"Ahah! Too bad for you," began the bandit, as the Hero charged up his inferno spell.

"I am wearing my Flame Retardant Underpants!" the bandit finished with an air of smugness and no-you-can't-fucking-hurt-me-I-have-flame-retardant-underpants. He also said the last three word with such confidence and smugness, the Hero couldn't help but just... laugh.

He laughed until he was on the ground, and choking for breath.

All the while, the Flame Retardant Underpants guy (FRU) was staring at him in the most confuzzledness.

But, eventually, the Hero regained his composure, and straightened himself up.

"What're you laughing about?" asked the Bandit.

"This," the Hero said.

And he unsheathed his sword and ran the bandit through with it.

"Fucking Flame Retardant Underpants," he grumbled.

FRU guy meanwhile was on the floor with his guts spilling out of his stomach.

Kind of sad.

"Tell my kids... that the FRUs didn't... work."

And with that he died.

What the fuck.