"Not even... Pajamas?" asked Jasper with a gasp.

Walter gave a sigh, and answered "No."

Jasper's life had just been turned upside down. No Pajamas? How impossible! Pajamas had been an essential part of his life. Even before he could walk, he wore pajamas. His father and mother had strictly abided by the law of pajamas. They swore on their and their mother's grave that every night, at bed time, they would either wear pajamas, or jump out their very own window.

And that's the story of how Jasper lost both his parents at the age of 15.

But, back to pajamas.

Jasper, being the butler that he was, also followed in his father and mother's footsteps, though he was careful enough to always, always wear pajamas at bed time. He also teached his pajama principles onto the Prince. The Prince also needed pajamas!

Oh no, this is bad!

Jasper gulped, and he made ready for the next day, where he would probably jump out a window.

He then looked at the Prince, then Walter.

Then, at that moment, he abandoned his principles for some unknown plot-holeish reason. Though Jasper, the crafty little bastard secretly knew he did it because some sort of... will commanded him to. It was as if he was a main character in a story whose author had become lazy and slightly overweight. But then it occurred to Jasper that if he treaded along these lines of improbabilities and theories and something or other, he might just break the fourth wall.

And Jasper knew, from experience (his third uncle twice removed, Juventus, had broken the fourth wall once, and he had payed the price. A giant hand appeared from the sky and slapped poor old Juventus in the face twice, killing him. The hand then spoke ("Never again," it said") and it left, never to be seen.)

Jasper, feared this might happen to him, too. He looked at the ceiling to check and see if there were any giant hands before quickly following the Prince and Walter.

Jasper then vowed never to break the fourth wall, lest he wanted to get run through by giant, flamin...gos.

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