Lost Legends

by ~ShadowGamer64

Lost Legends: Missing Heros,

In the land of Hyrule there echoes a legend
A legend held dearly by the Royal Family that tells of a boy…
A boy who after battling evil and saving Hyrule, crept away from the land that had
made him a legend.
Done with the battles he once waged across time he embarked on a journey, a
secret and personal journey.
A journey in search of a beloved and invaluable friend,
a friend with whom he parted ways with when he took his place among legends.

Prequel A battle through time
Sunlight came streaming through the old stain glass windows, filling the old
cathedral with a rainbow of colored sunbeams. The silence outside the old church
was broken by the sound of running feet on the old stone walkway, the old black
doors slowly creaked open as three young kids stepped inside,

AN: okay here is a quick little bio of my main characters & the not mine tho i do wish he was character.

one of the two boys was about 5.2 ft tall, he had short messy silver hair, and his eyes a sliver white color most of te time, his face was a pale as snow except for two curved blood red lines on each cheek right below his eyes as well as a large dark blue V on his forehead, he wore a midnight black short-sleeved hoody that had a infinity symbol (AN the # 8 turned on it side over a silver long-sleeved chain mail vest under a black tanktop, blood red belt, pale black baggy pants, pale black boots, dark blue wristbands sported the same symbol on them and dark red fingerless gloves,a blood red bandana on his brow, across his back was sheathed a large
extremely sharp sword. His sword was more or less the same size as him give or take a few inches, it's blade was shaped like two wide joined figure eights, it had a black two handed leather handle with a bright silver pommel stone at the end. His name was Oni and his sword The Double Helix Blade. Except for a few people no one knew just
how old he was or much of anything about him for that matter. sept that he had a
terrible temper became furious when ever anyone asked him about his past and hated being called short. Most townspeople were to terrified to ask the young? Bounty hunter anything they were just glad that he never stayed long in any town after he had finished the job that had brought him there and was paid. The only reason no one dared put a bounty on his head (no matter how much they hated/feared him) was because he was just to good at what he did that
and he had promised to hunt down and brutally murder the first one who
dared to put a bounty on his head after he had killed whoever was stupid enough
to accept such a suicidal mission (nice kid huh?) also for your own sake don't bring up his hight he is kinda touchy about that. The other boy was about 5.6 ft
tall, had short light blonde hair, blue eyes, he wore a forest green hat and
short sleeved green shirt over a silver short sleeved chain mail vest, forest green
shorts, a light brown belt, forest brown boots and fingerless light brown gloves,
across his back was a medium length sword that had gold dust worked into the
blade. Its hilt was wrapped in light brown leather with a ruby red pommel stone.
He called his blade the Gilded Blade. His name was Link, he was a 12 year old
wandering expert swordsman/adventurer. (bet you didn't see that coming huh?)
The last member of the trio was a pretty fairy about 4.3 ft tall
has violet eyes and long chestnut hair pulled back into a braid reaching about mid thigh, she wore an aquamarine short kimono, with a light green sash around her waist the end hanging down the right side, light brown boots, a sky blue ribbon braided in her hair, and a pale green backpack over a pale brown hooded cloak being from the Great Fairy lineage she had a scondary form tho the only difference was she was only 6 inches tall and had sky blue wings
,and used twin short blade kitanas tucked into her sash. Her name is Mia. Her fairy magic gave her (some not perfect) control over the elements and even though she hated fighting she was an excellent swordsman when push came to shove.

AN: okay profiles done now back to the story

Their eyes were wide as they stared at the beautiful old stain glass windows before walking down the red carpeted middle isle towards the large black alter standing at the back of the cathedral. The silence inside was broken by the soft echoes of their boots. As they stopped in front of the alter they each took a jewel out of their pack a ruby, a safire, and an emerald
seting them in the grooves on the alter. Link then took out a royal blue ocarina and started to
play, as he played a pair of large stone doors on the wall behind the alter
started to slowly slide open to reveal a small windowless room that in the center
of the room was a beautiful old sword in a pedestal. The sword had a sky blue
wrapped leather hilt with long blade that had a three inch blood channel that ran
the length of the blade it had the triforce mark on the hilt and blade. Link stopped
playing and slowly entered the room stoping in front of the pedestal he drew the sword from
it's resting place but before he could step away. The room they were standing in was suddenly surrounded by thick foul smelling smoke and nightmarish evil laughter started to fill the old cathedral.

"Fools, Now I Will Finally Have Revenge On Those Who Trapped Me In That

Wretched Place. Starting With You Three!" yelled an evil and terrifying voice as the
smoke cleared to reveal...TBC