Lost Legends

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Chapter 1

A long long time ago... when there was no land no sea and no life. three goddesses descended to this land. Din the Goddesses of power with her flaming arms she cultivated the land and shaped the red earth. Nayru Goddesses of wisdom. she poured her wisdom into the earth and gave the world law. And Farore, Goddesses of courage. With her rich heart, she gave life to those who would protect that law. When their task was completed, they returned to the heavens. They left behind the Triforce of the Golden Land. That place became the Sacred Realm. The Triforce has the power to create a world that reflects the heart of the one who wishes on it. If someone with a pure heart wishes on it the world will become just and good. However if someone with a dark heart touches it instead the world would be conquered by evil.

Kokiri Forest this is the deep forest that spreads across Eastern Hyrule in the Kokiri tribe that lived there everyone had a fairy of their own. But for some reason their was one young boy that did not have a fairy. His name was Link. But for those of you who know think you know this story well... The sun was high in the sky above Kokiri forest and all it young... inhabitants were awake & busy with day to day life all of them except for one. standing at the base of a large pine two children stared up into its branches.

"Oni?" "zzzz" "Oni wake up...are you sure he is up there? Let go check the village entrance maybe he is already there waiting for us there" the short one turned to leave "wait Mia" Her companion said putting his hand on her shoulder to stop her "you know that is not where he is. He is up there sleeping." 'probably forgot all about what we planned to do today' the only way to get him to wake up and come down is" With a wolfish grin he bent down gathered some acorns"Are you sure thats the only way to get him down?" she asked while taking a good couple of steps back to get some distance between herself & her apparently suicidal best friend knowing that the boy he was about to rudely wake had a bad temper & while they were all best of friends waking him up this ways was something she wanted no part of. "Sure I'm sure." standing up he half turned to give her a reassuring grin over his shoulder. 'and there is no way i'm getting in arms reach of him while he's fast asleep that is just suicidal' Mia watched as he turned back to the tree looking up he spotted his target about half way up the tree with a grunt he flung the acorns. thinking that he missed Mia opened her mouth to comment but quickly shut it when he held up his hand and started a countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 *Smack* *Crrraaak* "wha.? Aiiiiiyaa!" quickly stepping back a few paces they watched as Oni came tumbling down out of the tree. *bang* "Ita. Link you idiot when i get my hands on you you are so dead." Oni yelled holding his head as he stood up "what was the heck did you do that for?" holding his hands up as he backed away from the angry boy who's hand was starting to inch towards his sword handle Link laughed "sorry, it was just to tempting man, couldn't resist." quickly stepping between the two Mia stop the fight before it could go any futher "boys knock it off, we do need to get going like now. " turning a blank face towards Link then at Mia "ano, we need to go where?"shaking her head she grabbed there arms & started to drag the boys towards the village entrance. "Can't believe you forgot Oni. Zelda wants to see us like right now!" "Right she said it was inportant. so guys how about a shortcut to the castle?" pulling his arm free Link began to dig in his pouch "fine with me don't feel like walking right now anyway so lead on fearless leader lets go meet your girl." glaring Link yelled "Zelda is not my girlfriend oni!" "Sure Sure whatever you say." pulling out a blue ocarina he brought it to his lips & started to play. a heartbeat later they were in the courtyard of the royal palace standing in front of princess Zelda. "Link, Mia, I am so glad to you both came back safe. Oh who is this?" Stepping towards her link waved to Oni "this menace is Oni we meet him while we were in Terminia Zel & unfortunately he followed us home." with an overly dramatic bow to her Oni smirked " What can i say i was bored & it seemed like a good idea at the time." giving him a curtsy back Zelda laughed "Well I'm glad you did Oni." turning serious she told them to take a seat on one of the courtyard steps "Link I called you here because the sages told me that there is something wrong with the seal holding Gannon back it is going haywire and the sages are worried that Gannon might escape!" standing back up link smiled "don't worry Zelda we will go over to the temple of time & check it out." looking to his friends standing to ether side of him "Alright guys?" they nodded "right!" "Meh might as well." Zelda stood up & handed Link a small bag "Here, inside this bag is the sacred stones, just stand in front of the alter & play the song of time." Stepping close she gave him a quick hug "Please be careful." Blushing he took the bag & nodded "We will." walking back to his friends they waved to the Princess not knowing that it would be quite some time before they saw her again "Alright to the Temple Of Time!" "Mkay!" " right."

Sunlight came streaming through the old stain glass windows, filling the old
cathedral with a rainbow of colored sunbeams. The silence outside the old church
was broken by the sound of running feet on the old stone walkway, the old black
doors slowly creaked open as three young kids stepped eyes were wide as they stared at the beautiful old stain glass windows before walking down the red carpeted middle isle towards the large black alter standing at the back of the cathedral. The silence inside was broken by the soft echoes of their boots. As they stopped in front of the alter they each took a jewel out of their pack a ruby, a Sapphire, and an emerald
setting them in the grooves on the alter. Link then took out a royal blue ocarina and started to play the song of time. As he played a pair of large stone doors on the wall behind the alter started to slowly slide open to reveal a small windowless room that in the center of the room was a beautiful old sword in a pedestal. The sword had a sky blue
wrapped leather hilt with long blade that had a three inch blood channel that ran
the length of the blade it had the triforce mark on the hilt and blade. Link stopped
playing and slowly entered the room stoping in front of the pedestal he drew the sword from it's resting place but before he could step away from the pedestal. The room they were standing in was suddenly surrounded by thick foul smelling smoke and nightmarish evil laughter started to fill the old cathedral.

"Fools, Now I Will Finally Have Revenge On Those Who Trapped Me In That Wretched Place. Starting With You Three!" yelled an evil and terrifying voice as the
smoke cleared to reveal. Gannon With a wave of his hand voices could be heard chanting in a unknown language. The three teens felt the room start to spin as darkness claimed their vision. Sneering Gannon looked down on his fallen foes "Now to make sure you can't interfier with my plans!" with a wave of his hand a large vortex appeared & sucked the fallen teens inside before closing. "Now time to conquer this land." TBC

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