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Murdock was too excited to sleep very much. He knew he'd need his sleep, but it was still hard to do so. He felt like a kid waiting for Christmas. He stopped short of bouncing on B.A.'s bed, though. After all, he knew that the other man would likely kill him if he even tried it. Still, he was eager to begin the day.

One of the other staff had asked for the day off. Murdock, eager to return to the center where they'd so nicely humiliated Lynch before, was happy to fill the vacancy. And so he was waiting for B.A. to wake up.

B.A. was awake; the presence of Murdock in his room was enough to wake anyone up. The man's energy filled the room like none other. After all the B.S. with Lynch, Hannibal had ordered Face to go back with Sosa to D.C. for a few days to make sure things were quiet and see what he could find out… which left Murdock on his own in the penthouse apartment that the con man had recently acquired, which made him nervous about leaving him there alone. So he had talked… or rather conned B.A. into spending some time there, since he had been so impressed by the place to begin with. Now the Sergeant was regretting it no matter how comfortable the guest room bed was, "I'mma wake Fool." He grumbled and waved Murdock off, "Go get me some breakfast or somethin'." He eyed his alarm clock and groaned, he would've had fifteen more minutes.

"Right-o!" Murdock said cheerfully, disappearing from the room. He returned about five or ten minutes later, tray of food balanced on one hand, pot of tea in the other. A carton of milk was on the tray, beside a plate of toasted waffles. "Here you are, chap!" he poured himself some tea and started nibbling on a waffle.

B.A. was sitting up rubbing the sleep from his eyes when his friend burst back into the room quicker than he thought he would, "Damn. That was fast…" He ate happily, amused at the idea that he was eating breakfast in bed, which was a luxury he'd never had unless wounded, "Gimme ten minutes and then we can get goin'." He assured Murdock, before grabbing some clothes and moving down the hall to the guest bathroom to get ready for the day. Exactly ten minutes later he was as promised ready to go, "You ready Crazy Man?" He questioned, twirling the keys to his van around his index finger.

"Ready!" Murdock replied, slipping on his bomber jacket. He patted down the pockets, frowned, then smiled when he produced the apartment keys and locked up behind them. In his other inner pocket was a wallet with some cash for lunch or emergencies, and some telephone numbers scribbled down on a piece of paper.

It didn't take them long to get to the Center, but it seemed like forever in B.A.'s eyes. Being alone with Murdock wasn't exactly high on his list of fun things to do, the guy tended to get bored quickly and find annoying ways to keep himself entertained. But it hadn't been as bad of a car ride as he originally thought it was going to be and he didn't even end up having to yell at the Captain. The second both of them entered the Center a group of kids rushed towards them, fighting for their attention asking why Murdock was there, seeing as it hadn't been the first time he had accompanied B.A. probably more like the third maybe fourth.

Murdock grinned at the kids rushing towards him, spread his arms and zoomed through them like a plane. Laughing, they began to chase him down the hallway away from the main doors.

"Am I clear for landing?" He asked of the kids behind him.

B.A. folded his arms and watched with some amusement and some small level of envy. Sure the kids liked him, but they seemed to gravitate quicker to Murdock when he came to help… he understood why and appreciated it, but still it in a small way bothered him.

"Yes! Yes!" The kids chanted, amused.

"Land that plane Cap'n we got to learn some new plays today, we got a big game comin' up this Friday with the center 'cross town." B.A. reminded them, "How's the arm today Michael?"

One of the older kids turned and looked at B.A. and flexed his throwing arm, "Real good! Been practicing hard. Promise." He said with a grin.

"." Murdock 'landed' and promptly took a bow. Some of the younger ones applauded. "Now. If you can only envoke that reaction in your parents after the game, we'll be good to go." he rubbed his hands together. "Should we head up to the field first?"

The kids grinned, one of the youngest wrapping herself around Murdock's leg, "I wanna fly too!" She protested.

B.A. chuckled and bent down removing the girl from Murdock's leg, "Come on Connie, you can help Murdock and I coach. You can fly later." He assured her before placing her back on her own feet.
"Bah. Football is for boys. I'm notta boy."

"Alright, torment away kid." He mused and motioned her back towards Murdock, "And sure, you got somethin' in mind Crazy Man?"

"All kids should know how to play football." Murdock shook his head. "Not just boys. In fact it's better if girls learn to play too because then you'll get big and strong." he made big muscles with his arms. "Bet you'll get taller too."

Connie frowned, "Barbie is strong and she don't play football. She's a cheerleader… oh!" The girl turned and frantically tugged at B.A.'s pant leg, "Can I be a cheerleader! Can I Mr. Baracus! Can I?"
B.A. eyed Murdock with a help me look before kneeling down eye level with the girl, "Maybe next time, but we really need help coaching. Unless you've changed your mind and you want to play." He watched the wheels turn in her head; Connie tended to be rather obstinate but ended up enjoying everything once she gave it a chance.

"I guess I'll try." She said with a pout and raced off ahead with the other kids towards the field.
B.A. breathed a sigh of relief, "She's always like that." He said with a shake of his head, "But once she gives it a try she enjoys it."

"I think she's gonna be your star quarterback one day." Murdock grinned. "She'll run through anything to get what she wants in the long run." he stretched his arms above his head. "We got the big field booked today or just the little one?" he asked. Sometimes the oldest kids liked to come by and use the big field for practising, since the high school nearby had only a paved basketball court and not a large track.

"Little." B.A. said with a shrug, "An' yeah, maybe. Just gotta get'er to learn how to throw." He agreed with a nod. B.A. had nothing against girls playing what most considered a boy's sport. It didn't hurt anything and what was wrong with it? The caught up with the kids who were already tossing the pigskin around between themselves as B.A. eyed Murdock, "An' no dog piles on B.A. today, alright?"

"But that's the most fun part!" Murdock laughed, picking up some jerseys and passing them out to the kids who wanted them. "After all, how many kids does it take to hold down one big angry mudsucker?"

B.A. shook his head, "I mean it, no funny business!" He warned as he looked over the clip board he had retrieved from the van on their way to the field, "Okay, drills! Let's go." He placed the whistle hanging around his neck between his lips and let the shrill sound fill the air. Instantly the older kids lined up like a well oiled machine and began to do a series of training drills that were fun and also challenging, "Good, good. It's not about the speed, it's about the execution. Very nice. Two more." Once the older kids were settled into that, he handed Murdock a bag of footballs, "Play some catch with the youngins'." He instructed.

Murdock grinned sideways, taking the bag and whipping the footballs out in every direction. "Footballs are like flags!" he shouted, as the kids ran around in effort to catch the crazy aim. "Never let 'em touch the ground!"

B.A. opened his mouth to say something and then decided to just let them go and have fun, it was one good things about Murdock he could easily keep the younger kids happy and entertained so he could focus on teaching the older ones some basics skills that the little ones didn't have the patience for yet. It also meant that at some point, Murdock would try to pull some sort of stunt on him once he was sure he wasn't paying any attention. B.A. would try to keep his mind on both the older kids and Murdock, but he'd end up failing miserably. He got the kids running some plays and went to go and get the cooler of waters and sports drinks from the van.