discussion."

"Oh-ho, too late for that, Timmy. You're dream girl just came outside," Tony laughed. "Ms. Dennison!"

"Tony, stop it!" Tim hissed.

"Agent DiNozzo?" Dani held up a hand to block the sun from her eyes. "Agent David?"

"And Very Special Agent McGee. What brings you to D.C., Ms. Dennison?"

"A career opportunity," Dani fidgeted. "I've spent the last decade in Salem. It was time to leave the past behind."

"Including your work in the museum and cemetery?" Tim asked.

"Yeah. It was time to lay the Binx family to rest," Dani blinked. "Time for me to move on to the living."

"Does that include our wittle Timmy here?" Tony pinched Tim's cheeks, which resulted in Ziva Gibbs-smacking him behind Tim's back. "Ow!"

"It was good to see you, Ms. Dennison. Tony and I have to be getting back to work. We'll see you later, McGee."

"Did you mean it?" Tim asked as Ziva dragged Tony away.

"I wouldn't have said it if I didn't," Dani looked down at her feet. "What are you doing here, Tim?"

"Being stalker-like," he blushed. "Seemed only fair."

"Do you want to try that coffee thing again?" Dani asked in a rushed breath. "I promise I won't bring any dead people into the conversation."

"I'd like that," Tim grinned at her.